Mr. Harbert – MATH – Can you translate algebraic expressions?

Today’s lesson will have four parts.  Please follow directions carefully.

OPENING: Free Rice – follow the link – answer questions until you fill one bowl of rice (100 grains).

WORK SESSION: Be sure your name is on your COMPETITION Sheet. Carefully follow the directions in steps 1-4 below to play ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS MILLIONAIRE! Follow this link to play:

           1. Set the play to ONE player

           2. Select your avitar (don’t spend too long on this!)

           3. Click the first question at the bottom of the pyramid.  Write the question and your answer on the  COMPETITION Sheet provided.  (Work carefully and accurately!)

           4. Record your score in the space provided on your COMPETITION Sheet

ASSESSMENT:  Now that you have practiced… it is time to SHOW YOUR STUFF!  This assignment is both an assessment AND a competition! 

For this assessment you must create and translate three algebraic expressions of your own.  See the example below for help. Follow the link to complete your quiz.

            EXAMPLE:      Create a scenario that could be solved by an algebraic equation.   4 less than 5 times a number   

            Translate the algebraic equation your created in #1        5R – 4  

For this competition we will put all the BEST MOST COMPLICATED AND INTERESTING correctly composed and translated algebraic expression into a drawing for a prize!

COOL DOWN:  If you have time remaining in class, go to IXL, log in, and begin…

Volunteers Needed

Floyd Families,

WE NEED YOU! The Floyd Library Media Center is off to a great start. Floyd’s library is the heart of the school and abuzz with daily activity. Students are researching, learning new technology tools, and READING.

Can you volunteer once a week? Can you volunteer once a month? Even if it’s just three times during the year for a couple of hours, you’ll make an enormous contribution to our school, your school.

The ability to read – and perhaps of equal importance the love of reading – is arguably the most critical facility for which our students will depend for their future academic success, economic independence, and even personal happiness.                                                                                       Today’s Readers=Tomorrow’s Leaders, READ ON!  -PJChaney