Boosterthon Rewards!

Hey awesome families!  This week we have the BOOSTERTHON!  I just wanted to update you on a few things.

  1. Tonight is the Monday challenge: We are getting closer to our goal of $25,000. Right now, we have raised $18,895 for Mountain View! Thank you for all your support! Tonight’s challenge is if your student gets a pledge of ANY amount tonight, they get to wear their pajamas to school tomorrow (Tuesday)!  Yay!  So if your child gets a pledge then they can wear their PJ’s tomorrow!
  2. We earned a NO HOMEWORK DAY!  Yay again!  So in their homework packet, I told them they could pick one page and put an x on it for their free homework day.
  3. We’ve also earned CRAZY SOCK DAY!  So let’s combine crazy socks and PJs.  This way, if your child does not get a pledge, they can still wear CRAZY SOCKS!  Super fun!

Thank you for supporting our school.




Hi Families!

Tomorrow we begin our CogAT testing.  Please see the first grade blog post all about the CogAT test.  Our daily schedule will be different due to testing.  We will have specials from 9:45 to 10:25 and lunch from 10:39 to 11:09.  We do not let visitors in the building while the test is being taken.

Also, as you saw on Friday, homework has started.  I know it is a little easy in the beginning but it is a great way to practice things we have previously learned.  I will send home homework each Friday and it is to be returned the following Friday.  Students should keep a log of their reading on the front page.  I don’t really need to know exact titles, but if you want to have them tally how many books or chapters they read, then you initial that would be great.   If your child attends ASP, feel free to send in the homework for them to work on at ASP as they have a designated homework time.

Thanks and get a good nights rest!


Just a few things:

Hi Everyone!  Just a few things!

  1.  Tomorrow is stuffed animal day!  Yay.  We earned a reward for filling up our compliment board.  Please make sure the stuffed animal they choose fits in their backpack.  Also it would be nice if the stuffed animal was a quiet animal… and does not make any noises.
  2. Some students are bringing home a progress report.  Please do not be overall concerned.  We will work on reading and making growth in our reading.
  3. Everyone should have a bag of books that they are taking home today!  See previous blog post on what to do with these books.

Happy Monday

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday.

I just wanted to let you know that the bag of books are beginning to come home this week.  The bag of books are ‘just right’ books that your child should be able to read on their own.  They may need help the first time reading them, but other than that… they can do it.  I trade out these books every couple of weeks.  BUT the books need to go home everyday and come back to school everyday.  Beginning next week your child will receive homework.  Part of their nightly homework is to read to themselves for about 20 minutes.  Of course they can read what ever they’d like but these books are on their reading level.  I suggest having your child pick a quiet spot in the house and set a timer.  They might not be able to read for a full 20 minutes at first.  This should not be getting up, no talking, no playing… just reading time.  When the timer goes off and they read the WHOLE time… celebrate that.  This is what we are trying to do in the classroom too!

Happy Wednesday

Hi Families!

Ok, we are finally getting into the swing of things.  I love looking at my class and seeing their happy faces and finally getting a chance to know them as learners.  I’ve been working on listening to a few friends read to me as well as work on ordering numbers.

Here are  a few questions you can ask tonight about school and what we are learning and doing:

  1. What number comes BEFORE 87?  We are working on understanding prepositions in context with counting.  Ask questions that are about before and after certain numbers between 1 and 120.
  2. What is a small moment story?  We are learning that a small moment story is a story told in small, bit by bit, pieces.  The VERY best thing you can do to help your child with writing, is to talk about things at home.  When your child brushes their teeth tonight, turn it into a small moment story!  (make sure it isn’t a how to book!)
  3. What book are you reading when you read to self?  For Daily 5, I have introduced 4 of the 5 stations that we work on.  It is important that when they read to themselves that they read the WHOLE TIME.  This is VERY HARD for some students.

Let me also add, that when you ask these questions, your child will be BLOWN away that you know what is going on at school.


Week 1

Well, we had a good first week.  We have spent this week learning how we move and how we handle our day.  We are working on staying in one spot, building our learning stamina, and using good manners when others are talking.

I wanted to thank you so much for the AMAZING scrapbook pages.  I love them all.  We have not shared them all yet.  If your child has not turned in his/her’s yet, please do so as soon as possible.

Don’t forget about the heart map project and that it is also due on Monday.


Have a wonderful weekend and make lots of great memories so we can write about them.

Scrapbook Page

Don’t forget your child’s first at home project is due this Wednesday.  It’s the scrapbook page.  Here is what should be on your child’s page:

Put YOUR NAME at the TOP of the page



Use comments or captions describing your pictures or stickers (handwritten or typed)

Please make sure there are NO 3D objects- all decorations should be flat.

Please decorate your page in portrait and not landscape.  (tall like a building not flat like a train!)

All pages should be completed and returned to school no later than Wednesday, Aug. 8th.

If you have misplaced your paper, just use a regular 8.5 x 11 paper.

Here is my page: