Happenings in Room 311

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Congratulations to Isabella L for being February’s recipient of  the Zoyo gift certificate. Isabella earned the certificate by being a great role model for behavior and academics. Way to go!


The Book Fair is opened.  Students from this class will shop at 11:10 – 11:30 a.m. The Book Fair closes at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday  evening.

Bedtime, Books and Brownies is this Thursday evening 6:00 – 8:00 p.m..

Remember to collect the box tops and glue to the form. The winning class will pie either Mr. Traster or Mrs. Edwards.  The students will enjoy doing that.

There is  test- taking practice  information available on the school’s website. Parents please impress upon  your child the importance of writing and  giving details.

March 13th is an early release day.

What’s Being Taught?

Math: Review fractions,  2 step word problems using the 4 operations

Reading: Points of View and compare/ Contrast

Word Works: Sort # 25  Compound Words

Writing: Opinion Writing and responding to to text.

Social Studies: The European Explorers




What are we Learning this week and Next?

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Students have been given a  Ga.Habitat project to work on. The rubric and information was given out on Friday. This project is due this Friday Feb. 8th. This will be their homework for this week.

Please support the Sweetheart Dance that’s being sponsored by Pitner’s  PTSA.

This week is School Counselors Appreciation Week. Have your child write a note or card to Ms. Perry and Ms. Whitton to show their appreciation.

Next Monday the students will have an in- school field trip led by volunteers from the Cobb Watershed Management.

Progress Reports go home on the 12th of Feb. and Picture Day is the  Thursday Feb 14.

Math: Fractions: Fractions as a whole number, comparing fractions and measuring/ reading fractions on a ruler.

Reading: Character traits, Literal, non- literal language

English/ Lang. Arts: Comparative/ Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs, quotation marks.

 Writing: Opinion Writing and Timed writing

Science: Animals and Plants adaptations. Social Studies : Entrepreneurship

Please remind  your child to do his/ her personal best at all times.

Secret word or Phrase: Winter Break.

Welcome Back and a Happy New Year!

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I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas season and that Santa brought you what you wanted.

This week we’ll be getting right back into the swing of our regular routine. We’ll visit the media center for a lesson and book check out.

On Tuesday the 8th, author Randy Sloth will be visiting Pitner.

Wednesday Jan 9th the 3rd Grade students will be doing the Write Score writing assessment. This will be done on the computer.

Jan. 11th Report cards come home. Please check your child’s book bag if it’s not handed to you.

Also on Friday the students will be having an in- school presentation of the Cinderella story from Tattletales.

Thanks to the parents who sent in box tops for the month of December. Our class was December’s winner with 57  box tops. So, for their prize, the students can wear their PJs to school on Friday.

As a reminder parents, please have your child read each night for at least 30 minutes each night. Studies have shown that a child who reads consistently at home and school can increase his/ her reading comprehension level significantly. Reading and writing go hand in hand.

What will the student learn?

Math: Introducing Fractions. What are fractions, equal shares, equivalent fractions?

Reading: Compare/ Contrast books written by the same author about the same theme or character.

Writing: Writing  from a prompt, introducing opinion writing using a graphic organizer.

Science: Habitats ~ The 5 regions of Georgia.

Eng. Lang.Arts: Capitalization,  punctuation,  and quotation marks.


Secret Word/ Phrase: Happy New Year.




What are we learning this week and the next?

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Parents we are in the month of December with good tidings and cheer.

The dinner with Santa is this Friday beginning at 5:00. Information was sent home last week about this event. Donations are still being accepted by Mrs. Wendel one of our Room Moms.

Please support our Relay for Life t-shirt fundraiser in honor of our former custodian Ms. Debbie who got her wings earlier this year.

What are we learning?

Math: Multiplication and Division  patterns, Picture and Bar graphs- creating and answering questions and problem solving. ( On- going assessments) Please have your child practice his/ her multiplication facts . The students should be able to recall the facts quickly.

Reading: Identifying cause/ effect,  1st , 2nd, 3rd in sequence and  comparisons. ( On-going Assessments) some students are not turning in their reading logs. Read for at least 30 minutes each night. Studies have shown that reading at home & school improves students reading comprehension level.

Writing: Complete the informational writing, narrative and responding to text.

Grammar: Verbs – present, past and future tenses, irregular verbs.

Spelling: Sort # 16  Quiz on Thursday

Social Studies: Why did the American Indians occupy the places they did? What did they wear, eat, and where did they live and their shelter. ( The students will do mini assessments as they move through the unit.)

 Secret Word/ Phrase: Christmas

What are we learning this week and next?

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  Parents, thanks for coming out to your child’s conference. It was wonderful to see everyone. I hope that the conference was beneficial to you and your child. Don’t hesitate to contact me when needed.

The Thanksgiving Holiday will be here soon and you can still make  your  food contribution to the school. Most of us are so blessed that we have a lot to be thankful for.

Congratulations to Lydia F who was selected as our Zoyo Student of the Month. Way to Go!

In Math: Continue with multiplication and division, properties of operations as strategies, multiply and divide within 100 to solve word problems.

Writing: Informational writing,  responding to paired text in writing and writing in the Content areas.

Reading: Identifying text features and ask  and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of the text.

Grammar: Suffixes and Prefixes

Science: Weathering and erosion, & fossils


November 2nd  Cherrydale Glow Party

November 6th  No School, Election Day

November 9th PTSA Movie Night

Secret Word/ Phrase: Thanksgiving.

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Parents,  please check the handbook for the proper dress code for the girls when wearing shorts and tops.  The boys pants should not be falling off their waist. We want them to be modestly dressed.

Picture Taking is Wednesday, ( tomorrow) in the gym.

Keep sending in your box tops.

Please consider joining our school’s PTSA. An event is coming soon.

Some parents have not returned the first Day of school forms. These are very important and are needed immediately.

T-shirts orders are due by this Friday.

Math: Strategies for addition and subtraction. Addition  and subtraction within 1000, working on solving 1 & 2 steps story word problems.  Math quiz this Friday on rounding and addition strategies

Reading : Asking and answering questions, describe the character in a story and explain how they contribute to the sequence of the story.

Grammar: Nouns ~ Regular and irregular plural nouns and abstract nouns

Word Works: Regular and irregular plural nouns

Writing: Narratives and letter writing

Science:  Rocks and Soils

Please encourage your child to do his/ her best at all times.



Secret Word/ Phrase: Reward.

Welcome Back!

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Welcome to 3rd Grade. I’m so excited to meet my new class. The summer break has gone by so quickly!

This blog will be undated every 2 weeks with information pertinent to the class.

Please add your email to the subscribe by email section to keep updated with the information related to the class.