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Parents,  please check the handbook for the proper dress code for the girls when wearing shorts and tops.  The boys pants should not be falling off their waist. We want them to be modestly dressed.

Picture Taking is Wednesday, ( tomorrow) in the gym.

Keep sending in your box tops.

Please consider joining our school’s PTSA. An event is coming soon.

Some parents have not returned the first Day of school forms. These are very important and are needed immediately.

T-shirts orders are due by this Friday.

Math: Strategies for addition and subtraction. Addition  and subtraction within 1000, working on solving 1 & 2 steps story word problems.  Math quiz this Friday on rounding and addition strategies

Reading : Asking and answering questions, describe the character in a story and explain how they contribute to the sequence of the story.

Grammar: Nouns ~ Regular and irregular plural nouns and abstract nouns

Word Works: Regular and irregular plural nouns

Writing: Narratives and letter writing

Science:  Rocks and Soils

Please encourage your child to do his/ her best at all times.



Secret Word/ Phrase: Reward.

Welcome Back!

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Welcome to 3rd Grade. I’m so excited to meet my new class. The summer break has gone by so quickly!

This blog will be undated every 2 weeks with information pertinent to the class.

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