Halloween STEM Challenge!

Today, we got to complete a fun Candy Corn STEM Mini Challenge! The students had to work together to create the tallest tower they could out of candy corn and toothpicks! There were some bumps along the way, but every team ended with a structure! Way to go engineers!


Just Watch Me Multiply

This week, we have been learning different multiplication strategies! We can now multiply using equal groups, repeated addition and arrays! Here is a song to help you remember your multiplication strategies! Click the link below for lyrics and then press play for the background music! JUST WATCH ME MULTIPLY!



North Georgia Fair Food Booth with Cobb County Sheriff’s Office

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office has been our partner in education for many years.  Representatives from the Sheriff’s Office volunteer their time, resources and talents for our students many times a month.  The biggest fund raiser they have for their Partners in Education Fund is to sponsor a food booth at the North Georgia State Fair.  This can bring in up to $10,000 which in return comes back to Bells Ferry Elementary.


The Sheriff’s Office is in need of volunteers to assist with the food booth.  They need Bells Ferry Community Members to help with taking and filling food orders.  The North GA State Fair runs from Thursday, September 21st through Sunday, October 1st.  Feel free to coordinate your volunteering time with the North Georgia Fair events.  Parents may split the hours of the shift but please know that children under the age of 16 years will not be allowed in the booth.  High school students needing volunteer hours are more than welcome to sign up!


Benefits of volunteering:

  • Free Fair Parking
  • Free Admission to the Fair
  • Free Meal for Volunteers (from booth)


Click here for Sign Up Genius link.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Camp Day!

Today was such a great day! We started off by making our “Camping is Cool” picture frames. Then, we grabbed our backpacks and headed over to the campsite for a snack and “A Goofy Movie.” That is one of my favorite childhood movies and I love getting to share it with my class!

After specials and recess, we came back in to hear Mr. Hooker read us a story. He’s always so fun to hear stories from!

Finally, after lunch, we all got a delicious campfire treat– S’MORES! While we enjoyed those, we got to finish “A Goofy Movie!” What a fabulous way to end the day! I hope you all enjoyed it!



What an amazing day we had yesterday during our STEM-a-palooza! We started our day off listening to this great song to get our minds ready for some STEM!

Our challenge for the day was to create a car that could be pulled using only magnetic force. After I presented the challenge, it was time for some brainstorming. I enjoyed getting to see all of the different ways that my students came up with to make their magnetic cars move!

Once our teams came up with their plan, it was time to build! Each group got about an hour to complete their car. If they finished before the hour was up, they were able to do a quick test and then try to improve their plan. Take a look at these awesome engineers!

Last but not least, it was time for the big test! Whose car would move and whose would not? At the beginning of the day, we read a story called Rosie Revere, Engineer. In this story, we learned that our first try might not always be as successful as we want it. It just means we need to try again! We had a few groups who found success in their first STEM projects, but a few found they needed some improvements. That’s okay! We will just have a growth mindset and think, “What can I do to make this better?”

I am so proud of all the hard work my class put into their very first STEM project! Way to go third graders!