Family Week Coming Up (November 26- 30)

Families, we are teaching about YOU when we return from break! Please send a family picture for use in class next week. (It will be used for a class project, so don’t bring your only copy!) While on break, take the chance to talk about who is in your family, where your ancestors are from in the world, family history, family culture, family traditions, and activities you participate in as a family. All this information will be used for class discussion, projects, and part of your child’s experience in understanding that families are unique in makeup, activities, traditions, values, and culture both here and around the world!  Thank you in advance!             — Miss J. J

Cold Weather Alert

The cold weather is coming!!  This is the Board Rule on being outside in the cold:
Cold Weather Guidelines: When the outside temperature or wind chill factor is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, school staff should take students outside no longer than 15 minutes. Students should wear appropriate clothing.

Please be aware that we will be outside most days unless rain and/or extreme cold. Therefore, each child should be brought to school with an appropriate thick, winter jacket as well as hats, gloves, and scarves if needed.

If your child does not come to school with appropriate clothing, they will not participate in recess time.

Tiger Trot reminders!

Here are a few Fun Run reminders for students: 

For students: Wear running shoes and a class or Teasley shirt. Don’t forget to sleep well tonight. Stay well-hydrated and eat something healthy for breakfast tomorrow. We will provide water during the Fun Run.


Update your class on their Pledge-O-Meter total= $34 per unit, and I challenge you to reach the next two incentives! Tonight is the LAST NIGHT FOR PLEDGES, so put all of your pledges on tonight with their family!


I have never had a class raise SO much money and so quickly! Thank you for supporting our school…AND KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK! 

Here are our classroom rewards….

Friday 11/2- Stuffed Animal to school & Popcorn party

Monday 11/5- Extra Recess

Tuesday 11/6- Crazy Hair Day

Wednesday 11/7- Dance party

Friday 11/9- Movie in the classroom (bring pillows and blankets!)


Stay tuned for more rewards if we can raise EVEN MORE MONEY!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Please send pictures of your student Trick-or-Treating to Miss Johnson via Remind app! We will be using them in the classroom on Thursday, November 2, 2018. 

Tiger Trot 2018

Our tiger trot is NEXT Friday, November 9th, 2018.

We will be having classroom incentives as well as school wide incentives.

Here is what our kiddos are working for in our classroom! (They have already achieved their extra recess + popcorn party….YAY!)

$5- extra recess

$10- popcorn party

$11- Crazy Hair Day

$12-Bring stuffed animal to school

$13- Extra Recess

$14-Dance Party

$15- Movie

$18- Pie Ms. Johnson in the face

$20- Secret Surprise

Thanks for helping our school! 🙂


Red Ribbon Week Schedule (Oct. 22-26)

Monday- “Red Ribbon Day”

Wear red!

Tuesday- “Put a Sock on Bad Choices Day”

Wear crazy or mismatched socks!

Wednesday- “Dream Career Day”

         Wear appropriate attire for your future career!

Thursday- Teasley Elementary School is PAWSitively Drug Free”

         School spirit wear!

Friday- “Team Up Against Bullying & Drug Day”

         Wear your favorite team gear!

Upcoming October Events

Just wanted to explain all of our upcoming events going on in our Kinder classroom!


Week of October 22-26: Welcome to bat week! This is a fun week where everything we learn about has to do with bats! We are still staying on our Georgia standards and our units of day/night, as well as animals. However, we are doing it in a fun way!

By now, our kiddos have acclimated to our daily routine, so to keep them interested/engaged in what we are doing, I like to spice it up with some routines!

I have handled EVERYTHING bats for the week!

However, if you have books, pictures, stuffed animals, snack ideas, etc of bats you would like to share with our classroom, you are welcome to bring them in! Please notify Mrs. Cutno of when you would like to come in or if you are sending anything in, so we can add it to our daily schedule! J

This is nothing mandatory from parents/ families, this is just an opportunity to get involved if you would like!!!

Week of October 29-2: Welcome to pumpkin week! This is another fun thematic unit involving pumpkins! The only donations that I do need help with would be 3 large pumpkins (we will be having lots of science experiments with these on Friday, November 2nd). I also need each child to bring a small pumpkin as we will be painting and decorating personal pumpkins that day as well. J If you have any pumpkin books, fun snack ideas, craft ideas, and/or anything else you or your child would like to share on this week, feel free to bring it in!

***Special update- we will be carving out the seeds and “guts” of our pumpkins on Friday, so if you would like to give your child an extra t-shirt to bring to school to get messy, that would be great!

Fall Class Party (Wednesday, October 31st) Here is the day where we need the most help/donations! From 8:30-10:00 we will be throwing our class fall party in the classroom (Rm 246). The signup genius sent out earlier and linked below, has volunteer sign ups and material donation sign-ups for that day. Here are the fun things that we will be doing that day and the materials needed…

  1. Spider- Oreo snack
  • Needed- 2 Oreo packages, pretzel sticks, vanilla frosting, and M&Ms
  1. Candy corn fruit snack
  • Needed- small clear plastic cups, 2 cans of pineapples, 2 cans of mandarin oranges, black/orange napkins, tub of whip cream
  1. Fall necklace
  • String, fall color beads (i.e. red, orange, yellow, brown, green, etc.)
  1. Candy corn sight word bingo
  • Needed- candy corn
  1. Pumpkin bowling
  • Needed- Bowling pins

Finally, any donated candy for our “winners” of the fall party will be greatly appreciated, as well as volunteers to work each fun station! We also love visitors, so if you would love to stop by and partake in the fun, you are more than welcome to join during that time! J


Thank you for all that you do to support myself and Mrs. Cutno, as well as your child at home and at school. Please do not feel obligated to donate or volunteer. These items merely are just one less thing for myself to bring to school that day. Thank you again! J  If you have any questions regarding our fun coming up, please let me know!


Here is the link to sign up and/or donate materials:

Attendance for Q2

Attendance Announcement
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! As we jump into the second quarter, beginning on Thursday, October 11th, the Teasley Attendance Team wants to reward those students who come to school on time every day. Students who have perfect attendance at the end of the second 9 weeks, ending on Friday, December 21st, will receive a free dress down day, a surprise treat, and 1 entry into the end of the year drawing for a BRAND NEW BIKE! Furthermore, those students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year will have the opportunity to participate in a end of year celebration during the last week of school as well as FOUR entries into the drawing for the bike! Thank you so much for your support with getting your student to school on time every day.