Our Next Field Trip

Please see your child’s take home papers about our next field trip to the Georgia Aquarium.  The notice is just about parent volunteers.  The actual permission slip for the field trip will go home the Monday after break.  Look it over and send it back as soon as possible!




PS:  Tomorrow is wear Green Day!

Field Trip

Everything you need to know about our field trip on Friday


  1. Friday is going to be chilly and possibly wet.  Please send your child with a warm jacket and shoes that can be worn outside.   Hats and gloves might be a good idea!
  2. If you are packing a lunch for your child, please pack it in materials we can throw away. This just makes it easier not to have to keep up with a lunch box and all the materials that go inside.  At the farm, they try to reduce the amount of waist.  So all left overs will go to the pigs!
  3. We will have snack before we leave for the trip. Please send in a good snack (not in the lunch bag) with your child so he or she can eat before we leave.
  4. At the farm, we will go on a tractor ride, pet chickens, donkeys, and all sorts of farm animals.
  5. Help us by reminding your child to be on their best behavior.  We use good manners at school but even better manners on the farm.
  6. We should be back to school at about 1:20.
  7. Please have your child wear their Be Nice class shirt. (maybe with long sleeves under the shirt)

We are also planning our next field trip!  Details coming soon!!

Rabbit Rule

I want to clarify the Rabbit Rule just a little.  The video, which is good that I shared this morning is helpful, but I want you to know that the Rabbit rule really isn’t just about the double consonant in the middle of the word.  The Rabbit rule is great to help kids decode bigger words.  It also helps them spell bigger words too.  So here is what we do.


Let’s say the word is tennis.  We first find the vowels, e then i.  We mark the vowels with a V for vowel.  I told them to build a bridge between the two vowels and label the letters inside the word.  so it would be VCCV.  When we see two cc together, we know this is where we divide the syllables.  Then we have ten/nis.  We then know how to sound out the words accordingly.  We know that it is now a CVC word and we can put it together to make tennis!

Whew, I know it is a lot of work.  BUT, if you are having trouble with the word, this is ONE way that can help you.   Plus, it can help you  break up syllables to spell words.

There you have it!

Welcome Back

I hope you had a wonderful winter break.  I know I enjoyed every minute of it.  I spent the first half in Houston at a soccer tournament then we drove to San Antonio to visit my dad.  It was just about the perfect week!  Luckily we missed all the rain.

I am excited to get back to school !  I just wanted to take a minute to remind you, if you haven’t already, please send in your child’s permission slip for our upcoming field trip to The Art Barn.  Many parents have requested to attend the field trip with us, but we can only have 3 parents come along.  I will draw names this week and let you know who gets picked to join us.

Additionally, I wanted to talk a little about phonics.  Our last week of school we studied the soft c and soft g sounds.  This was very tricky for the students so we are going to continue to practice this skill.  This week we will learn the rabbit and reptile rules.  This is a great skill, especially helping students read.  So I wanted to help you understand the rules too.  Here is a quick video on the rabbit rule:







Happy Tuesday!

This week are learning so many new things.  The kids are surprising me everyday with all the amazing things they are learning.  Here are a few questions you can ask your child about their day:

  1.  How do you add with multiple groups of ten?  Or you can ask what is 80+40?  They will know.  You can also ask what 74+30!  Students have really grasped that they simply add by counting up by tens.   And even if they know it already, it is good to ask them anyway because it is always good practice.
  2. What is a narrator?  We are learning about who is telling the story.  We have learned that sometimes characters talk in the story (we did tell them that was first person but it isn’t super important they know that) and sometimes the narrator tells the story.  This is a tricky concept for children.  As you read together at night, try to point out when the narrator is telling the story.  That will help us here at school.
  3. Who is Theodore Roosevelt?  We are learning all about Roosevelt and his amazing contribution to America.  We’ve learned that he loved the outdoors and he thought is was very important to preserve land to keep nature safe from development.  Theodore Roosevelt started the first National Parks.  Next week students will have an opportunity to work in groups to create their own National Park.  On Monday, I sent home a list of materials that we could use to help us with this project.  We could use anything!


Next week we will also celebrate the 120th day of school!  We usually do this by having a 120 day snack.  Please look for snack donations coming soon!

Tomorrow, you will find a permission slip for our first field trip!  Please look over this paperwork carefully and return it promptly!

Finally, our class is in need of DumDum Lollipops!


Thank you!


Day 103

Hi Families!

Today we earned our last letter for our compliment board and that means we get a reward!  The students picked to have a share day.  So on Friday, students can bring one item to share with the class.  It needs to fit in their backpack.  But it should be fun!

Also, hopefully, your student came home talking about Lewis and Clark with you.  Tomorrow we are going on a fun expectation of our own.  We are going to the Learning Commons to pretend we are going on the same journey as Lewis and Clark.  But don’t worry, it won’t take us 2 and a half years to get home!

Day 99

This week we are learning to compare numbers.  The students are actually doing a pretty fantastic job on this skill.  One thing we do need to work on, is that we are able to read the number sentence with these new symbols.  We know that the alligator always eats the biggest number but we should know how to read the sentence with that new symbol.  For example:

84>22 is 84 is greater than 22.


34<35 is 34 is less than 35.

If you could help your child at home with this simple skill they will be all the better off!

Also, I wanted to remind you that students can bring a 100th day snack if you would like.  We actually get to add the 100’s place to our place value chart.  We don’t make a super big deal about 100 but on the 120th day we do have a celebration!

Finally, the Kindergarten team wanted us to let you know about kindergarten orientation:

K orientation flyer 19-20-1g56ke7