December Gingerbread Project

Our class has been reading several different version of the classic story The Gingerbread Man. Each student received a copy of a gingerbread outline several days ago.  Please help your child design and create his/her own version of a gingerbread man/ woman. Please return the creation to school in your child’s folder. We will display the gingerbread people in our hallway. Thank you for you support!


The Bells Ferry staff is committed to providing for your child’s safety. That begins each day as you drop off your student in the car rider line. There are specific guidelines that have been established to ensure safety for all students while in the car rider line. Please adhere to these procedures each morning and afternoon while you are dropping off and picking up your child. They are as follows:


  • When entering the campus you must take an immediate right whether there is traffic in the lot or not. This will help to ensure everyone’s safety. The traffic pattern flow on our campus will have a one-way flow.


  • In the mornings students will be dropped off by the cafeteria and enter the side door of the Café. Cars will then exit by pulling straight up the hill. Cars may only turn right in the morning (AM). In the afternoon, after picking up your child, you may turn right or left out of the exit.


  • Students should get out of the car at the curb only. Students are prohibited from getting out of their car in the parking lot area and walking across traffic to the sidewalk by themselves. If you choose to walk your child into the building, park in a parking spot, and use the crosswalk to walk across the parking lot. If no parking spaces are available, please park in the Publix parking lot and use the crosswalk near the crossing guard.


  • The car rider lane is a single lane only. Cars are not allowed to pass other cars in line and pull up to the curb. Stay in line and we will move the line as quickly as possible. Your patience is important to the safety of all of our students and staff.


  • Stay in your car and the staff members will assist your child into or out of your car. When you exit your car, it slows down traffic. If you need to secure your child in a car seat, please park in a parking space and walk across to get your children.


  • Under no circumstances should a student ever be let out of a car on Bells Ferry Road. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT PERMISSIBLE!


  • If you would like for your child to have breakfast and they are a car rider please plan on having them at school by 7:25 a.m.They need to have time to take their belongings to class, check in with their teacher, go to the lunchroom, get their breakfast, actually have time to eat it, and be in their seats ready for learning by 7:50. Your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Keep in mind, that car rider traffic can be unpredictable. High traffic volume will not be counted as an excuse for tardy arrival to school. Please plan ahead and leave in plenty of time to account for traffic issues.


  • Traffic volume and parking issues are of a particular concern. It will be much less stressful for you and for your child if you plan to leave early.


  • The afternoon car rider line will begin at 2:20 and will be in the front of the school. Line up similar to morning drop off. Once the buses leave the campus, follow to the front of the school. Remain in a single file line.


  • Remember, bus transportation is provided for all Bells Ferry students.


Thank you in advance for following these safety procedures. Your complete cooperation is expected in order to help keep our little Bandits safe!


Two very important things from Bells Ferry Elementary:


  1. It has come to our attention that parents are dropping students off on Bells Ferry Rd. because they do not want to wait in the car line, and also driving behind our buses and dropping students off in the front of the school in the AM. This is a MAJOR safety concern for our staff and students.  Parents must either wait in the car line, or have their students take the bus to school.  Bells Ferry Rd. is very busy in the morning, and our students’ safe arrival is of utmost importance.  Cobb County Police will be out over the next few weeks to enforce these rules, so please help us keep our students safe.


  1. Why is it important to NOT check your students out early??

Our last early checkout time is 1:45 pm.  If a student is checked out 20 minutes early each day for the school year, it adds up to 3,600 minutes or 60 hours or 15 days of instruction!!!

Add in the possible sick days and your student could miss up to a month of instruction during the school year.

Please make Dr. and Dentist appointments early in the morning or after 3:00 pm if possible.  Not wanting to wait in the car line is no reason for early checkouts. (Use the free bus service Cobb provides.)  Please help us get the most out of the school day for our students and spread the word to your fellow parents.

Thanks for your cooperation regarding these matters.

Thanksgiving Lunch

Dear Bells Ferry family,

Please send in can food for the Can-A-Thon.  The classroom that donates the most cans will win a pizza party.  Our school goal is to collect 1,000 cans!  Last day to donate is December 1st.

You are invited to eat a Thanksgiving lunch!

When: Tuesday-Pre-K, AU, Focus, Kindergarten & 5th grade

Wednesday- 1st grade & 4th grade

Thursday 2nd grade & 3rd grade

Cost:  Adult and nonstudent lunches $3.75

Support our Foundation and place a bid on a silent auction item.

No school next week.

From our school clinic

Dear Parent/Guardian,

With cold and flu season upon us, please keep the following guidelines in mind to help decrease the spread of infection and maintain a healthy learning environment for our students.

+ Returning to school once fever free for 24 hours   without fever reducing medicine.

+ Returning to school 24 hours AFTER the last vomiting episode.

+ Returning to school 24 hours AFTER last diarrhea episode.

Your child’s education and well-being is our number one priority. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Shannon at 678-594-8950 x 026.

How To Read With A Beginning Reader

  • Complete a picture walk BEFORE reading.
  • Predict what may happen in the book.
  • Model and encourage your child to track print.
  • Read a word or sentence and have your child repeat it.
  • Take turns reading the page.
  • Talk about the story as you read it. What do you think will happen next? What does this story remind you of?
  • Read the story again. Repeated readings build fluency and confidence.

November reminders

Ice cream day is Monday, November 6th.

No school for students Tuesday, November 7th due to Election Day.

Library day is Thursday, November 9th.  Family turkey projects returned to school.

Veterans Day celebrated at school Friday, November 10th.

Thanksgiving lunch is Tuesday, November 14th.

Quarter 2 academic progress report sent home in student folder Thursday, November 16th.

Thanksgiving Break is November 20th through 24th.