Here’s what we’re learning this week:

Math: more arrays and then review of addition and subtraction with 3 digit numbers

Spelling/Phonics: Greek root words

spelling words: biography, geography, biology, geology, telegraph, television, democracy, telescope, automatic, thermos, photon, telegraph, thermometer, pathology


This is our LAST week of spelling (I can hear all the cheers!!)

sight words: idea, start, watch

Writing:  letters to our friends for our memory books!

Science: economics

4/29 – 5/3

Here’s what we’re learning this week:

Math: repeated addition, equal groups and arrays

Spelling/Phonics: -ion and -tion endings

spelling words: rejection, suggestion, direction, decoration, celebration, hesitation, competition, addition, definition, appreciation, investigation

sight words: does, family, while

bonus words: (for Target and those that want a challenge): same words as above plus these three: exhibition, collision, companion

Writing: letter writing to classmates for end of year books

Science: continuation of life cycles


About NEXT year…..

As the 2019-2020 school year approaches – there are a few things you can do to make both you and your child’s transition a smooth one.

FIRST – be sure to read over the sheet that will come home today (4/15). Return the sheet and supporting documents by the deadline (4/23).

LAST – if you feel strongly about a certain set of personality traits you want your child to have, see Ms. Mansfield’s letter below.  Remember to NOT specifically ask for a teacher and DO NOT include a teacher name in your letter!

Teasley Elementary

April 13, 2019

Dear Teasley Families:
We are quickly approaching the end of this school year and it has been FANTASTIC!! Thank
you so much for all of the support you have given this year! We have made great progress
towards our candidacy for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program and had our
first official visit by the IB Organization. We received great feedback on our progress and we
have outlined our action plan moving forward. We hope you have heard quite a bit about what
your children have learned over the course of the year and have seen them engaged in the
learning process. Our teachers have worked hard this year on what it is like to teach through
inquiry and hopefully you are seeing your children become more and more curious and
researching things that are interesting to them.
We are in full planning mode for 2019-20. One of the most important processes in preparing for
a successful year is student placement. Providing each child with excellent instruction in an
engaging, inviting, and safe atmosphere is critical. Careful attention is given to each individual
child during the placement process. Our goal is to create well-balanced heterogeneous
classrooms, giving much thoughtfulness to student strengths and needs in regards to academic
proficiency, social competency, emotional maturity, behavioral dynamics, and learning
styles. While our highly qualified teachers subscribe to consistent standards, their delivery
methods are unique. We work to match each student with the teacher who will best meet their
Because our teachers know their students well, and know where they will be successful as they
progress through school, they will have extensive input on class placement. If there is
information of which we are unaware that you would like for us to consider, you may submit a
letter or e-mail to me by Friday, May 10th. Letters should be submitted in a sealed envelope, or
e-mailed to me at leslie.mansfield@cobbk12.org. Requests for specific teachers should not be
made and will not be considered. Those letters and emails will be returned to be revised. A
description of your child’s learning style and needs, an unusual family situation, or a special
learning environment is all that will be needed. Every child will be thoughtfully placed
regardless of whether or not a letter is received. Individual conferences with administration are
not necessary.
Your child’s success is our goal, and we are grateful to be partnering with you!!


Leslie C. Mansfield, Principal



Here’s what we’re learning this week:

Math: review of 2 step word problems, even and odd numbers

Spelling/Phonics: words with the prefix -dis

spelling words disorder, disagree, distrust, dishonest, disgrace, disappear, disobey, disown, disposed

sight words being, plant, well, until, family

bonus words (for Target and those that want a challenge): disappear, disqualified, disembark, disappoint, disadvantage, disorderly, disproportion, dissimilar, dissatisfaction, distasteful

Writing: review of opinion, narrative and informational writing

Social Studies: shadows and beginning of life cycles


Here’s what we’re learning this week:

Math:  partitioning circles and rectangles, naming parts of a whole (fractions)

Spelling/Phonics: Words with the prefix -re

spelling words: repaint, repay, regroup, renew, return, recheck, revenge, remove, refocus

sight words: again, earth, food, important, something

bonus words (for Target and those that want a challenge): revenge, reconstruction, rebellion, realignment, remodification, requalify, recycle, reinstate, reimagine, resettle

Writing: review of narrative, informative and opinion writing

Science: how are shadows formed/caused, what causes seasons


Here’s what we’re learning this week:

Math: Geometry!  2D, 3D shapes and fractions

Spelling/Phonics: adding the prefix -un to make new words

spelling words unfair, unhappy, unload, unfold, unafraid, unlikely

sight wordsfeet, mother, own, really, saw, stop, try, uneasy

bonus words (for Target and those that want a challenge):  unlikely, unauthorized, unbearable, unusable, unceasing, unashamed, unacceptable, uneasy, unveil, unsavory

Writing:  using all our information from each genre to create multiple writings

Science: Where we are in place and time – the sun, moon, stars



Here’s what we’re learning this week:

Math: We begin our unit on Geometry

Spelling/Phonics: words with -ly endings

spelling words: closely, friendly, directly, gloomily, happily, angrily, quietly, safely, luckily

sight words: change, every, off, saw, side, start

bonus words (for Target and those that want/need a challenge): lately, fluidly, rigidly, utterly, quietly, certainly, precisely, preferably, intently, absolutely

Writing:  continuation of opinion with on demand opinion writing

Science: our most important star, the sun; shadows

PTA is Thursday 3/14, 6:15

On Thursday evening, beginning at 6:15, we have a PTA meeting followed by a guest speaker, Susan Norris, founder of Rescuing Hope.  She will be speaking about the dangers of human trafficking and talking about ways that we can protect our children, be aware, and be wise!!

Please join us for a night of education and empowerment immediately following our General PTA
Meeting. Susan Norris, Founder and Director of Rescuing Hope, Inc. will enlighten us as parents and
teachers on the growing epidemic of sex trafficking and how we can keep our kids safe in this digital world.
For many people, the reality of trafficking in their community is difficult to comprehend, let alone
confront. You may be thinking, “My children are only in elementary school, it’s too early to worry about all of these things.” But, it’s never too early to learn about how to keep our children safe as they navigate technology, social media and online gaming. Early education and intervention can be the key to protecting our kids and community.
Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, we are asking that this be an ADULTS ONLY event. If you should need to bring your child(ren), we will be showing a movie (with chaperones) in the library for the duration of the meeting.

PTA Meeting + Elections: 6:15-6:45 | Susan Norris with Rescuing Hope Inc: 6:45-7:30

Ballot for 2019-2020 Teasley PTA Executive Board:
President – Sarah Keller (Incumbent)
VP of Partners and Fundraising – Kate Hutto (Incumbent)
VP of Volunteers – Latoya Palmer-Addy (Incumbent)
VP of Communications – Allison Reeves
Treasurer – Erin Freeman
Secretary – Andrea Labouchere (Incumbent)