March 22

Physics Week Eleven Agenda

Monday: Collision simulations — The Cart and The Brick; Fish Catch; Collision Carts

Tuesday: Go over Momentum quiz; Collisions lab

Tuesday Homework: Finish lab if necessary

Wednesday: Conservation of momentum and collisions notes and problems

Wednesday Homework: UT Quest Collisions (due Thursday midnight)

Thursday: Exploding Carts; conservation of momentum formative quiz; test review

Thursday Homework: UT Quest due midnight

Friday: Unit #4 Test

Friday Homework: Schoology energy video and quiz

March 20

Physics Week Ten Agenda

Monday: Test Egg Drop devices; take video quiz; go over remediation homework

Monday Homework: Finish Egg Drop lab

Tuesday: 10th grade advisement

Wednesday: 10th grade advisement; remediation quiz; work impulse and momentum problems

Wednesday Homework: Tiered impulse problem worksheet

Thursday: Go over Egg Drop lab; go over tiered impulse problems; work more momentum problems

Thursday Homework: Tiered momentum problem worksheet

Friday: Go over tiered momentum problems; impulse and momentum quiz; intro to collisions

March 11

Physics Week Nine Agenda

Monday: Go over coefficient of friction worksheet; friction and acceleration

Monday Homework: UT Quest friction assignment (due Tuesday morning)

Tuesday: Go over UT Quest assignment; centripetal force

Tuesday Homework: Unit review sheet

Wednesday: [Early Release Day] Test Review

Thursday: Test #3

Thursday Homework: Schoology videos on impulse and momentum (due Monday)

Friday: Registration for next year; go over test; build egg drop devices

Friday Homework: Unit 3 remediation worksheet


March 4

Physics Week Eight Agenda

Monday: Go over quiz; go over net force worksheet; terminal velocity

Monday Homework: UT Quest Force assignment (due Tuesday midnight)

Tuesday: Net Force physics classroom simulation here; work UT Quest

Tuesday Homework: Complete UT Quest

Wednesday: Coffee filter lab; net force and motion graphs; net force and elevators

Wednesday Homework: Schoology video and quiz on friction (due Friday)

Thursday: Forces quiz; coefficient of friction lab

Thursday Homework: Complete friction lab if necessary

Friday: Friction with acceleration; tiered friction problems worksheet

Friday Homework: Complete friction worksheet

February 25

Physics Week Seven Agenda

Monday: Newton’s 1st and 3rd Law

Monday Homework: Finish 1st and 3rd Law worksheet

Tuesday: Constant Force Lab

Tuesday Homework: Finish lab if necessary

Wednesday: Weight versus mass; Newton’s 2nd Law; Universal Gravitation simulation here

Wednesday Homework: Newton’s 2nd Law worksheet

Thursday: Universal Gravitation

Thursday Homework: Universal Gravitation worksheet

Friday: Newton’s Laws quiz; go over Universal Gravitation problems; net force notes and worksheet

Friday Homework: Finish net force problems