2017-2018 Schedule Information

Schedules will be mailed home with report cards on May 31.  We want to keep students focused on EOCs, AP exams, and final exams.  In addition, we are continuing to adjust the master schedule to accommodate STEM and new hires.  Schedules will show students what classes they will have in fall so they can complete pre-course assignments.  Please see the website for information about these particular assignments and for information about tutorial opportunities.  Summer hours for School Counseling are as follows:  Beginning June 5th, every Monday and Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, closed July 3-6.


Students will receive schedules with teachers and room numbers at the Hoya Hello.  Counselors will be available to work on schedule conflicts.  We will also have TRSS the first few days of school (Teacher Review of Student Schedules) to make sure students have met all the necessary prerequisites and are placed correctly.


Best wishes for a great end of the semester!  Work hard and finish well!

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