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In class we have begun an author study about Robert Munsch!!! Check out the link below to see his website. My personal favorite is the Books tab. He tells you how the book came out, the inspiration behind it, and tells the story in his own words/retelling. It is awesome. You can even use this as part of your reading log for out million minutes challenge.  That’s a win-win!!!!



Are you faster then Mrs. Carpenter?

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This week in math we are starting to work on the many ways we can use to become faster at adding and subtracting.  Strategies to add and subtract have in the past been pictures or number lines. Students often like to use their fingers as well. Why these are good to use when you are not sure, our end goal is for children to become quick and fluent manipulating and understanding numbers. That is why this year we have introduced fact families, make 10 and add on and doubles.  Below is a link to some songs we have been singing as well as a great site to practice and challenge your child to fact fluency. One game called break apart we worked on today. Students were told if they can beat more score they will be rewarded by me!!!  If you have any questions let me know and happy adding!!!

Greg Tang Math: Try them all but break apart—addition—make 10 easy is what we have been working on in class and is part of the beat Mrs. C challenge.

Make 10 song:

Doubles Song: https:

Read, Read, Read!!!!

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Please remember that Smyrna does the million minute challenge. We challenge all of our students to read, read, read and then log those minutes.  Reading logs are in their take home folder right by the homework calendar. After they read or you read together write it down so we can give you credit. There are awards for different levels of minutes read for individual students as well as class rewards. Lets do this Team Carpenter!!!



Welcome to First Grade!!!!

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Welcome to Mrs. Carpenter’s blog. Throughout the year  I will update the blog with things happening in our room, announcements, sights and activities you/your child can do at home.  There are resources like our class schedule, homework calendar, sight words and  more.

If you ever need to contact me feel free to email me at [email protected]

Looking forward to a great year!!!