November 15

Science 8: QUIZ tomorrow!!!

Just a reminder that there is a quiz tomorrow over motion. Study your notes on motion graphs and review the activities we did today in class.

Also, Acceleration Labs are due by Friday!!!

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November 8

Durham’s Morning Tutoring Labs

We are happy to share that Durham is now offering morning labs to help ANY student who would like additional help. Morning tutoring labs run from 8:15 am to 8:50 am. Students are to report to the cafeteria at 8:15 am and receive a pass to go to the lab. Students will be required to sign in with the teacher any time they attend a session. The sessions are open to any student and no prior arrangements must be made with the teacher. The 8th grade schedule is as follows:

Mondays: Science Lab

Room 324 with Ms. Graham or Room 338 with Ms. Hartrampf

Tuesdays: ELA Lab

Room 343 with Ms. Salter

Thursdays: Math Lab

Room 319 with Mrs. Allen


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November 8

Science 8: Unit 3 Test Retake TOMORROW

What: Unit 3 Test: Atoms and Periodic Table Re-take

When: Tomorrow (11/9/17) at 8:15 am

Where: Ms. Graham’s room

Who: Anyone who scored below a 74 can retake the test to earn UP TO a 74

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November 8

Science 8: Week of 11/6/17 to 11/10/17

Monday: Velocity

  • Velocity Notes
  • Velocity Motion Graphs & Practice
  • Reviewed Test on Atoms and Periodic Table

Tuesday: No School

Wednesday: Motion Stories

  • Motion Stories – due on Monday (11/13/17). Please spell check and use proper grammar. Your story MUST match the unique distance-time graph you were given in class.

Thursday: Bubble Gum Lab

  • Bubble Gum Lab
  • Post-lab questions due tomorrow (11/10/17)
  • Work on Motion Stories

Friday: Acceleration

  • BrainPOP: Acceleration
  • Acceleration Notes
  • Moving Man PHET Lab
  • Exit Ticket: Distance-Time Graphs vs. Speed-Time Graphs
  • Motion Stories due Monday (11/13/17)
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November 3

Science 8: Domino Dash Lab

Just a reminder that post-lab questions are due on MONDAY, 11/5.

X- Independent variable is the thing you are changing in the experiment (the length of the domino row).

Y – Dependent variable is what changes as a result of the independent variable (the time it takes the dominos to fall).

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October 31

Science 8: Week of 10/30 to 11/3

Monday: Intro to Motion

Bell Ringer #16: Describe your position in the classroom using a reference point (ie. the door, the SmartBoard, another student’s seat) and a set of directions from that reference point.

Wind-Up Toy Demo

Directed Reading – Ch. 5 Section 1 (due at the end of class)

DUE: Balancing Chemical Equations (3rd and 5th Block, 4th Block due by Friday 11/3)

Tuesday: Speed

Bell Ringer #17: How do you know when an object is “in motion”?

Notes: Speed

Speed, Time, Distance Practice Problems (finish for HW if not completed)

Exit Ticket

Wednesday: Motion Graphs

Bell Ringer #18: Practice calculating speed

Notes: Motion Graphs

Practice Problems using Motion Graphs (finish for HW if not done in class)

Thursday: PSAT

Bell Ringer #19: What kind of motion is shown in the motion graph?

Bill Nye Video: Forces and Motion

(Only saw 4th and 5th Block)

Friday: Domino Lab

Bell Ringer #20

Introduce Domino Lab

Domino Lab

Post-Lab Questions (due Monday, 11/6 if not completed in class)

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October 25

Science 8: Week of 10/23 to 10/27

Monday: History of the Atom

Bell Ringer #11: What forces do you think hold an atom together? Explain your reasoning. Answer: It is electromagnetic force because the positive protons and negative electrons attract to each other, holding the atom together. 

Where Is It? Activity (p. 54 in IAN)

History of the Atom Packet (could work in partners)

HW: Finish Unit 3 Study Guide due tomorrow (10/24)

Tuesday: Review 

Bell Ringer #12: What force(s) hold the NUCLEUS (protons and neutrons) of an atom together? Answer: STRONG FORCE

Bill Nye Video: Atoms and Molecules

Review Unit 3 Study Guide


Wednesday: Periodic Table Bingo

Review using periodic table to identify elements and find information on their atomic structure.


Thursday: Unit 3 Test – Atoms and the Periodic Table

Friday: Chemical Equations and Conservation of Mass

Notes: Balancing Chemical Equations

Practice problems w/s: # 1-25 (due Monday if not finished in class – 3rd and 5th Block ONLY; 4th Block will get caught up at some point next week)

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