Thursday, May 11

PreCalculus – Senior Final Exam is on Tuesday, May 16th at 8:20AM.

If you qualify and are exempting the final exam, you MUST clear it by me, write your name

on my list, and have me put your exemption into the exemption spreadsheet.  You must

have cleared your exemption with me by Friday, May 12th, or you will have to take the

final exam.


Honors Algebra 2 –  Unit 7 test is Friday over Statistics

Answers to Statistics Review:  statistics review-04302014150110-18a24p6

Monday, April 17

PreCalculus – Complete Homework – “Circles” and “Circles Worksheet”.  Do all problems.

Honors Algebra 2 – Test tomorrow over Graphing Rational Functions and Solving Rational Inequalities.

Answers to review given in class today: