November 8

Science 8: Week of 11/6/17 to 11/10/17

Monday: Velocity

  • Velocity Notes
  • Velocity Motion Graphs & Practice
  • Reviewed Test on Atoms and Periodic Table

Tuesday: No School

Wednesday: Motion Stories

  • Motion Stories – due on Monday (11/13/17). Please spell check and use proper grammar. Your story MUST match the unique distance-time graph you were given in class.

Thursday: Bubble Gum Lab

  • Bubble Gum Lab
  • Post-lab questions due tomorrow (11/10/17)
  • Work on Motion Stories

Friday: Acceleration

  • BrainPOP: Acceleration
  • Acceleration Notes
  • Moving Man PHET Lab
  • Exit Ticket: Distance-Time Graphs vs. Speed-Time Graphs
  • Motion Stories due Monday (11/13/17)

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