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Social Studies the Wildcat Way


Sixth grade will finish our Russian Revolution notes today through a series of conversations and multimedia presentations. We will end class by voting for a new leader of Germany in the post-WWI world.

Seventh grade will take notes on Zionism and begin working on their Study Guide for the Middle East History Part 1 Test on Friday.



Friday! Sixth grade will learn about and complete a graphic organizer on the Russian Revolution.

Seventh Grade will have a big Trivia contest with a range of categories, including Middle Eastern History.


Today sixth grade will write our DBQs on the Treaty of Versailles. This assignment has been going on in phases since early last week. Students who have not finished or have gaps in their work will be assigned to ZAP.

Seventh grade will continue notes on Middle Eastern History.

7th Graders have homework tonight! Students need to read and annotate “Southwest Asia History Notes” using our Read Like a Rockstar annotation style. There will be a formative assessment on the information from the reading and this week’s notes tomorrow.

FIRST NOTICE! 7th Grade Middle East Test will be next Friday, 11/16


7th Grade Photo Analysis


Fun Friday!

Sixth grade will be taking the next step in our Versailles DBQ, bridging the gap connecting World Wars I & II, by completing Document Analysis Sheets that examine the facts and possible biases.

Seventh grade will analyze various gas shortages in the U.S. in the past century to apply and enrich their knowledge of how OPEC affects the global marketplace.


Morning Tutoring Labs will begin Monday, 11/5
8th grade science will meet at 8:15 on Mondays.
ELA for all grades will meet at 8:15 on Wednesdays.
Math for all grades will meet at 8:15 on Thursdays.


Good Morning! I hope everyone had a fun Halloween.

Today, sixth grade will continue to analyze documents in the Treaty of Versailles DBQ.

Seventh grade will create a timeline of OPEC events to understand the cartel’s impact and modern history of the Middle East.


Its Halloween Eve!

Today, sixth grade will learn about, take notes on, and discuss how technological advances led to WWI being the first modern war.

Seventh grade will continue to study the geographic and economic effects of OPEC, and some students will be given a remediation assignment based on their Middle East Culture test score.


7th Quizizz link 10/26

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