January 14

Physics Week Two Agenda

Monday: Acceleration quiz; go over slow-roller lab, part 2; velocity-time graphs

Monday Homework: Analyzing v-t graphs handout

Tuesday: SGM testing (2nd period only); p-t and v-t graphing practice

Tuesday Homework: practice for quiz with Physics Classroom simulation Graph That Motion

Wednesday: Interpreting Graphs quiz; PSAT example problem; breaking distance

Wednesday Homework: Motion review handout

Thursday: Reaction time and stopping distance; create UT Quest account

Thursday: Linear Motion UT Quest homework (due Tuesday)

Friday: Making graphs quiz; acceleration calculations

January 3

Physics Week One Agenda

Monday: Class introduction; speedometer ticket; cars lab

Monday Homework: Finish graph from cars lab; Schoology pre-course assignment (due Friday)

Tuesday: Discuss cars graph; velocity-time graphs; multiple representations of data

Tuesday Homework: Finish multiple representations of motion handout

Wednesday: Linear motion notes on Schoology; analyzing position-time graphs

Wednesday Homework: Finish Schoology assignment and position-time graphs assignment

Thursday: Go over Schoology linear motion quiz; redo speedometer ticket; go-cart ticket; slow roller lab

Thursday Homework: Acceleration notes on Schoology (due Monday); finish pre-course assignment

Friday: Go over pre-course assignment; make position and velocity graphs for slow roller; slow roller uphill demo

January 3

AP Physics Week Twenty Agenda

Monday: Go over midterm; Coffee filter lab

Tuesday: Finish coffee filter lab

Wednesday: Static and dynamic equilibrium

Wednesday Homework: Mastering Physics assignment

Thursday: Equilibrium practice

Friday: Go over Mastering Physics assignment; equilibrium and balance

December 10

On-Level Physics Week Eighteen Agenda

Monday: Go over Unit 1 review questions; go over optics remediation; Coulomb’s Law and Ohm’s Law

Monday Homework: Unit 2 review questions

Tuesday: Optics remediation quiz; go over Unit 2 review questions; series and parallel circuits

Tuesday Homework: Unit 3 review questions

Wednesday: Go over Unit 3 review questions; equivalent resistance in series and parallel circuits

Wednesday Homework: Unit 4 review questions

Thursday: Electrical circuits practice; quiz review

Friday: Electricity quiz; Electrical production and transmission

Friday Homework: Unit 5 and 6 review questions

December 3

On-Level Physics Week Seventeen Agenda

Monday: Optics quiz; polarization

Tuesday: Review Optics quiz; Snell’s Law notes and activity

Wednesday: Test review; Snell’s Law online lab here

Thursday: Light and Optics test

Thursday Homework: Schoology Electricity notes (due Friday)

Friday: Go over test; open-note Electricity video quiz; static electricity demonstrations; Optics remediation

Friday Homework: Remediation worksheet; Unit 1 Final Exam review (due Monday)