August 21


Engaging families in the educational lives of their children is a core mission of the Cobb County School District and in direct alignment with our beliefs here at Lindley Sixth Grade Academy.  Good quality homework should be directly related to the curriculum in a variety of ways that encourage students to demonstrate their knowledge in real world applications.  It must have a clear academic purpose and should not be used for busy work.  Our All Star teachers will often create assignments that are personally relevant and customized to promote student ownership.  All homework assignments, with the exception of projects that require adult assistance, should be completed by the students without help.

The best approaches to homework combine clear and engaging design with a strong focus on the student’s ability to demonstrate their knowledge of the curriculum.  Homework may not always be provided daily by the teacher.  However, we encourage you to have your child read, make comparisons between stories through journal writing and/or real world experiences.

Any time you have questions about activities or assignments, please feel free to contact the teacher.