August 28

Science 8: 8/28/17 – 9/1/17

Monday: Phases of Matter

Opening: Video Clip –

Work Session: Foldable on 4 phases of matter – States of Matter Foldable

Closing: Phases of Matter Dance

Tuesday: Phases of Matter

Opening: BrainPOP – States of Matter

Work Session: Phases of Matter w/s

Closing: Hot and Cold Balloons

Wednesday: Review

Opening: Grade/review Phases of Matter w/s

Work Session: Review Unit 1 Test

Closing: Video Clip –

HW: BYOD for a simulation lab tomorrow!!!

Thursday: Phases of Matter Simulation Lab

Opening: Review Simulation Lab Procedures

Work Session: States of Matter Simulation Lab

Closing: Exit ticket

HW: Finish Simulation Lab Packet

Friday: Vocabulary Practice

Opening: Video Clip

Work Session: Vocabulary Review Game

Closing: Newspaper headline

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August 28

Math 8: 8/28/17 – 9/1/17

Monday: Review for tomorrow’s TEST

Checked Dilations Skills Check

Went over the study guide – Answers here: Chapter 1 Study Guide and Practice Test

Finished Touchstones

HW: Study for the test

Tuesday: Ch. 1 Test – Angles and Transformations

Wednesday: Congruence

Notes on Congruence

CW/HW: Kuta w/s

Thursday: Congruence


Friday: Similarity

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August 28

Math 8 Test tomorrow (Tuesday)!!!

Study for tomorrow’s math test on Angles, Transformations, and Dilations.

Don’t forget to bring your completed Study Guide to turn in!!!

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August 22

Science 8: 8/21/17 – 8/25/17

Monday: Eclipse Day

Tuesday: Separation Lab

Bell Ringer #16: Can a solution (homogeneous mixture) be separated using filtration? Why or why not?

Opening: Review Lab Procedures

Work Session: Separation Lab

Closing: Individual Lab Reports

HW: Finish lab procedures & post-lab questions DUE FRIDAY (8/25)

Work on Study Guide handed out in class today DUE at the end of class tomorrow

Study for TEST on Thursday (8/24)

Wednesday: Review for Test

Opening: Review Study Guide

Work Session: Review game/practice questions

Closing: Unit 1 Headline Summary

STUDY STUDY STUDY – Study Guide Answers-2ecfj5l

Thursday: Unit 1 Test – Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

Meet me in the Media Center

HW: Finish Separation Lab Procedures and Questions – Due tomorrow (Fri.)


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August 22

Math 8: 8/21/17 – 8/25/17

Monday: Eclipse Day

Tuesday: Sequences of Transformations

Notes on Compositions (Sequences) of Transformations

Practice problems

CW/HW: p. 66 #7 & 8 (for 8, you need to work backwards to find the original figure)

Wednesday: Dilations and Scale Factor

Notes on Dilation

CW: Worksheet #1-7

Ch. 1 Test next Tuesday (8/29)

Thursday: Dilations and Scale Factor

Check Dilations w/s

CW/HW: Unit 1 Study Guide due tomorrow (Fri.)

Friday: Unit 1 Review

Review and Grade Weekly Skills #4

Skills Check on Dilations

Finish touchstones

Review Study Guide

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August 21

Upcoming Science Test

In light of today’s events, the Science test has been postponed until Thursday! Happy Studying!

Also, just a reminder that we are doing a lab tomorrow… please dress accordingly.



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August 15

Science 8: 8/14/17 – 8/18/17

Monday: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Bell Ringer #10: What do gold, copper, and aluminum all have in common?

Opening: Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Notes

Work Session: Class Practice on SmartBoard & Classification of Matter w/s

HW: Finish Classification of Matter w/s and STUDY for vocabulary quiz


Tuesday: Compounds

Bell Ringer #11: Describe the difference between an element and a compound. Give an example of each.

Opening: BrainPOP Video Clip on Compounds and Mixtures

Work Session: Notes on Compounds & Compound Confusion Lab

Closing: Vocabulary Quiz

CW/HW: Finish filling in closed notes on Elements, Compounds and Mixtures using the notes you took on p. 11 in your IAN–> This is a good way to check how well you took notes in class 🙂 We will review in class on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Mixtures

Bell Ringer #12: Water dissolves an unknown compound. The compound and water do not react, so they are now a mixture. What kind of mixture is it?

Opening: Correct/check notes for HW

Work Session: Mixtures article and Questions (finish for HW if not completed in class)

Closing: Newspaper/magazine headline summarizing today’s lesson

HW: Study for TEST on 8/23 — Study Guide is a green handout (p. 10 in IAN)

*** If you have not already turned in your lab safety contract, do this TOMORROW to participate in Friday’s lab, otherwise, you will not be able to do the lab. Thanks! ***


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August 15

Math 8: 8/14/17 – 8/18/17

Monday: Check HW – Rotations w/s (from Friday)

Review & Practice Problems on Rotations, Reflections, and Translations

CW/HW: Kuta w/s on all of the transformations

Weekly Skills 3 – due Friday

Tuesday: Check and review problems on Kuta w/s

Transformations Skills Check

CW/HW: p. 65-66 #4, 9

Wednesday: SMI Testing in Computer Lab

Thursday: SMI Testing in Computer Lab & Touchstone

Extra help available @ 8:20 am… make an appointment!!!

Friday: Turn in Weekly Skills 3

Quiz on Transformations (Rotations, Translations, Reflections)

Sequences of Transformations



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