October 31

Science 8: Week of 10/30 to 11/3

Monday: Intro to Motion

Bell Ringer #16: Describe your position in the classroom using a reference point (ie. the door, the SmartBoard, another student’s seat) and a set of directions from that reference point.

Wind-Up Toy Demo

Directed Reading – Ch. 5 Section 1 (due at the end of class)

DUE: Balancing Chemical Equations (3rd and 5th Block, 4th Block due by Friday 11/3)

Tuesday: Speed

Bell Ringer #17: How do you know when an object is “in motion”?

Notes: Speed

Speed, Time, Distance Practice Problems (finish for HW if not completed)

Exit Ticket

Wednesday: Motion Graphs

Bell Ringer #18: Practice calculating speed

Notes: Motion Graphs

Practice Problems using Motion Graphs (finish for HW if not done in class)

Thursday: PSAT

Bell Ringer #19: What kind of motion is shown in the motion graph?

Bill Nye Video: Forces and Motion

(Only saw 4th and 5th Block)

Friday: Domino Lab

Bell Ringer #20

Introduce Domino Lab

Domino Lab

Post-Lab Questions (due Monday, 11/6 if not completed in class)

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