Day 47

Happy Monday!  We have a LOT of events going on this week.  Please read to find all the things you need to know about what is happening this week!

Library:  Eek, we go to the library tomorrow.  I forgot to remind them!

Counting Day:  Don’t forget that Wednesday’s are counting days.  If you have even $1 to give to our school it needs to go in that envelope and turned in on Wednesdays.

Field Trip: On Wednesday, we are headed to Big Springs Farm.  We will go Rain or Shine.  Please make sure that your child has a sack lunch so we don’t accidentally lose anything.  Please send your child wearing a red shirt.  This will help me keep an eye on everyone.  Also, make sure your child wears shoes that will be okay if it is muddy.  No sandals or flip flops please.

STEM Day:  Thursday is an early release day as well as our STEM day.  I think I have most of the materials we need but if you happen to have the following items and don’t mind sending it in, we can always use more supplies.  We are always in need of:

Empty toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes, straws, rubber bands, plastic solo cups, scotch tape, dry beans (big and small) a bag of rice, string, empty cereal boxes, yarn

MAD Dash:  This Friday is our Awesome MAD DASH and Fall Festival.  I can’t wait!  I hope everyone is bidding on the silent auction items.  They are pretty amazing.  All you have to do is text 24-700 with the message MVES17.  You will have to put your credit card number in to see the items but don’t worry, there is no charge for looking.

Thank you!

Day 42

Here are a few questions you can ask your child about school today:

What is a fact family?  This week in math we are learning about the commutative property.  Of course that is not what we are calling it but it is the same concept, we are learning about Fact Families.  This is really tricky for some students.  I encourage you to discuss this at home with your child.

What is a Creepy Carrot? This week reading the story Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds.  I love this story because it seem spooky, but really it is super creative.  Ask your child about the Creepy Carrots showing up at school!


Who is your Reading Pal? Did you know that we meet once a week with a fifth grade class and read books together?  That’s right.  Both groups of students really enjoy the special time spent reading.

What are landforms? This week we are studying landforms.  We are learning about mountains, valleys, plateaus, plains, deserts, and coast.


Just a few reminders:

  2. We have not gotten our Mad Dash t-shirts yet so we will not have matching shirts for the field trip. If you could please send your child on the field trip in a red shirt that would be awesome.  Do not go out and buy something special, I just like when we are all in the same color for the field trip.
  3. Next week we have early dismissal on Thursday!

Thanks everyone!


Day 35

We had a very great day today!

Here are a few questions you can ask your child about school today:

  1. What is word problem magic?  We are learning how to answer word problems this week.  One important strategy to help students solve word problems is to use the WORD PROBLEM MAGIC!  This means:
    1. Read the problem
    2. Circle the important numbers.
    3. Underline the question.
    4. Draw a quick picture.
    5. Write a number sentence.
    6. Answer the question.
  2. What does problem/solution mean? This week we are learning that most stories have a problem and solution.  We are reading Martha Speaks this week and you should ask your child what the problem and solution are in this story.  And of course if you want to help your child with their own personal reading, encourage them to find the problem/solution in their own reading at home.
  3. How is writing going? Learning how to be an author is hard work.  We are learning how to make our characters come alive in our small moment stories.  We do this by showing what they are thinking or feeling.  This is difficult for first graders.  I can really notice the friends that talk out their stories at home.  Please spend time talking about great small moment stories with your child so they feel successful during our writing time in class.
  4. Did you like being back on schedule today? Yay, testing is over and we are back to our normal schedule.

Just a few reminders:

  1. This week I am beginning to change book bags for students.  If your child gets a book bag that is too hard, just jot me a quick note and I will exchange the books.
  2. Parent conferences will be the week of Oct. 16th. That entire week we will have early dismissal.   The sign up genius link will be posted on my blog on Monday, Oct. 2nd at 7:30am.  You will just need to check the blog for the link!

Thanks everyone!

Sneak Peek at our Week

This coming week we will be doing the following activities.  I can’t wait.

Math:  This week we will work on word problems.  This is a little tricky for first graders.  We will use Word Problem Magic!  I’ll tell you more about this later in the week.

Writing:  We are working on finishing our stories where we have unfrozen our characters.

Reading:  This week we will focus on Problem and Solutions in a story.  Our best friend book this week is Martha Speaks.

Phonics: We will learn how to apply the s blend words at the end of our words.

Social Studies:  We will begin learning all about Benjamin Franklin.  Be prepared to hear a LOT of new learning about our American inventor, Ben Franklin.

Things to remember:

  • Field trip permission slips are due on Friday.
  • Thursday we have library.  There a few students who have late books.  Send them back!

Day 31

We had a very busy day today!

Here are a few questions you can ask your child about school today:

  1. What is place value?  This week and last week we have been working with place value.  This is a very hard concept for most children.  It would be very helpful if you talk with your child about place value.  We have been working with numbers from 0-19.  But feel free to extend your child’s thinking if you think they are ready.
  2. What is the setting? This week we are learning about story elements-setting.  This is where the story takes place.  We are reading the book The Art Lesson and the setting takes place at home and at school.
  3. How is writing going? Today we learned to bring our stories alive by having our characters move and/or talk.  Ask your child how they are trying to unfreeze their characters.
  4. Are you reading for the spelling test? This week has been a short one, but we are still having a spelling test tomorrow.

Just a few reminders:

  1. IOWA testing is still going on and will carry over into next week.  No visitors are allowed in the building until testing is over.  Also, we will have a few more days of the alternate schedule.
  2. Everyone has been given a bag of books. Please make sure those books go home each night and return every day!
  3. Parent conferences will be the week of Oct. 16th. That entire week we will have early dismissal.
  4. Also, we will have parents sign up for conferences using signup genius. The link for sign-ups will go up soon.  Be on the look-out for an email and link in the blog.

Thanks everyone!

Day 29

Hip Hip Hooray, we finished the CogAT today!  Yay!  The students did a great and I am so glad it is OVER!

In your child’s take home folder you should find next week’s homework, along with the spelling words.  Today we took our first spelling test and they did an amazing job!

You will also find a permission slip to our first field trip!  We are going to Big Springs Farm.  We can only take 4 parent volunteers with us.  If you would like to go on the trip, just fill out on the form and when I get all the forms back, I will draw names to see what will come with us.

Finally, next week we will still be on an alternate schedule due to the IOWA testing in grades 3 and 5.  That means no visitors in the building.

Have a wonderful week, create a few small moments so we can write about them next week.