C’est le 13 mars 2020


We are thankful for the investments that the Cobb County School District made in digital technology /online learning which will enable us to keep learning during this time.   For this class, we will continue to work with several platforms as we have been doing.  These are:  Remind, Quizlet, Vhlcentral and now Google Classroom.

Most of your assignments will be on VHL central the online platform for the book (D’Accord) we use in class.   Use the following steps daily.

  1. Log onto vhlcentral.com for most of your assignments.
  2. Go to the calendar to see what assignments you have for the day/week.
  3. Start with the assignments you have for the day. You have access to both assigned and unassigned assignments. You are encouraged to use some of the unassigned assignments for practice before doing any summative assignments.   Formative assignments give you multiple attempts while summative assignments give you a maximum of three attempts.

You can contact me between 10:00 and 12:30 am by remind or emails should you have problems with your assignments.

Stay well and strong and let’s keep learning.


Units which make up French 1





Units which make up French 1
Unité 1 – Salut – In this unit, students learn to introduce themselves and other people, to talk about their nationality and where they live.

Here they will learn the verbe  ‘Etre’ to be and how to use it grammatically correctly.

Unité 2 – L’école – Students learn about school, vocabulary, giving opinions about likes and dislikes in relation to all that happens in school. They will also have a brief introduction to adjectives to help them express the reasons for the opinions they have.

Unité 3 – La Famille – Students learn vocabulary relating to the family.  How do I describe myself and my family?

Unité 4 – Au Café  – How do I order food in a Café/restaurant?

What are some of the most popular French Foods?

What are some of the difference between the French food culture and mine?

Unit 5 – Les Loisirs: What can I do with my free time?  What do I do with my free time?  How do my activities differ from French students my age? What to they do with their free time?


For more details about the unit, please consult the online link to the textbook:   www.vhlcentral.com



Monday 4th March 2019

Introduction to” La Famille”

Today we learned family vocabulary and Possessive adjectives.

Homework to follow.