October 30th through November 3rd Update

Throughout October, students have been working on strategies to enhance their communication skills.  Our featured stories for October were All About Pumpkins ( fiction and nonfiction), Spookley the Square Pumpkin, and How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin.  Some of the skills that were worked on included vocabulary, sequencing the events of the stories in correct order with sequencing cards, and retelling the stories.  Students practiced using grammatically correct sentences while taking turns sharing about the stories.    Students also listened to stories about SuperFlex and took turns making connections and observations about flexible thinking and rock brain thinking.

Speech-Language Update for September

In speech and language, we reviewed goals and objectives to remind students why they were coming to speech.  We worked on progress monitoring activities to review target areas (e.g., listening comprehension, vocabulary, story retelling, sequencing, articulation, fluency).   We also started our discussion about the brain and the different types of learning preferences.  Students shared their preferences.

In the Tree House, we have been working on our Charlotte’s Web Unit.  Our focus will be on having students use agent-action-object responses, in addition to having them use our core words of the week.  Students in the other Tree House class have been working on strategies to help them improve their social skills.  We’ve played social language games, and had students repeat the rules of the game, while putting the rules into practice.  Although it is challenging to wait patiently for a turn, theses activities help with improving flexibility.  We also discussed emotions and the importance of being a flexible thinker.  We will talk more about the brain, and students will learn about Super Flex thinking vs. Rock Brain Thinking.

Welcome Back!

Children spelling SPEECH

Welcome Back to the 2017-2018 school year.  It was nice seeing returning students and meeting students new to Big Shanty.  I am looking forward to working with you all this year, and getting to know all of the new students.  We will have a fun-filled educational year, while improving speech and language skills!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mrs. Reed, and I live in the Kennesaw area with my wonderful family including my husband, and 3 children (a son who is a freshman in high school,  a son who is a kindergartener, and a daughter who is in Pre-K).  I enjoy spending time with my family doing most activities that involve movement like biking, racing, bowling and the list goes on!

By now, students should be getting into the swing of things.   However, I will continue to pick students up for speech this week, as there have been a few more schedule changes throughout the school.  By next week, students will be able to use their speech schedules and agendas to serve as reminders to help them to remember their schedule.

Students will have a brochure in their Speech/Language folders highlighting our program.  Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if, at any point, you have any questions about our program.  Email is the best way to reach me.

I look forward to working with you and your family this year.  Have a great year!


Mrs. Reed, M. A., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

678-594-8023, ext. 100

[email protected]

Week of 4-24-2017 through 4-29-17

We are in week two of GA Milestones Testing.  Students have been working on skills building drills.  Hang in there!

In the Tree House, our theme is spring.  Students have been going over core vocabulary  and words related to planting to lead up to our planting activity.

Week of March 20th and March 27th through March31st

Last week, we worked on strategies to help improve listening comprehension.  Students also  worked on vocabulary and figures of speech.  Some students helped read a story about being green.  This week, we will continue working on listening comprehension, vocabulary, figures of speech, and story retelling.  Students will be engaged in a variety of activities to help them get practice in target areas.  In the Tree House, students practiced playing a bingo game to communicate about school items/vocabulary.   We will continue working on core vocabulary words, AAO sentences and activities to expand sentences, while also working on goals and objectives.   We will be talking about “spring” in our upcoming lessons.

Week of March 13, 2017 through March 17, 2017

This week is “Green Week” at Big Shanty.  Along with all of the activities that students will be participating in to be “green”, we will also be engaging in a variety of lessons that focus on being green.  Have fun being green and share the information with your family and friends to help them to become green.

Week of March 6, 2017- March 10th, 2017

This week in Speech and Language, we finished going over vocabulary words and comprehension questions from The Lorax.  Students practiced identifying the tier 1 and 2 vocabulary words, and said sentences with the target words.  Students expressed the central themes of the story and took the perspectives of the characters in the story.  In the tree house, students practiced identifying and using core vocabulary words in sentences.  They used AAO sentence format when participating during the lesson.

Week of February 27, 2017 through March 3, 2017

I hope you had a very enjoyable break.  We will be picking up where we left off, while continuing to work on skills building drills.  We will also be talking about everyday expressions and figures of speech.  This week, our featured book of the week is the Lorax.  Students will focus on making predictions, describing, sequencing, retelling, answering comprehension questions, and identifying and expressing vocabulary words from the story.

In the tree house, students will continue working on using their communication devices and low tech communication supports while participating in lessons.  Our book of the week is, Cooking with the Cat. Students will take turns using AAO strips to engage other students in the activity.