School Supplies and Syllabi, Procedures and Expectations

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Follow the above link to find an explanation of the rules and procedures in my classroom this year.

What you need for French class

Please purchase the following items for your French student:

  •  3-ring binder– 1 inch is fine.  Your student can also use a large binder he or she shares between classes.
  • Pencils, 2 dry erase markers, rag to wipe off white board, eraser, and loose leaf paper
  • I blue and one red pen
  • Scissors and glue stick

ALSO, since we often do listening exercises, please make every effort to have your earbuds with you when you come to French class.  I do not have enough earbuds, and the ones that I do have are not terribly well made.

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Navigating This Site

Want to see over 100 reasons French is way more diverse than you ever imagined?  Enjoy this beautiful powerpoint. 

So inquiring minds want to know:  How does this blog work?!?

Because I teach several different classes, the information about what we did or are doing in class will be found on different PAGES, not posts.  Therefore, you will NOT receive a notice that  a new post has been made.  It will be your responsibility to simply check every night, when you are checking the blogs of your other teachers, if something has been posted for your French class.


Global contexts final layers copy

The mission of the World Languages Department at Campbell Middle School  is to provide an enriching and engaging environment to develop effective communicators in a second language through the use of standards-based instruction in one the following languages offered:

  • French
  • Spanish

This is accomplished by further developing reading, writing, listening and researching skills in the second language.  Another goal is to instill a greater awareness of the student’s own culture while encouraging an appreciation of the target language’s culture. The department strives to provide rich world language experiences which will increase each students’ capacity to live, work and contribute to a global society.

Did you know?

  • Language study correlates with higher scores on the SAT and ACT?
  • High school foreign language study correlates with higher academic performance?
  • Language learning correlates with higher academic achievement on STANDARDIZED TEST MEASURES?
  • Language learning is beneficial in the development of students’ READING abilities?
  • Language learning correlates with a student’s ability to hypothesize in SCIENCE






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