May Speech-Language Update 2018

Over the last few weeks of school, we worked on skills building drills focusing on areas such as comprehension, articulation, making inferences, figurative language, and sequencing.

Our final story in the Tree House was, “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell” by Lucille Colandro.  We worked on retelling and sequencing the events of the story.  For summer fun, reread that story at home and talk about the different things that the old lady swallowed and help your children make connections about the different things that you do and see at the beach.  Whether or not you go to the beach, remember to read and have fun!



March 2018-Speech and Language Update

In speech and language, we are continuing to work on skills building drills focusing on goals and objectives.  In addition, we are getting close to the end of the book, Chocolate Touch.  This is a fun read, keeping students engaged and eager to find out what will happen as we move from chapter to chapter. Some groups have already finished reading it, and they sure were surprised to find out what happened towards the end of the book.

In the Tree House, we read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover, and now we are reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick.  This gives the students the opportunity to have repetition of information while working on improving their language skills. They are getting really good with using agent action object statements to comment  and participate during our lessons with the use of visuals and support.

February 2018

During the month of February, we worked a lot on skills building drills.  One of our biggest areas of focus was on strategies to help make inferences.  Students have been playing games, reading passages, and examining a variety of scenarios to help them increase their skills in this area.

For our featured books of the month, we read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose, and some groups started reading Chocolate Touch.  Students are really enjoying Chocolate Touch.

January Speech and Language Update

For the month of January, our featured books were Tacky the Penguin, Penguins, and Popular Wildlife.  The following skills were practiced: sequencing, story retelling, vocabulary, using complete sentences, articulation, social language, and grammar practice. The students enjoyed listening to the stories and retelling them.

In the Tree House, students participated in practice activities to help them work on their goals and objectives.  The class story that we read was There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow.  Students did a great job making agent action object sentences to tell about the Cold Lady.  To end the unit, students will be practicing their communication skills (using AAO format) while gathering the materials and completing the steps to make snow.

In addition to the stories mentioned above, students worked on skills building drills by reading short stories and answering questions to help them improve their skills with making inferences and drawing conclusions.  The students enjoyed challenging themselves to answer as many correct questions as possible.

December Speech and Language Update

During the month of December, students will be reading both fiction and nonfiction stories while working on speech and language goals and objectives.  Our featured books will be All About Reindeer, The Reindeer, and Rudolph to the Rescue.   Some of the skills that will be targeted are: comparing and contrasting, describing, inferring, and retelling.  Some groups are reading the story called, There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell!, by Lucille Colandro.  In the Tree house, students have been participating in a variety of activities that compliment the story, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell!   Students have been practicing using agents  (by picking  a student or a teacher) and actions to engage their teachers and peers (e.g., “Joey” ring bell!). For home practice, have your student use the book that we made in class to practice telling the story back to you.

November Update

For our November units, students did a great job participating during the lessons.  Our featured books were There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey, and  Thanksgiving at The Tappleton’s.  We also read a Reader’s Theater Play called In a New World.  Students did a great job using their graphic organizers and visuals to help them retell the events of the stories.  Students also used sentence strips to help them practice using target vocabulary words from the story.  They had the opportunity to share about their family traditions during this time of year, and use graphic organizers to help them express what they were grateful for. Students working on articulation and practiced saying speech sounds from the words in the stories that we read.  In the Tree house, students used their AAO boards to help them communicate during our lessons.

October 30th through November 3rd Update

Throughout October, students have been working on strategies to enhance their communication skills.  Our featured stories for October were All About Pumpkins ( fiction and nonfiction), Spookley the Square Pumpkin, and How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin.  Some of the skills that were worked on included vocabulary, sequencing the events of the stories in correct order with sequencing cards, and retelling the stories.  Students practiced using grammatically correct sentences while taking turns sharing about the stories.    Students also listened to stories about SuperFlex and took turns making connections and observations about flexible thinking and rock brain thinking.

Speech-Language Update for September

In speech and language, we reviewed goals and objectives to remind students why they were coming to speech.  We worked on progress monitoring activities to review target areas (e.g., listening comprehension, vocabulary, story retelling, sequencing, articulation, fluency).   We also started our discussion about the brain and the different types of learning preferences.  Students shared their preferences.

In the Tree House, we have been working on our Charlotte’s Web Unit.  Our focus will be on having students use agent-action-object responses, in addition to having them use our core words of the week.  Students in the other Tree House class have been working on strategies to help them improve their social skills.  We’ve played social language games, and had students repeat the rules of the game, while putting the rules into practice.  Although it is challenging to wait patiently for a turn, theses activities help with improving flexibility.  We also discussed emotions and the importance of being a flexible thinker.  We will talk more about the brain, and students will learn about Super Flex thinking vs. Rock Brain Thinking.