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4/15 – 4/19 Week at a Glance

6th Grade

Monday – Students will finish taking notes on Latin American Revolutions

Tuesday – Students will complete written free response questions to reflect on their learning about the Revolutions and what causes them.

Wednesday – Students will read an article on the Cuban Revolution and changes to US – Cuban relations.

Thursday & Friday – Students will read and take notes on the governments of Latin America.

7th Grade

Monday – Students will take a quiz on Asian History

Tuesday – Students will participate in presentation and discussion over the environmental issues of Southern and Eastern Asia.  Students will take notes on Environmental issues.

Wednesday & Thursday – Students will work on an assignment for the environmental issues of Southern and Eastern Asia (Brochures/Pamphlet)

Friday – Students will take notes and complete the comprehension questions on the ethnic and religious groups of Southern and Eastern Asia.

4/8 – 4/12 Week at a Glance

6th Grade

Monday – Review for SGM

Tuesday – SGM Assessment

Wednesday – Read and Annotate Latin American History Teacher Notes, Complete Vocabulary Graphic Organizer, complete reading questions, catch up on any unfinished work from Latin America Unit

Thursday – Class Discussion on famous historical and fictional national revolutions. Students will discuss and answer questions on how revolutions are born, what their impacts are, and whether certain ones have been positive or negative.

Friday – Continued discussion and work from Thurs. Focused more on Latin American revolutions, like those in Cuba and Mexico.

7th Grade

Monday – Review for SGM

Tuesday – SGM Assessment


Reading assignments on the Caste System from news articles

After completing the tiered reading for their level, students will complete an exit ticket quick quiz over the reading.


One minute quick writing activity will be completed from the Caste system Reading.

Notes on History of Asia



Continue Reading and Notes on History of Asia. 

Quiz  – Geography and History of Asia

4/9/19 7th Grade

After the assessment, complete the  Lost in Asia Adventure

You may play more than once, but you only need to do the summary the first time.


I hope everyone has an awesome week off! Get outside, play, and read some good books!

Just one tiny little thing – the Tuesday of the week after break students will take a standardized test to measure yearlong growth. This is not a milestone or an assessment that counts toward student grades. However, we love it if students would review a little to prepare. It could be a part of a family game night!

Thanks so much and have fun!

March 25 – 29 Week at a Glance

Sixth graders – use this presentation to complete today’s activity WE WERE HERE FIRST!-q6zfq2

Sixth Grade

Monday – students will explore the history of the Aztecs with the above activity

Tuesday – Students will complete notes on the Aztec Empire

Wednesday –  Students will complete an activity on the Columbian Exchange

Thursday – Students will take notes on the Trans – Atlantic Trade

Friday – Review Games!!!

Seventh Grade

Mon – Wed, each day will consist of time spent working on our South & East Asia Maps, reading about the Geography of Asia, and reviewing related facts.

Thursday will be our test over the maps of Asia. 

On Friday we will create a three-dimensional map of the continent.

Board Gamers

If you attended our interest meeting, or are interested and weren’t able to come, please complete the following survey: Gaming Club Survey

March 18-22 Week at a Glance

6th Grade

On Monday we will practice with our map skills by creating a map of an imaginary island based on a tracing of our hand.

This practice will continue on Tuesday when we create neighborhood directions maps.

On Wednesday we will rotate through stations on the geography of Latin America including a Virtual Reality tour of Machu Pichu!

On Thursday we will review for our Latin America Geography test, which will be on Friday. Study with this Quizizz!

Before we review Thursday, check out this cool game. Try to guess where you are!


Or go to the home page for more games!

Fun Local Places and Others We Have Studied Geoguessr

7th Grade

On Monday and Tuesday, we will continue to review for our Africa Unit Test on Wednesday.

On Thursday students will complete games and activities to review Africa.

WebQuest South East Asia Geography-1xtxf2u

South & East Asia GeoGuessr

Friday will begin our next unit, and we will create maps of Southeast Asia.


WebQuest – Geography of S+E Asia 


(#1) – Click on the following links to find the answers to these ‘Geography of S+E Asia’ questions!



1) In reference to the “Himalayan Mountains,” the world’s tallest mountain range, what does ‘Himalaya’ mean?


2) What is the relationship between the “Gobi Desert” and the Silk Road?


3) Why is the “Ganges River” so important to the people of India?


4) Which countries border the “Sea of Japan?”


5) Which countries does the “Mekong River” flow through?


6) How large is the “Yangtze River?”


7) Where is the “Bay of Bengal” located?




8) The Yangtze River absorbed more than _____% of China’s waste water, and _____% of it is untreated.



9) How has the Indian government tried to eliminate some of the pollution that occurs in the Ganges River?


10) How is China’s pollution affecting food production?


11) What caused massive flooding in Beijing, China during the summer of 2012?


12) Where do most people in China live?


13) When will India pass China as the most populous country in the world?


14) Although India covers only 2.4% of the world’s land, it supports over _____% of the world’s population.


15) According to Buddhists, what is included within the “4 Noble Truths?”


16) Where are the main locations that “Hinduism” is practiced?


17) How many people in Southeast Asia practice “Islam?”



18) In the world of Shintoism, who are the “kami?”


19) Why do many people consider “Confucianism” to be a philosophy instead of a religion?



7th Grade

Since our test has been moved to next Wednesday, please study the government and economics of Africa over the weekend. You can use your notes, online textbook, and this Quizziz.

March 11 – 15 Week at a Glance

The quarter wraps this week. Please come see me before or during homeroom if you have make up work!

6th Grade

Monday- We will be working in the computer lab! Students will complete review games on our Latin American Vocabulary and on Geographic locations and map skills. We will finish up by taking a deeper look at the Geography of Central America.

See if you can make your way to the highest level!

Latin American Map Games 

Tuesday – We will be in the computer lab again! Students will be using a program called Nearpod to complete interactive notes and an assessment on the Location, Climate, Natural Resources, & Population of Latin America.

Nearpod Link – Click Here!

Wednesday – Early release day. Students will play puzzle games on our Latin American Vocabulary and work on Climate Maps of Latin America.

Thursday – We will take a more in-depth look at the Geography of Brazil and update our climate maps and notes.

Friday – We will complete our CNN10 activity and practice our map skills with an activity on the map of the world.

7th Grade

Africa Cumulative Test Friday!

Monday & Tuesday – Students will finish presentations on their assigned African nations for our Africa Symposium.

Wednesday – Early Release Day. Students will complete a graphic organizer on the governments of the African nations we have studied.

Thursday – We will play review games for test on Friday.

Friday – Africa Test

March 4-8

Big things happening this week!

Important Note: The clock is ticking on the end of the quarter! Missing assignments (including tests) will go down as zeroes in the gradebook if they are not made up soon. I am available Mon-Thur before school this week.

Week at a Glance:

6th Grade

Monday – Students will read about environmental issues in Mexico and Brazil in the textbook and organize causes, effects, and solutions in a chart.

Tuesday – We will participate in a class discussion, have an Environmental Issues of Latin America PPT and video clips on the issues to complete our notes.

Environmental Issues of Latin America 19 Brink-1uz9gnf

Wednesday through Friday – To see the implications of how one change impacts other aspects of social studies, students will complete a project in which they create their my own solution to an environmental problem in Latin America through designing and writing about an Environmental Superhero!

7th Grade

We will be working on a project covering all aspects of our Africa unit this week.

Students will be assigned to and begin their “expert groups” project on one either South Africa, Kenya, or Nigeria. From the start of the week to the end students will be given the rubric and self-checklist, requirements of the project will be presented, students will then set up their PPT and share through Office 365. Students will work in their groups to gather the information they wish to include in their parts of the presentation. The will use their textbooks, interactive notebooks, and the Cobb Digital Library to research their topics. Presentations will be given on Friday. 

Sharing a PPT in 365 Directions-2j6n9gu

Expert Groups Country PPT Self Assessment-2hz46qk

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