April 17, 2019

Modern World Project

It is finally here! Your final project starts on TUESDAY 4/23!!!!!!!!

Attached you will find the list of topics. Go ahead and pick your top three. Everyone needs a separate event- no duplicates!

If you have questions or get stuck, ask me for help! We will go to the computer lab a few times over the course of this project. You will have 7 days in class to work on this project and at least 3 days in the computer lab. You will need to complete some of this at home as well. The directions are included in the choices document. Your entire portfolio is due on May 13th.

Modern World Projec t-16erox1

MWP choices-265pz7w

March 4, 2019

March 5th, 2019

Today’s plan:

Nearpod Notes: Your code is ODUJH

Mapwork: Color your map to show which European countries colonized which parts of Africa

If you finish both of these things, work on your Mining the Standards (due 3/13- TEST DAY).

Materials: Master Map