Economics of SW Asia Test…

will take place for all classes on Friday, November 17th.  This test will consist of multiple choice, constructed response, and short answer questions.  It is essentially a test on economic vocabulary (students have an organizer with the information) and its’ application.

SW Asia History Summative, 10/30

This test will be multiple choice in format (40 ?’s).  The majority of this test will focus on analysis and interpretation of a variety of mediums (graphs; maps; charts; short reading passages; etc.).  We will review on Friday, 10/27.  Students have graphic organizers on the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, Creation of Israel and the Modern Wars of the Middle East to supplement their studying.

Upcoming Date…

Quarter II has begun!!!

Creation of Israel projects/presentations are due on Wednesday 10/11!  For project overview, scoring checklist, etc., please look under the SW Asian History folder (located in the top, left corner).