Rotation #9 STEM

I loved seeing all of the hard work put into Hispanic Heritage Day. I know the students had a wonderful time!!

This rotation in STEM:

K: We will begin our studies on force and motion using Bee Bots. This is a type of “coding” robot. The students absolutely love working with them!

1st: We will have our first coding lesson on the Ipads.

2nd: I had hoped for the students to make their glue in this rotation, however there is not enough time as Day 1 saw today. So we will pause our STEM challenge to do some coding and begin again in next rotation.

3rd: STEM challenge: How to make a paper bridge that can hold weight?

4th: We will look at our ice cube trays and then study the water cycle by playing a game.

5th: We will make a movie about earthquakes and/or volcanoes.


STEM Rotation #8

Here’s what’s going on in STEM this rotation!

K: We are performing a puppet show with the puppets they made last rotation. They will then work on making homes for their puppets.

1st: STEM challenge – “Making a Rain Gauge”

2nd: STEM challenge continued – “How can we make glue?”

3rd: Fossil Fortune Telling Game

4th: STEM challenge continued – “Finishing our ice cube trays”

5th: STEM challenge – “Making Lava Lamps” and discussing density

STEM Rotation #7 9/21-10/5

I’m trying something new to see if you can view some pictures of your awesome children…. All of the pictures I’ve uploaded so far are in Google Photos – so I’m having to slowly transfer them to a different site. In the meantime – I created a Google Slideshow. If you click on the link below it should take you there. If this works (feel free to let me know), then I will continue to add photos this way while I’m working on transferring my data.

It’s hard to believe it’s already Fall Break!! I hope you each have a safe week. I’m going to spend time camping with my family down in Disney World!

Here’s what’s one the agenda for STEM this rotation:

K: Second phase of their STEM challenge: building their animal puppets!

1st: Working with pipettes and graduated cylinders like a scientist!

2nd: Beginning a STEM challenge: “Stuck like Glue”

3rd: Fossil Stations

4th: Finish their Ice Cube Tray STEM challenge

5th: Engineering stations

Slideshow of pictures

  • Working with zoobs the first week of school
  • Working with zoobs the first week of school

STEM supplies needed updated 9/14/17

Dear Teasley Families,

I have many STEM challenges planned in the upcoming weeks. In order to conduct these challenges I’m in need of some supplies that you may have in your household. Below is a list by grade level of supplies we need. In addition – if you have any loose legos you’d like to donate -we can definitely use them! Please let me know if you have any questions!


  • dowel rods (NO SKEWERS- 12 inch flat end/not pointy, wooden)
  • Wooden Dowels/Metal Coat Hangers
  • Clean/new panty hose
  • Netting or other loosely woven fabric
  • Wax paper
  • Vaporizer/Humidifier (we can return when we are done or you can donate an old one found at Goodwill)
  • Sand – 1 bag
  • Sponges, Duct Tape
  • Zip-top bags
  • Garbage bags
  • small plastic bins ($1 ones) need about 6-10 of these

Rotation #6 STEM

Hello Families! Welcome back. I hope everyone stayed safe during the tropical storm. I have an updated supply list – please click the link to see the updates. Thank you for all of the supplies!

Rotation 6:

K: We are beginning our first STEM challenge – making animal puppets. This week we will be thinking, planning and designing our puppets and next rotation we will build them!

1st: We are on the “building/improving” phase of our STEM challenge: How can we build a waterproof shelter?

2nd: The students were not able to finish their stop motion videos on solids, liquids and gases last rotation – therefore they are getting an extra week to complete this challenge!

3rd: Week of coding EXCEPT for days 5&6 who will complete their STEM challenge of building a rock excavator.

4th: We are on the building phase of our STEM challenge: How can we build an ice cube tray that will not leak?

5th: Week of coding EXCEPT for days 5&6 who will complete their STEM challenge of building a tower that can withstand an earthquake.

STEM Rotation #5

Thank you so much parents for sending in supplies! I truly appreciate your support!! We’ve began several of our STEM challenges and I have even more lined up! I’ll post a new list here. 

This rotation:

K: Studying how baby animals are similar and different than their parents.

1st: Beginning a STEM challenge: How can we build a waterproof shelter for our beanie babies?

2nd: Making a movie about solids, liquids and gases

3rd: Finish STEM challenge: How can we build a rock excavator?

4th: Beginning a STEM challenge: How can we build an ice cube tray?

5th: Finish STEM challenge: How can we make a tower that can withstand an earthquake?

Here are some pictures of 4th grade coding with Ozobots!

Here are some pictures of Kindergarten moving like an animal!