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4th and 5th Graders

4th and 5th grade student’s due dates are coming up for their projects.  Some students are bringing home projects.  Students were told to take extra care of their projects.  The art work should come back in great condition (no torn edges, not folded).  Their art work should be in exhibit condition.  Also, students will have to provide their own supplies to work on them at home. Projects must come back on the due date.  Each day late will be 5 points off the grade they earn.  I will not accept late projects after 5 days late.  These projects are looking great and I can’t to see the final products!

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K-3 Grading

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to just let parents know the grading process for art.  If your child receives a 3 for one or both of the standards that means they showed a full understanding of the assignments (elements and/or principles of art).  If your child receives a 2 for the one or both of the standards that means they are on the correct path for showing a full understanding of the assignments.  There is room to show growth and understanding to achieve a level 3 mastery.  If your child receives a 1 for one or both of the standards then the student needs to work towards showing an understanding of the material taught in class.  If you have any specific questions please feel free to email me your concerns. On a previous post I did upload the rubric for each K-3 grade level for your reference.

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2nd Grade Britto Inspired Dog or Cat

2nd graders are creating a dog or cat inspired by Romero Britto.  They look awesome!  I wanted to let you know what it is that I will be looking for when I go to grade your child’s art.

  1. The dog or cat should be drawn big to take up a large amount of space.
  2. Students should have drawn 5 lines to break up the space.
  3. All the pencil lines should have been traced with a marker.
  4. In each space there should be a different pattern.
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3rd Grade Blue Willow Plates

Students are finishing up their Blue Willow Plate Designs.  They are doing a great job.  I wanted to update and let you know what it is that I will be looking for when I grade them.

  1.  Control of the coloring material (colored pencil).  Coloring should be solid with little white spaces.
  2. Students are to create at least 3 different values from one color.  (light, medium, and dark)
  3. Students are to trace all pencil lines with the colored pencil.
  4. Image on the inside should not be lost by their coloring.  They were to create a picture of themselves doing something and include a background.
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Good Evening Everyone!

I have some updates that I would like for you to be aware of.

Art Club:  Reminder we will be meeting this Wednesday, 10/4/2017.  If you took home your Coloring Book contest paper please bring them back so I can prepare to submit them.  We will discuss what students interests are and what they will like to create while in the club.   From there I will start to plan out things to do.  Also please have the $35 paid by Wednesday so I can order supplies.

4th and 5th Graders:  Students were asked to take home their sketchbooks and have a completed sketch ready for their next art class so they can begin their final projects.  I had some students report that they had already finished these before we left for the break, which is great!

Parents: Please remind students that they are responsible for bringing their sketchbook with all papers in them to class everyday.  This is 1/3 of their grade.  I started sketchbook checks during the last time we met.  Some students are not bringing their sketchbooks or have missing papers and this does negatively affect that portion of their grade.

1st-3rd:  Students are finishing up their projects.  Can’t wait to start being able to display them.  Please keep in mind that I will be keeping projects for an end of the year art show so if your student does not come home with a project it is likely I am keeping it.

K:  Students are continuing their unit on Color.  They are creating secondary birds.  They are doing an awesome job learning and creating art!

All Parents:  Please remember that students will have an art grade on their report card.  4th and 5th graders will have a letter grade as well as a conduct grade.  K-3 will have either a 1,2,or 3 and a conduct grade.

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Art Honor Club Invitation Letters

Today a letter was sent home with students chosen to be in the Art Honor Club.  Congratulations to those who were selected. I’ll see you Sept. 20.

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Week of August 21st

First, I’d like to thank everyone who has sent in any donations to the art room.  At this point we are needing newspaper, old/used adult size button down shirts (students will use them as smocks to protect clothes), glue sticks, and markers.

Artome will be our art fundraiser this year.  They will display an exhibit of framed student work.  Every student will have one of their art projects framed.  This will be at the end of the school year.  More information will be sent home when it is closer to the exhibit.  We hope to also have student work exhibited at the Smyrna Art Show later in the school year.

4th and 5th graders…Art Honor Club Applications are due no later than September 1st.  Applications are on a previous post for you to download, print, fill out, and turn in.

5th graders will begin working on a parody art based on Grant Wood’s American Gothic art work.  Students are encouraged to research cartoon characters.  They will be replacing the farmer and his daughter with either cartoon characters or famous people.  Students have the choice of creating a mixed media project using collage and drawing out the entire parody. They will demonstrate an understanding of space and line.  Students will have to keep the Gothic window, house, and farmer and daughter attire.  They may change the style of the house if it connects with their character however the window must still be in the final image.

4th graders have been studying Henri Rousseau.  They will begin creating their fantasy forest.  They will demonstrate an understanding of space, shapes, and lines as well be able to use their imagination to create an art work.

3rd graders have studied about Ancient China and Blue Willow Plates.  They will create their own version of a blue willow plate.  They will demonstrate an understanding of space, patterns, and value.

2nd graders have studied about India and the art of Henna.  They will create henna hands with a pattern border on paper.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of space, patterns, and warm and cool colors.

1st graders have learned about Romero Britto and his playful, patterned art work.  Students will either chose either a dog or cat.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of space, line, pattern, and following directions when drawing.

Kinders finished their STEAM lesson and as groups built ant playgrounds.  It was fun watching them be little engineers and designers.  With these projects being group projects they will not be coming home with students.  Now they are learning about color and the primary colors as well as shapes and forms.  They will be creating primary monsters.  I can’t wait to what kinds of monsters they create!


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Art Honor Club

I will be having an after school accelerated art honor club this year.  It is open to 4th and 5th graders. There is an application process and I will only keep 14 students.  I realized the form I sent home earlier this week does not have the day we will be meeting.  It will be every other Wednesday. The form I am attaching has the corrected information and includes all the forms needed to apply minus the form I fill out.  If you have any questions please email me.

Art Honor Club Application-1fe8mgu

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Ant Playground

Ant deserve a playground!

Kindergarden will be creating a STEAM project.  Students will learn about ants, gravity, and lines.  The first day of art students listened to “Hey Little Ant” and a short Power Point were they learned the parts of an ant, especially the pad of their feet which allows them to walk all kinds of weird angles.  We discussed a little about gravity and they learned that what comes up comes down.  Students learned what a line is and the 5 kinds of lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, and zigzag).  For day 1 students created a drawing where they drew the type of line I told them to draw.  Then they were to color in the white spaces.  Some did not finish but they were allowed to take home their drawings.

During the next class students will build their ant playgrounds as a group.  They will use paper strips that they will twist, create zigzags, and curve.  It will be interesting to see what kinds of lines they create for the ants to play on.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

As of tomorrow we will have had our first full rotations where all classes have had one art class.  I sent home an art letter for most of the classes but I did miss a few classes with all the excitement being back at school.  On the next rotation I will double check to make sure your students have gotten the letter and you should be expecting it.  I will attach a copy of the letter on this blog just in case the letter does not get home.  Art Parent Letter-qfb5qn

4th and 5th Grade Parents:  Here is the rubric I will be using to grade your student’s project. Art Rubric-2cyn6ed

The formula for the final grade for the report is: production + critique + planning = final 9 week grade

Students are still given a behavior grade each 9 weeks.

All students will be given the following and needs to be placed inside their sketchbook.  You’re finished-2hhilmz

K-3 Parents:  Your students are still graded on the 1,2,3 scale as well as the behavior grade.  Attached are the rubrics for K-3. Some of the standards are applied to more than one 9-weeks. If your child receives a 2 on a standard please do not be alarmed.  It means they are on the right track and in the process of learning showing they have learned the standard.  K-3 1st 9 weeks rubrics-169j7tc

I am so happy to be back at Nickajack this year and look forward to teaching your student.  Please feel free to contact me if you need to.

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