Conference Sign Ups and Six Flags

I have just sent out an email with the link for conference week signups to everyone who has multiple students at East Side.  If you did not get an email, but should have please let me know.  I will be sending out the link to the remaining 4 people on Friday, since I am not at school on Thursday.


Also, Six Flags will donate some money to Relay for Life if you use the information below when purchasing tickets.


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Week of September 17th

Your child should be bringing home a second part to the Fire Safety Village permission slip.  This one is actually from the Fire Safety Village.  They state some of the specific activities we will be doing while there.  In order for your child to fully participate at the Fire Safety Village, please be sure to return this white sheet by the end of the week.

We will begin parent-teacher conference sign ups this week.  We will be using the website SignUpGenius again this year.  Parents who have multiple children at East Side will get to begin signing up tomorrow, so they can try to coordinate conference times.  The sign up page will be opened to everyone else on Thursday.  Almost everyone in our class has a sibling at East Side, so please be sure to sign up quickly.  Keep in mind if you need travel time between your children’s conferences as well.  You may not want to be back-to-back, if the conferences are on different floors.  This will help keep everyone on schedule.  Please look for an email from me when the sign up page is ready.

On Tuesday, we will have a STEM activity taking up most of our day.  We will use what we learned about properties of matter to create a pillow.

On Thursday, there will be a sub.  We will also have a classroom visit from either a police officer or firefighter to prep for our field trip to the Fire Safety Village.  After this visit, another sheet will come home for your family to discuss fire safety.  Please talk and fill out this form.  Then return it before our field trip on October 4th.

What are we learning about this week?

Reading:  We are wrapping up our retelling/beginning, middle, and end unit.  We will also discuss the different sounds some vowel teams can make.

Math:  We are continuing to work on counting coins this week.

Science/Social Studies: We are finishing up our unit on matter with our STEM activity on Tuesday.  Next we will move on to learning about rules and laws.

Writing: We are working on ways to improve our writing and get more words on paper.

Phonics:  The rule of the week is about magic e.  The final e is silent in a vowel-consonant-e (VCe) syllable. The silent e at the end of the word or syllable makes the vowel before it long, or makes the vowel say its name.  (bake, theme, wipe, bone, flute, cute – the long u can make 2 different sounds)

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Class Shirts

Our class shirts are coming home today!  Please check your child’s backpack for their shirt when they get home today.

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Heads up…

Well, it looks like we do now have a case of lice in our class.  Please be sure to remind your child not to share things that touch their hair/head.  It is also good preventative measure for girls to wear their hair up.  Keep an eye out for extra itchy heads, so we can knock this out real quick.

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Week of September 10th

We had our first High Touch High Tech science lesson today.  We will have another one in October.  I know we had a few students out today.  I have made arrangements for those students to join another class first thing tomorrow morning that will be having the lesson, so they don’t miss out on the fun!

There is a yellow permission slip coming home today for our Fire Safety Village field trip.  This field trip is provided by the county, so there is no charge.  I do need you to be sure to fill out ALL of the information at the top of the form and sign the bottom.  This field trip is done in 2 parts.  On Thursday next week, a firefighter or police officer will come to the school to talk to our class for about 20 minutes in preparation for the actual field trip.  October 4th will be when we actually go to the Fire Safety Village for our field trip.  This 1 permission slip covers both parts of the field trip.  Please return this form by Friday.

I will be out of the classroom on Tuesday for a meeting all day. Our class will have an Adventures in Art lesson that day. Please be sure to send in any notes for transportation changes, so the sub is aware.

On Wednesday, we will head to the Media Center for a lesson about using a coding program called Scratch Jr.  This is an app that we can use on the iPads.  If your child has any books to return to the Media Center, please be sure they bring them to school on Wednesday, so we can return and check out books if we have time

Part of the homework this week is a study guide about matter.  I am not planning on giving this test until Monday or Tuesday of next week, so feel free to continue reviewing it over the weekend.

What are we learning about? 

Reading: We are talking about the beginning, middle, and end of stories.  We will work on retelling stories.

Math: We will get started with money this week.  We will be working on identifying and counting coins.  This is a good skill to be practicing at home as well!

Science:  We are continuing with matter.  We will discuss more about how matter can change and how objects are put together.  Objects can sometimes be taken apart and rebuilt into something new using the same building pieces.  We will work on comparing and contrasting those two different objects.

Writing:  We will be reviewing proper nouns a little bit this week.  We are also getting back into our regular writing time, since we’ve had a break while talking about grammar.

Phonics:  We are learning the FLOSS rule this week.  At the end of a one syllable word, after one short vowel, double the final consonants: – f, l, s, and z.  (stuff, full, pass, buzz)


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Week of Sept. 4th

I hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend!

Since it is a new month, I have sent home the September homework writing calendar, spelling choices, and the challenge board.  These are all on blue paper this month.  The August calendars can be recycled.

We have also started our sight word spelling homework.  On Fridays, we give a pretest of 3 sight words to determine the spelling list (suns or stars) your child will use for the week.  Your child could stay on the same list all the time, or they could be alternating between the two lists throughout the year.  To practice these words at home you can use the speller’s choice sheet or the S.O.S. spelling strategy.  They should be ready to be tested on these words by the end of the week.  Pay attention to the list that is highlighted each week.

I have sent home the RAZ Kids (Kids A-Z) login information today.  It should be taped to the folder inside your child’s SUN binder.  Feel free to remove it from the folder and keep it in a safe place at home.  I just wanted to be sure it made it home and didn’t fall out. 🙂 This is a website that your child can work on reading “just right” books for them.  There are also comprehension questions to go along with the books.

Friday is going to be Team Spirit Day!  Your child can wear their favorite team’s shirt!

If I was missing a Performing Arts permission slip for your child, I sent a new copy home today.  Please be sure to check the appropriate boxes and sign the form.  This is for our field trip to the ballet later in the year.

What are we learning about this week?

Reading: We are focusing on the characters in our books this week.  We are paying attention to how their emotions can change throughout a story.

Math:  We are working on word problems again this week.  The class has been doing quite well with these 3 different types of word problems, so I’m planning to assess them by the end of the week.

Science:  We are focusing on the physical properties of matter.  You should see a hand coming home today that helped us learn about some words to describe the texture of matter.  We will hopefully get to talk a little bit about how matter changes this week too.

Writing: This week we are continuing with grammar.  We are learning about irregular plural nouns.  Most nouns just need an -s or -es added to the end to make them plural.  Some words do not follow that rule though!  Some words stay the same (deer).  Some words change the vowels (goose-geese).  Most words that end with -f change the -f to -v and add -es (shelf-shelves).  Some words change almost completely (mouse-mice).  These can be tricky to remember, but we talk about making sure the word looks right and sounds right when we use it.

Phonics: We are learning about the “k’ rule this week.  Use ck to spell /k/ at the end of a 1 syllable word, immediately following 1 short vowel (stack, clock, deck, sick).  Use k to spell /k/ at the end of a word following a consonant, a long vowel sound, or two vowels (tusk, bake, spook).

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Week of August 27th

Permission Slips:

We have had a couple of permission slips come home over the last few days.  Last week we sent home a permission slip for Performing Arts.  This is for our field trip to the ballet later in the year.  Please be sure to sign and return this form, so your child can attend the ballet with us.  Today, you will see another permission.  This is for our High Touch High Tech in-house field trip.  This is actually for 2 of these in-house field trips.  We are combining the cost to make just one payment.  We have one in September and one in October.

Please be sure to sign and return the permission slips.  Leave the permission slips out of the envelopes.  If you are returning an envelope with payment, please be sure it is labeled with your child’s name, my name, and tell what it’s for.

Early Release:

We will be dismissing early on Wednesday this week.  Please be sure to send in a note, if your child is going home a different way for the early release.  We will also have changes to our schedule:

Specials: 10-10:30

Lunch: 11:06-11:36


We will be having a STEM Day on Friday.  The whole school will be doing STEM activities this day!  An important part of our STEM activities is learning how to work with a group.

What are we learning about this week?

Reading:  We are learning about the structure of stories this week.  We will talk about the problem, solution, setting, and characters.

Math:  We are working on word problems this week.  This quarter we are learning how to solve result unknown, change unknown, and comparing problems.

Science:  We will begin our unit on matter this week.  We will also discuss a little about force, since this is what our STEM activity is about.

Writing:  We will be working with collective nouns this week.  These are special nouns that refer to a group of something.  (team of soccer players, litter of kittens, herd of cows)

Phonics: This week we will review blends.  Blends can be at the beginning or end of words. (sp, st, sk, sm, tr, dr, gr, fr, bl…)

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Week of August 20th

Picture day is on Wednesday.  Everyone will be taking a picture whether you purchase them or not.  These pictures will be used for the yearbook.  If you are planning to purchase your child’s pictures, please be sure to return the picture order form by Wednesday.  (If your child did not bring home a form and you want to buy pictures, please let me know.  I found one on the floor that someone dropped.)

Here is the link to our class Shutterfly site:

Please be sure to update your contact information on this site.  This is a great resource for finding phone numbers and email addresses to make playdates and send birthday invitations.

After School Enrichment/BEST Clubs are beginning this week.  If your child is attending one of these after school activities, please be sure to send in a note, so I know to send them there and not their normal way home.  You may send me just one note stating that your child should attend this event every week on this day.  This will become your child’s regular way home that day.  You must send me a note if/when that changes though – like the enrichment is cancelled, it’s over for the session, or your child is not attending that day for some reason.

Part of the homework this week will be to study for our social studies test on the regions at the end of the week.  There will be 3 Social Studies Weekly papers that should come home today.  These will be good resources to study.  There will also be some notes that come home on Tuesday or Wednesday that will be good to study.  Your child will need to know the location of all 5 regions on a map, the location of the Chattahoochee, Flint, and Savannah river on a map, and some information about each region like the landforms that are found there.

Wellstar visited for our lesson about nutrition today.  They gave us a little work book to go along with what they taught us today. 

What are we learning about this week?

Reading: We are working on asking and answering questions while we are reading.  

Math: We will be learning some strategies to help us learn our addition and subtraction facts to 10.  

Social Studies: We will continue learning about the regions and rivers of Georgia this week.  

Writing: We will be working on improving our personal narratives by adding more details, using transition words, and trying to show what happened instead of just telling what happened.

Spelling: We are learning about open and closed syllables.  Open syllables end with a vowel and make the long vowel sound.  Closed syllables end with a consonant and make a short vowel sound.

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Wellstar Permission Slip

Your child should be bringing home a permission slip for Wellstar.  This is an in-house field trip.  That means the people come to us to teach the lesson in our classroom.  This lesson will be about nutrition.  The lesson is on Monday.  We need a quick turn around on these permission slips, so your child can participate.  Please try to return the form by Friday.


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Week of August 13th

I’m a little late on our newsletter this week.  Sorry!

Our first week of homework should have come home yesterday.  We are easing our way into homework.  As a county rule, we are not allowed to take a grade for homework, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be turned it.  This is merely some extra practice for your child at home to help you see how they are doing with second grade work.  Please remind them to keep the green writing calendar sheet in their SUN binder for the whole month of August, so they don’t lose it.  A new one will be sent home in September and they can replace the August one.

We are getting more into our normal routine now, and that helps our days run a little smoother.

What are we learning about this week?

Reading: We will talk about using sticky notes to keep track of our thinking while we read a book.  We will also begin practicing asking and answering questions while reading.

Math: We are continuing with place value this week and practicing representing numbers different ways.

Social Studies: We are beginning our unit about the regions of Georgia this week.

Writing:  We are finishing talking about the 5 steps of the writing process.  Then we will talk about different ways we can start and end our personal narratives.

Spelling: We are reviewing some spelling rules from first grade.  We will review the digraph sounds and the rule for knowing when it’s a c or a k at the beginning of a word.

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