Unit 6- Post Test

Good Morning Everyone!

Today, we take out Unit-6 Post Test.  I have attached the study guide with the answers below for everyone JUST in case the hard copy gets lost.  We will test today and tomorrow (Tuesday).  I will have make-ups for students who are absent on Wednesday.

Unit 6 Study Guide-254cjfv



What a Terrific Thursday!

Good Afternoon,

All classes did an amazing job working on the new concept of volume!  I assigned a worksheet for everyone to finish tonight.  Tomorrow, we will be comparing volume to surface area to wrap up the week and Unit 5.



Happy Wednesday!

Hey y’all,

Today we practiced surface area for the third day in a row.  This portion of the unit is the most difficult and to mix things up we played a review game in class called “around the world”.   Overall, everyone’s effort and enthusiasm was great and we had a fun time!

I did not assign homework for today because we start the final portion of the unit tomorrow- solving for Volume.

We will be working on volume of a cube or rectangular prism through next Monday and then take the post test for Unit 5 next Tuesday and Wednesday.