December 2nd – 6th

December….. Yes, I said it, DECEMBER! I can’t believe it either!  I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, filled with precious family time and of course lots of delicious foods!

I have had a wonderful break, and can’t wait to see those 22 sweet smiling faces on Monday morning. I have just a few announcements for next week:

  •  Friday, December 6th: We will go on our field trip to see The Nutcracker play! This permission slip was sent home at the very beginning of the year, the Performing Arts form. (everyone has returned it 😉 )
    • We are asking that all students dress in nice clothes for this field trip. Since we are going to a play, please have your student wear their “Sunday Best” to look nice for this field trip. I can’t wait to see them all dressed up!
    •  We will be gone from school from 9-12, eating lunch when we return.
    •  Please send in a good, filling snack since we will be eating lunch so much later than we are used to eating.
    •  If you signed your student up for a lunch from home, that lunch does NOT have to be disposable. Their regular lunchbox is fine. 🙂
  • Our extra snack bin is running very low! These are snacks for those kids that forget their snack at home, or accidentally grab something they don’t care for and would like to trade. If you have some individual snacks laying around the house, we would definitely appreciate them!
  • Speaking of snacks, those students that go to FACT clubs after school get super hungry before heading out to their club (which is the main reason our extra snack bin is empty!). If your student attends a FACT cub after school, please send them to school with an extra snack for the afternoon! 🙂


Reader’s Workshop: We are enjoying reading nonfiction, and next week we will learn to, “Talk the Talk”, recognizing the lingo the author uses, and learning the vocabulary of the professionals.

Writer’s Workshop: We will be finishing up our nonfiction books, adding in supporting details to our main ideas, as well as nonfiction text features. We will also learn about reflexive pronouns.

Math: We will review the addition and subtraction strategies, and learn to measure objects to the nearest 1/2 inch.

OG: Rule: add -s, -es, and -ing to the end of a word. TRICK WORDS: been, slow, winter, summer

Have a wonderful week!!


Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful class and their amazing families! I hope you are enjoying this day with as much family as possible, and are eating some delicious treats! I am so thankful for each and every one of you, and feel privileged to be a part of your lives. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!


Mrs. Eipper 💗


Week of November 18 – 22

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We have one week left until Thanksgiving Break, and we have a busy week ahead!

  • STEM Day is on Friday, the 22nd. If you have any empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls, we would greatly appreciate the donation!
  •  Target students will go to Target this Wednesday from 8-12. This *should* be the last session until reconvening in January.
  •  Please let me know (if you haven’t already!) if your student will be out or leaving early on Friday! I really appreciate it!


Math: We will continue learning addition and subtraction strategies this week. These strategies include: OG Math Blocks, number line, and expanded form. Ask your student which strategy he or she enjoys the most! We will have an addition and subtraction test (students can use any strategy they like) on Thursday.

Reader’s Workshop: We will discuss main idea and supporting details at length this week. We will meet with our reading groups, and focus on nonfiction passages.

Writer’s Workshop: We will continue to work hard on our nonfiction books this week! We will be adding glossaries, nonfiction text features, and editing/revising our favorite piece.

OG: The rule for this week is am, an, and all.  Trick words are: family, often, high, few

Grammar: We will review contractions, and learn about possessive nouns this week!

Unit Day: We will continue our study on Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, and James Oglethorpe on Monday!

Have a wonderful week, and like always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


Week of November 11th – 15th

I hope you all had the most amazing weekend! Can you believe we only have two weeks of school left before Thanksgiving Break?!

This week is sure to be a fun week! We are starting it off with our much anticipated Veteran’s Day Breakfast performance on Monday morning! The kids are going to do great singing in front of a crowd of over 100 people. I will record the performance to send out to you since this breakfast is limited to only veterans and their families.

On Friday, as part of the 5th Grade Acts of Kindness Week, students can bring in a $1 (or more) donation and wear their PJs to school!

Academics this week:

Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop this week, we will be discussing rhyme and rhythm authors use in books and why they use it. We will continue to read nonfiction in our reading groups as well, discussing nonfiction text features.

Writer’s Workshop: The students will continue to create their own nonfiction books this week, taking special care to signify the main idea of each chapter.

OG: The rule of the week is -old, olt, ost, -ild, and -ind. Trick words are: under, little, their, begin

Math: We will begin to learn strategies for solving two digit addition and subtraction this week, with sums up to 100.

Unit Day: During Unit Day (Monday), we will wrap up our study on Creek and Cherokee, and begin to learn about Georgia Heroes Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, and James Oglethorpe.

Have a wonderful week!


Veteran’s Day Performance – Please Arrive by 7:30!

Tomorrow morning we will be celebrating Veterans in our community and thanking them for their selfless service to our country. Second Graders will be the entertainment for the breakfast, singing three patriotic songs to the group of over 100 veterans and their families. We will have to head down to the cafeteria around 7:40 to get set in place, so please have your student to school by 7:30 tomorrow! I appreciate your help! I can’t wait to see them shine!


Week of November 4th – 8th

Whew! We made it through Halloween Week! Next week will be just as much fun with Native American Day on Monday and no school on Tuesday! Here are a few reminders:

  •  Native American Day is Monday, November 4th:
    • Please have your student wear their class t-shirt under their Native American Day shirt they decorated in class. Also, please have them wear their wompum belt on top of their shirt.
    •  If you signed up for a sack lunch, your student will actually be getting a hot school lunch instead. They will go through the lunch line and purchase a lunch like normal, and then eat it in the classroom as it will be a different time than our normal time.
    •  If you indicated that your student will bring a lunch from home, it does NOT have to be 100% disposable.
    •  Please send in a snack for your student, just like normal.
    •  Thank you to those that have volunteered to come in and help or send in snacks!
  •  No School on Tuesday, November 5th for students!
  •  Friday is Breakfast with Dad if you purchased a ticket. See PTA website for more details!


  •  Reading: We will continue our reader’s workshop on nonfiction texts, discovering the main idea and supporting details!
  •  Writing: We will continue to construct our nonfiction books, and take some time out to write letters to the soldiers.
  •  OG: We are going to spend just a little more time on magic e when paired with c and g. 🙂
  •  Math: 2 Step word problems will be the focus, with an assessment on Friday.

Have a great weekend! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!


Week of October 28th – November 1st

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! The weather was perfect yesterday!

We have an exciting week planned this week.

  •  Wednesday is our second Walton Family Night! No homework on this night.
  • Thursday is Halloween. The kids cannot wear costumes to school. (That way they won’t mess them up! ) We will do all kinds of fun Halloween activities, and also bead our Native American Day shirts!
  • Friday is PJ Day! The kids will all be sleepy from trick-or-treating all night, so what better day to have a Pajama Day! Please have students wear sneakers, though, as we will still go outside for recess.
  •  Friday we will also get a very much anticipated visit from Sequoya himself!
  • Monday, November 4th is Native American Day! Thank you to those that have volunteered to come in or send in snacks. Please look out for an email from me today with specifics for the volunteers.

Academics This Week:

Reader’s Workshop: We will continue our study on nonfiction books! Please continue to have your student read at least 20 minutes per night.

Writer’s Workshop: We will begin to construct our nonfiction books this week!

OG: The rule this week is: soft c and g with magic e- whenever magic e follows a c or g, it says it’s soft sound. (examples: cage, face).

Trick Words: House, school, also, ready

Math: We will learn how to solve 2-step word problems this week. 🙂

Unit Day: On Unit Day, we will learn all about the Cherokee Tribe and Sequoya!


Have a wonderful week!


Patron Drive – Only 7 Days Left!!!!

Wow!!! Our class is AMAZING!!! As of today, 77% of our class has joined the Foundation! That is incredible!! The Foundation provides so much: OG Math training, laptop carts, The Voyage, the turf field (came in very handy today!), STEM teachers, STEM Day, FACT Clubs, Kagan training, Seesaw, and so much more! The Foundation is one of the main driving forces that make our school the best of the best, and all they provide is only possible because of families like you. Thank you to all the families that have made a pledge or donated!!

We only need ONE more family to make a pledge or join the Foundation before Halloween to have 80% in which we get a Yogli Mogli party and have a chance to name the Mt. Bethel street sign!

7 More Days!!!! We can do it!!!

Click here to pledge or donate.


Have a great weekend!!


Week of October 21-25

Thank you all so much for coming in for conferences this week! I truly enjoyed meeting with you all and discussing how amazing your students are.

Next week, we will thankfully return to our normal schedule. FACT Clubs will return to their normal schedule as well.


  •  The STEM Fair is on Tuesday! Come any time from 5:30-7 to see all the wonderful projects the students have created this year!
  •  The Foundation Patron Drive is beginning to wrap up, so please be sure to visit their website to make your pledge! https://www.mbesf.org/

  •  I have added a page on the blog with a link to a website that is great for finding books on your student’s individual level. Please visit https://hub.lexile.com/find-a-book/search for book ideas that are appropriate for your reader!
  •  I will also send home a list of all the OG rules and trick words we have learned this school year to help in practicing spelling words at home.


Academics This Week:

Reader’s Workshop: We have begun reading nonfiction texts this nine weeks! Please be sure your student reads for at least 20 minutes at home. Raz-Kids and MobyMax both have great reading activities!

Writer’s Workshop: This week we will hit the road running with our nonfiction writing! The students will be creating at least 3 nonfiction books per week! At home, it would help to brainstorm things they are already an expert on that they can write about in class.

Math Workshop: We will learn to tell time to the nearest 5 minute  this week with many fun lessons. As a challenge, students will be pushed to tell time to the nearest minute, and also calculate elapsed time.

OG Rule: Karate Chop Rule: 2 syllable words, the words are chopped between the consonants, ends in magic e. Examples: online, tadpole, mistake, expire  Trick words: Mr. , Mrs. , does, goes

Unit: We will begin our unit on Native Americans, learning all about the Creek tribe on Monday!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Have a great weekend!