Parent-Teacher Conferences and Looking Ahead

Parent-Teacher Conferences were a huge success.  I thoroughly enjoyed interacting and communicating with every single one of our parents in regards to the educational and personal success of the students.  A quick reminder that we will be going back to our regular daily schedules this week, and as a result, we will have daily homework in our best efforts to ensure the reinforcement of reading, writing, math and spelling.  I look forward to the remaining weeks of the Fall Semester of 2017-2018.

Closing of Weeks 7 and 8

Success keeps in rolling in our class.  I can honestly say I am very proud of how our young Serrato Lions are coming along.  Keep Calm and Roll On!  Parents and students, please enjoy the Fall Break Week with your family and friend and do not forget to SHARPEN THE SAW!  Continue to encourage our young people to read here and there.  Also, keep the counting and addition fact practice going.

Overview of September 13-15

I hope that all students and parents stayed safe during the inclement weather that has recently passed us.  Due to this fact, we will not be having spelling words this very short week; however, we will be emphasizing on the spelling of different words through the use of phonics skills.  Our math standards for these three weeks are adding two digit numbers within 100 using base ten model strategies as well as place value strategies.  Remember to have your child read to you for 20 minutes a day every evening since it is the practice of reading how our students grow in the subject.  We are looking forward to an amazing and spectacular “week.”

Closing of Week 6

It was a terrific week!  Our new practice (homework) launched, and I believe it was highly efficient due to the rapid progress that our students are making in math, reading, and writing.  This holds true despite only having held a 4 day school week.  The students of the month for the month of August were also announced, and they are:  Simone Carter and Jayce Grant.  Congratulations to these wonderful students for their perseverance and effort in academics and conduct!

Highlights for This Week

5PM   Title I Parent Meeting
6PM   PTA Meeting followed by our student Leader in Me Night. 
Wednesday- Early Release
12:10 Dismissal- Staff Professional Learning Day
ASP hours will be 12:30 – 6:00
Thursday- PTA Skate Night at Sparkles
ASP Enrichment Clubs will begin the week of September 11th.  Clubs will include Drama, Bricks 4 kids, Rise Up, Spanish, Science and Math Exploratory, Cheerleading, Tennis, and Music on Wheels.  Students must be enrolled in the
ASP program to participate.  Some club fees apply and will be paid directly to the club vendor.  For more information, please visit our ASP office M-F from 2:30 – 6:00.

Closing Week 4 and Opening Week 5

We had an outstanding week and a marvelous outlook when it comes to discipline, effort, and success.  Our challenges this week were not easy since we had to battle a solar eclipse, as well having the need to accommodate our schedule to fit into picture day.  Both days were a success, and academics did not fall behind at all.  Starting next week, all students will finally have their personalized daily binders, which they will carry their homework in.

Our homework’s format will change to having nightly homework in Math, Spelling, and our Reading Log has been created to record any time our children spend reading at home whether is one twenty minute session a day or multiple 5 minute sessions a day.  These will count towards our Million Minute Reading Challenge that our school holds.  I will be out of the classroom the first half of the day of Thursday, August 31, 2017 due to a professional meeting, but I will still be in the building.  The half of this day like any other day I am absent, I leave work that will benefit and strengthen our student’s needs such as handwriting, rules of grammar, basic arithmetic, and science and social studies content that is derived from the standards in our curriculum.  I look forward to working with our students this week, and remember that the following Monday, we will have no school since it is Labor Day.

Eclipse Day on Monday

Due to the solar eclipse, school will be extended by 45 minutes on Monday, August 21.  Dismissal will begin at 3 PM.  ASP hours will be 3:30 – 6:00.  Students in PK, K, 1st, and  2nd grades will view the eclipse by television in classrooms.  With parent permission, students in grades 3-4-5 will be able to view the eclipse in the back field area with participating teachers.  Protective glasses will be provided.  Teachers participating in the outside viewing of the eclipse will be sending parent permission forms in the Tuesday folder.  Teachers opting to not participate in the outdoor viewing will be showing the eclipse by television in classrooms.  Parents are welcome to check children out from school prior to 1:45 in order to view the eclipse.
If you have questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher or an administrator.