Thank you and a little more!

Thank you so much for an amazing birthday and holiday celebration.  I am so very blessed to have such an amazing class this year.  Thank you for your continued support and your very generous gifts!

Also, there is HOMEWORK this week.  It will be due on Tuesday.  Each student is going to write a letter to a different classmate.  I told the students they are welcome to write additional letters to whomever they would like but they have to write the letter to their assigned friend.  If you finish this project early, please feel free to send it in on Monday.

Finally, I am declaring Wednesday, HOT CHOCOLATE and PJ DAY!  We will learn how to make Polar Express (the best every) Hot Chocolate.  We will spend the half day reading books, drinking hot chocolate, and write about how to make hot chocolate!


Enjoy your weekend!

Day 84

Hip Hip Hooray it is Wednesday!

Here are a few things you can talk with your child at home about school:

  1.  What are rods and units?  Rod represent tens and units represent ones.  This week we are reviewing place value to 99.  Today students were so amazing.  They built numbers using the rods and units.
  2. What are you writing for your final information story?  We have many different topics going on in this classroom.  Some students are writing about animals, some about their families and some are writing about foods.  They are doing a really good job.  Today students shared their ideas with their writing partner and I heard really great conversations.  Like, “make sure you label your pictures” “I think you should tell me more”.  WOW!
  3. What book are you reading this week?  This week and next week we are reading Junie B. First Grader, Jingle Bells.  They are LOVING reading along with me.  I am putting the book under the document camera.  We’ve only read chapters 1 and 2.  You could ask them what they problem so far in the story is (Junie and May just do not get a long).
  4. What is the phonics skill for this week?  This week we are learning about the ch and sh digraphs.

Things to know:

*Tomorrow is library!

*We will have our book exchange on Monday!  Thank you for donating books!  If you haven’t please do so asap!

*Friday is our Holiday Party!

December Book Exchange

Dear families,

To help us celebrate the holidays in class, we will be doing a class book exchange!  You will receive this same form in your child’s folder tomorrow but I wanted to let you know on the blog, as well. 🙂 Each child should bring in one wrapped paperback book by Tuesday, December 12th.

Book Guidelines:

  • The book should be NEW, paperback, and around $3.00.  Please do not send in hardback books.
  • Please be sure the book is suitable for a boy or a girl. (non- gender specific)
  • Please help your child wrap the book with wrapping paper.  No gift bags please- half the fun is the unwrapping part.
  • Please have your child write who it is from on a gift tag. (for example: To: my friend From: Emmaleigh Pickle)
  • Each child will receive a new book to keep.  You may want to remind your child that the book they bring in will not be the book they take home (so they don’t get too attached to it).
  • If you are unable to make a purchase, please let me know.  I have a few extra books to share.

Thanks so much and Season’s Greetings!


Hip Hip Hooray, it’s Friday!

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to let you know there are A LOT of papers going home today.  If you see a packet of papers stapled together, this is unfinished work.  I went through the student’s blue folder and stapled papers that need to finished together and sent it home.  No rush on doing it, I just would like for it to be completed and returned.

The magnet pictures are a fundraiser for PTA, if you do not want to purchase them, just return them.

Have an awesome weekend!

Day 76

Happy Wednesday!!

Here are a few questions you can ask your child about what is going on in school:

What new schema have you put into your snow box?  I know, that sounds weird.  But schema is what we know about a topic.  This week we are learning all about snow.  So we have a pretend box in our brains that we add new information to when we read about snow.  We’ve learned so many new things this week about snow.  Hopefully your child can tell you about a few things we’ve added to our schema box.

How is your informational writing going?  Well, this week we are trying to be authors and we are all writing about first grade.  It would be helpful if you asked your child about what they are writing about (reading, writing, math, specials, daily five, having fun etc).  We are learning to really TEACH someone about each heading.  Sometimes, kids will put, ‘Math is so fun.  We play games’  This is good, but we are not really learning about what we do during math.  If you could help guide them to think through each chapter this would be very helpful!!

What is a missing addend?  They should all be able to answer this questions.  This week are learning how to solve problems with a missing number.  Like 12 + ____=14.  They are doing really good.  The tricky part is two-fold.  First, they have to show how they solve it.  Second is they have to tell what strategy they use to solve this problem.  Being able to explain their thinking makes math more rigorous, but also, it makes our brains hurt!  But they are doing AMAZING!

Other things to know:

Tomorrow we have library check out, return any books you might have!

If possible I am in need of: copy paper, dum dum lollipops, treasure box items, and a large bag of plain M&Ms.  🙂

This Week in Room 511

This week we have a LOT of things going on!

Math: This week we will continue to work on understanding the meaning of the equal sign.  I know it seems so simple, but really it isn’t.  Students should be able to understand equations such as:

12=12, 6+6=12, 12=7+5, 7+5=6+6.  This is hard.  We will continue to work on it!

Reading: We are also continuing our learning of nonfiction text features.  We will learn all about the turkey too!

Phonics: Don’t you just LOVE these spelling words?  They are the open vowel words.  I think they were so happy to see the list!

Science: We are learning more about magnets.  Today they got to race magnetic cars around their tables.

Writing:  Ask your child how writing is going.  They are doing a pretty fantastic job.  Keep those topics part of your weekly discussions.  It is so helpful!

Things to know:

  1. Tomorrow I will send home the pre-purchased lunch tickets for Thursday’s lunch.  This is going to be a PACKED crowd!  Please bring your tickets with you on Thursday.  If you are just having lunch with us but not purchasing a lunch, we can’t wait!  There will be a first grade sing-a-long.  We can’t wait to share with you what we are learning in music!
  2. The book fair is going on!  We actually went to the book fair today.  If you would like your child to purchase a book just send the money in by Friday.
  3. Thursday is Foundation Club Night.  The Foundation is hosting club night so you can sign up early for clubs in the spring.  It should be a fun time.  Look in your child’s folder tomorrow for a yellow paper all about it!
  4. Our canned food drive is so much fun!  We currently have 52 canned foods.  We realize time is running out and we might not make it to 120 but that is okay!  We are having fun counting anyway!  Thank you if you have donated to this much needed community service and this super fun counting project.
  5. Don’t forget to turn in the Compassion Hearts!

Also, just in case I forget to tell you!  Thank you for sending such great kids to school everyday!  They are great kids and great thinkers.  We aren’t always perfect but we are learning everyday!  Thank you for sharing your children with me for a little part of the day!


Check out room 511!

This week:

Math:  This week we will learn the meaning of equal sign.  I know this sounds pretty simple.  But students will need to determine if equations are true or false.  We will begin with simple problems but move to more complex problems during the week.

Reading: This week we will learn about nonfiction books and what they all have in common.  We will learn about text features.  This should be fun!

Writing:  Students are doing a good job with their All About books but they are beginning to run out of things they feel they know a lot about.  One cool thing you could do at home is allow your child to explore pebbleGo.  This is available through the Cobb Digital Library.  I believe there have been a few changes to log onto Cobb Digital Library.  If you cannot log on please let me know.

Phonics:  We will continue to learn about the Lazy E, with the long i.

Science:  We begin learning about magnets and how they work.

Things to Know:

No school on Tuesday!

Thanksgiving luncheon: If you are planning on eating with us at the thanksgiving lunch you will need to pre-purchase a lunch ticket.  You cannot just charge your child’s account.  If you have misplaced the form, see a few weeks back and I posted the form on the blog.  Money is due on Nov. 8th.  Our luncheon date is November 16th at 10:12!

We have library on Thursday!!

Check out these fun pictures from this last week!


Day 59

Happy Monday!  Can you believe we are at the end of October?  Oh my goodness.  It feels like we just started school.  I am so happy with the way we are learning and working together every day.  Here are a few things going on this week in room 511:

Math:  This week we are learning to add numbers to 20.  They are already pretty great and using different strategies to solve these larger equations.  This week we will review, number lines, and counting up to solve problems.

Phonics:  This week we are working on CVCe- long o words.  This means all the words have the lazy e at the end.  Ask your child about the lazy e.  Our spelling words this week are:

smoke, stole, home, rope, hope, stove, back, too

Reading: This week our best friend book is Crankenstein.  I love this book because the students are so surprised that they Crankenstein is really a boy who is very cranky.  We are going to work on asking questions as we read.  This is something new we have not done before.  All good readers ask questions throughout the reading process.  I encourage you do model this at home with your own story time.  You can ask questions like:

Before reading:  I wonder what this book will be about?  I wonder what will happen in this story?

During reading:  I wonder if the ___ will happen next?  I wonder if _____ will ___?

After reading:   I wonder if there are other books about this topic?  I wonder what the author’s purpose is for writing this book?

Writing:  We are really working on our teaching books.  These are books we know a lot about something to teach other people about that subject too.  If your child has a great non-fiction book about a topic and they would like to bring it to school to put into their book box that would be amazing.  Please talk with your child about topics they can write about here at school.

Social Studies:  We are continuing our study of Thomas Jefferson.  He is a pretty amazing figure in our American history.

Things to know:

10/31- Tomorrow is PJ day.  I also told students they are allowed to bring a SMALL stuffed animal.  It’s Halloween!  We have to have a little excitement!!

Library check out day is on Thursday!!  Please return the library books on Thursday!

11/08- Remember all Thanksgiving lunches must be paid for in advance!

Thank you!

Day 57

Crazy hair day was so CRAZY!  Tomorrow is PJ day.  Please make sure you child comes to school with regular shoes.  We will still have walking day and music.  So dress appropriately.  No stuffed animals, no slippers please!

Today for recess the temperature was pretty chilly.  I love, LOVE, love going outside.  So unless it is officially too cold to go outside, or it is raining, I am going to take my class outside.  Please make sure your child has a coat and/or jacket everyday.  Fresh air is AMAZING and sometimes we just need time to run around.  It is also helpful if you write your child’s name inside their jacket so if they take them off outside, they get back to their owner.  We do not have an official Lost and Found just yet so looking for lost material is tricky.

Finally, guess what?  We got our CogAT scores in today!  This year they are sending the scores home with each child.  Look for those score to go home on Friday.

Thanks a MILLION!