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Une chanson. – Elle me dit

The wedding ceremonies were amazing, you all did a fantastic job. Bravo classe de 2019. Vous avez bien réussi.

What’s it about?

Bonjour!! This club is aimed at promoting the global French culture and the learning of foreign languages and cultures as a whole.  It is open to all who are interested in French – the language, the peoples, and their cultures. … Continue Reading →

French 1 Syllabus

Campbell High School, Fall 2018 Nene Martin Rooms: 602 Email: Teacher blog: Tel: 678 842 6850, exit FRENCH I SYLLABUS The French 1 language course focuses on the continued development of communicative competence in French language and understanding of… Continue Reading →

L’ école

Today we completed our performance tasks and completed this unit. Next time we will start with our new unit – La famille.


  I can say hello and goodbye. I can say my name and ask someone else’s I can say where I am from I can say where I live I can say my age I can distinguish between formal and… Continue Reading →

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