Rotation 17 1/22 – 1/29

Welcome back after all of the snow days!!


STEM night is March 1st!! If you or someone you know would like to volunteer or present – please let me know! We are still in need of silver duct tape, masking tape and butcher paper. Thank you for all of the battery donations!!

What are we exploring this rotation:

K: What things stay in the sky all of the time, for a little while or not at all? Students will be designing and testing things that can float.

1st: STEM challenge (3 rotations) – making 3 different instruments and performing as a band

2nd: We are studying different constellations and making a constellation to keep

3rd: STEM challenge (2-3 rotations) – Designing and building an animal that can survive in more than one environment. (camouflage)

4th: STEM challenge (2-3 rotations) – Designing and building a roller coaster

5th: Static Electricity Stations – What causes static electricity?


Thank you!!

Thank you for all the batteries – we no longer need anymore battery donations! Thank you, Thank you!!! We still need masking tape(10 rolls), duct tape (2 rolls of silver), metal brads(a few boxes), empty tissue boxes (regular size), and a roll of butcher paper if anyone is interested!

Have a great 3 day weekend!!

STEM Rotation # 16 1/8 – 1/16

I hope you all had an amazing break! I’m so happy to see all of the students back in 2018!! Thank you for the sweet and precious gifts!!!

Remember science fair projects are due January 19th!! Also – we are in need of judges – if you or someone you know would be interested – please contact me! You can volunteer for as little as 15 minutes!

Donations needed in STEM for some awesome challenges: metal brads (several boxes), size C and/or D batteries (LOTS – needed for flashlights), a roll of white butcher paper, and masking tape (several rolls)

What’s coming up:

K: We are beginning a unit on gravity. We’ll be doing several explorations with this

1st: We are beginning a unit on sound. We’ll be rotating in several stations.

2nd: We are beginning a unit on space. We’ll start with studying stars

3rd: We will look at kudzu and begin a STEM challenge

4th: We’ll begin a STEM challenge involving roller coasters.

5th: Because of my surgery and field trips, 5th missed one of my favorite mixtures lessons  – so we are going to do a fun activity about mixtures!

STEM Rotation #14

Thank you so much for all of the recycled supplies!! I’ve been designing many engineering challenges for the students with the supplies. I’m still in need of several rolls of masking tape! This is a short rotation because I was out for an unexpected surgery and the snow day. All grade levels will be working on multiple engineering challenge stations.

STEM Rotation #13

Do not forget that the Science Fair form is due December 11th. If you need a form, they are located outside my door in the plastic wall hanger.

K: we will be completing our STEM challenge-building a race car.

1st: STEM challenge- building a car that will move without touching it

2nd: multiple activities exploring pushes and pulls

3rd: We are researching swamp plants of GA and creating a quiz for the classroom.

4th: Simple machine stations- wheel and axle, pulley and screw

5th: working on magnification with microscopes

STEM Rotation #12 11/14 – 11-28

I hope you have an awesome week off next week! Here’s what’s going on in STEM this rotation!!

K: STEM challenge – designing and building a race car

1st: Testing the magnetic field of magnets through various materials

2nd: Playing shuffleboard using just the right amount of force

3rd: Learning the regions of GA using the coding ozobots and studying animals and habitats of the mountain and Piedmont regions. We will also be discussing “unwanted” animals in our area …. for me it’s the armadillo!!

4th: Lever stations… including the students lifting me using only 1 or 2 fingers!

5th: Working with the digital scales- learning that an object is the sum of its parts

*** We are in need of masking /duct tape and size AA batteries***