Credit Recovery Policy

Our credit recovery policy is as follows:

* Late work: For every day an assignment is late, I will deduct 5 points from the assignment grade. They have 5 days to turn it in. After the 5th day, the student will receive a zero for the assignment.

* Grade recovery will be permitted on Summative assessments only. The purpose of grade recovery is to give the student the opportunity to show that he/she has mastered the standard of the course. The following rules will apply for this process:
* To be eligible to take the retest, students must complete a process of remediation, including
including, but not limited to, Saturday school, before and/or after-school tutoring, test
analysis, or online remediation (, Brain Pop, iXL Science, etc.). The method of
remediation will be determined by the teacher. Only ONE retest is permitted per summative
assessment. The retest will not be the original test.

* Students who are absent when an assignment is given will have the same number of days missed to make up any missed work (absent 1 day = 1 day to make up the missed work).

* Retests and/or late/missing work will not be accepted after 5 days PRIOR to the end of the grading period.

* It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to request and follow through with making up any and all missing/late work. It is not the teacher’s responsibility.

I hope this will ease the minds of my students and parents. 🙂