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Social Studies the Wildcat Way


Today, sixth grade will explore the history of Europe through a reading activity and complete our CNN Student News activity for the week.

7th will begin reviewing for our Economics test that will take place after the break.

Parents – students with a grade below 74 will be bringing home progress reports today. Please sign and send back to acknowledge.


We’re halfway through the week, almost to fall break!

Today, 6th grade will have a visit with Mrs. Crandall, the guidance counselor, to hear about some of the wonderful services that our guidance department can provide students.

7th grade will take notes and see a brief video about Economic Systems, followed by a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

CHANGE OF PLANS! Our meeting with Mrs. Crandall will be Friday for 6th grade. Today we will annotate our tests from yesterday and make corrections.


Sixth grade will take our European Geography test today and begin studying European History.

Seventh grade will have a discussion of scarcity and trade.

Looking forward to a day of triumphs!


Happy Constitution Day!

Today sixth grade will review for our test tomorrow by rotating through a few games.

Sixth graders need to finish study guide for homework and use it and the quizizz to prepare.



Good Morning, or as they say in England, Good Morning. Today sixth grade will work together to learn about languages in Europe using this powerpoint: let it go with video clip and phrases-2h824ur

Seventh grade will not meet with me today. Good luck on your tests and excited to see you again tomorrow!


6th grade will view the BrainPop on 9/11/01 and discuss primary vs. secondary sources as well as ask questions and share thought about 9/11/01.

7th will complete a graphic organizer on Economic Understandings. Please review vocab for the test tomorrow and play the quizziz.



Welcome back!

Today in 6th grade, we will finish our bumper sticker/T-shirt assignment. Some students will need to finish for homework.

First heads up, our European Geography test will be next week, probably Tuesday.

Seventh grade will read and annotate an article on Economic Understandings. We will test over Economics on Wednesday. The Economic Vocabulary sheet given on Thursday of last week should be used as a study guide, as well as the Quizizz link from Friday.

7th grade game link



6th grade is going to learn about the environmental issues of Europe in the computer lab through an interactive program called EdPuzzle.

Click here to join EdPuzzle

After the EdPuzzle – click below to review Europe. Play “solo game” and see how you do!

7th grade will take our chapter 2 quiz and begin economics activities.


Today 6th grade will debrief on their “trade walks” to different countries yesterday through review and work on the graphic organizer. Students will then complete a remediation activity for the Europe Map Test.

7th will work on the study guide for tomorrow’s quiz and play games to review the chapter. The key to the study guide is posted below for using at home tonight.

Chapter 2 Study Guide KEY-2ag2c3e

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