Week of December 3-7


1. Bill Nye the Science Guy: Genetics  

2. While watching the video students will answer questions

3. Preview pedigree vocabulary and symbols

HW None


1.   Complete Brain pop quiz on  Microsoft forms

2.   Watch Amoeba Sisters: Pedigrees in spiral to check for understanding

3.   Students can begin homework if time permits

HW: complete pedigree sheet


1.   ~Read pages 209-217, answering questions #1-18 as they read and questions #1-9 at the end of the reading

2.   Make vocabulary flash cards

HW: Study for quiz and complete flash cards is needed


1.    Study with a partner for 12 minutes

2.    Take quiz

3.    Finish any reading from the day prior and answer questions 1-9


1     Amoeba Sisters: Incomplete Dominance and Co-Dominance

2     Students are taking guided notes on Non-Mendelian traits such as incomplete dominance and co-dominance today