Your child is bringing home their supply list for our national park project this Friday.  I will make sure if your child is bringing in Lincoln Logs or Legos, they will be returned to you!!  Please make sure they are labeled.  If your child has something crazy on the list, just let me know or feel free to make a reasonable substitution.


Thank you!

PS:  The report cards went home today!  Remember to sign and return the envelope!

We go to the book fair and library tomorrow!

Creating a National Park

On Friday, students will go to the library and create their very own national park.  We’ve been studying about parks and what most parks have and need.  Students are in small groups and will create their park with their team.  Students will need supplies to create this project.  This is completely driven by the students.  Today, students were to create a list of items needed to build their park.  Tomorrow, students will bring home their list of materials they think their team needs to build the park.  Please, do not feel like you need to purchase things.  Please gather these materials from items you have at home.  I do have access to the STEM closet as well, if we need additional items.  Look for your child’s list of materials to come home tomorrow.  If you any questions, please just shoot me an email.  Finally, we need these items on Friday!


Thank you!

That Leprechaun

Oh my goodness, we were in high spirits today.  We were so excited to see if we could meet a leprechaun.  In room 511 we were not trying to catch a leprechaun for his gold but we wanted to make friends with him instead.  Many students wrote notes to him in their journals and we all had a special cup we turned into a leprechaun hat to give to him.  While we were at lunch the leprechaun came into our classroom and magically shrunk all of our hats!  It was pretty amazing.  Unfortunately, we did not get to meet the leprechaun.

If you just happen to be out and about this weekend and stumble upon any of the following we could use these in our classroom:


treasure box items

big bag of Skittles


Have a delightful weekend!

A Message from our School Nurse

Please email Nurse Karetha at [email protected] and let her know if your student has been diagnosed with the flu by a health care provider this year.

Remember – the best way to stay well is to wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch your face.  Stay home if you’re not feeling well.  Germs are not something we want to share at Mountain View!  See the school website for more info on the flu and how to prevent it.  Check out these important short videos!