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February 10, 2020
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February 10-14

Thursday: homework: wear red– for those who did not complete yesterday’s homework, complete it for half credit.

  • today, students completed the daily writing narrative
  • reviewed first few sentences on the back page
  • worked with a partner to identify and rewrite a paragraph with modifier problems

Wednesday :     Homework: Complete this after school, not during a class.  Use your modifier packet and select your class link below

1st Period  Modifier Homework link 

2nd Period Modifier Homework Link

3rd Period Modifier Homework Link

4th Period Modifier Homework Link

5th Period Modifier Homework Link

  • today we worked with an interactive NearPod lesson on misplaced modifiers while reviewing phrases, a few comma rules, and vivid adjectives

Tuesday: Homework: Modifier packets should be complete, EXCEPT the last page

  • daily writing – narrative prompt-sharing
  • web quest chomp chomp  — first, complete the notes; you need to read and follow the directions for selecting the words on that first screen, and write in complete sentences!
  • complete the BrainPop questions


Homework:  Periods –1-4th periods- complete all TedEd questions (6-8-note the ‘s’ on sentences )and BrainPop questions (except 4 &6)

5th Period: complete 1-5 of TedEd video and BrainPop questions (except 4 &6)

Today’s agenda: modifiers Power Point  February 10

February 3, 2020
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February 3-7, 2020

Friday:February 7

No homework–

For those of you absent for the test, I hope you feel better soon. I will be doing the makeup on Wednesday the 12th at 8:10 (absent– here are some codes: 034614  607031  377586  131782–see Need More tab classwork review-parallel & nonessential comma)

  • back to daily writing – some sharing
  • we begin modifiers next week; students log-in to access all their material and Brain Pop. All students accessed the assignment to watch a modifiers video
  • students set up NoRedInk accounts for practicing various lessons that relate to individual chosen interests. See the NRI tab above and or the today’s Power Point


No homework: if you want to have your own headphones, put them in your pencil pouch.

  • Today, students typed their introduction paragraph, best body paragraph, and conclusion paragraph from their expositive essay.

Wednesday: no homework

  • Test today (absent– here are some codes: 034614  607031  377586  131782)

Wednesday at 8:15 for makeups, added practice, or questions

Homework: Test on Wednesday– see last week for the comma practice quizzes and more + some new ones here:

Quizizz log-on: As you know,  use your full/complete first name & last name and period. I appreciate those of you following the directions!

Pre-argument vocabulary & examples: and enter this code 627194

Parallel Structure practice and enter this code  170201

Ethos, Pathos, Logos: quizizz 158922

Comma quizizz- they are back! –same codes from last Friday -Codes:   862109    698086  947951  751121

Tuesday: Test tomorrow–bring a book to read in case you have time to read when you finish it.

Late homework: complete the comma booklet–4 requirements: pen, word, definition & example (half credit is better than no credit) see last Wednesday for the directions, words, definitions, and examples

  • review coordinate adjectives and essential and nonessential comma rule (see “Need More?”)
  • Choice: grade additional comma exercises–quizizz-strongly recommend the commas, especially the examples from the articles quizizz

Monday: If you did not read the blog from last Friday, I highly recommend it.Checked vocabulary mini-book for completion of 4 items

  • opening: how many comma rules do you remember?
  • practice parallel structure and the comma rules in the examples –
  • 1-4 (review quiz answers)time to work on additional practice exercises (answers in the class if finished to grade)

January 27, 2020
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Week of January 27 – 31

All study resources are here–plus, older ones on need more…

Parallel Structure: want to know more?

Comma quizizz- they are back! Codes:   862109    698086  947951  751121

All commas at grammarbytes or chomp chomp

Essential and nonessential practice at chompchomp 

Vocabulary definition quizizz: 307306

Ethos, Pathos, Logos: quizizz 158922

Denotation & connotation: and enter this code 948913

Quizlet Flashcards

Friday: Test next Wednesday, Feb. 5– commas & 10 vocab.–mini-book due Monday-the instructions are below on Wednesday.

Changed…Added comma pages from today to optional: Periods 1-4-– I just wanted you to have extra practice to help cement in the rules.  If you want to do the added practice pages,  I will have answers on Tuesday. Do NOT throw it away, the semi-colon, colon page will be for after the test.

*I was here Wednesday and Thursday at 8:10 for students who have been absent for writing days.

Thursday: January 30

Students watched a brief video to help understand parallel structure (see powerpoint) Then, students had one more day to finish the first draft of the expository outline and edit for required elements and complete a final checklist of the required elements.Remember: All writing for this essay is completed in the classroom as preparation for learning to write on demand.

When completed students could work on the mini book. See yesterday, Wednesday


Today, students folded a 10 page mini-book for the 10 vocabulary words. The rest of class was for completing the rough draft of the essay and the checklist for the paragraphs.

If you cannot figure out how to fold it, see me tomorrow. Watch the video on the slowest speed :)! Foldable minibook with 10 pages video

Check your definitions and the instructions for your 10 words mini-book Pre-argumentative Key & Minibook for Vocab. – we will go over them tomorrow after the writing time.

I will check for homework completion grade on Monday, February 3rd


Homework: Complete the vocabulary half sheet. Use the word bank to fill in the terms with the correct definitions. The handout can be found here.Bring scissors with you tomorrow to class!

Today, students had the full class to complete all body paragraphs and work on the introduction paragraph. They will have one more day in class to complete the first draft of the essay. Students come in early tomorrow morning if they have not completed all of the body paragraphs.

Monday:   There is no homework tonight–all the writing happens in class, but do feel free to think about your topic and thesis!

These first days are all about writing the explanatory essay. Today, students had the full class to complete their first 2 body paragraphs.

January 21, 2020
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Week of January 20 -24, 2020

Yes, every Wednesday for makeups, questions, added time for the writing

Comma Rules & Usage Quiz & booklet with examples- Thursday, January 23

 Above and Beyond – Cobb County Writing Fair  due  by February 4th. writing fair info    2019-2020 ENTRY FORM 

Friday: Check out today’s PowerPoint for thesis examples, class discussions, and samples January 24 with discussions points added

  • Daily writing: Friday free write or choose a prompt–some classes shared a writing–most enjoyable!
  • Periods 1-4: reviewed thesis statements requirements –reviewed some student examples-students received outline for first draft of essay–all to be completed in class with this essay
  • Period 5: thesis statements —working outline sleep naps


Thursday: January 23

No daily writing today–Comma booklets with cited examples due today, comma quiz and see below for specific classes

Periods 1-4 working outline thesis, topic sentences and main supporting ideas for upcoming essays working outline sleep naps After quiz students received working outline: complete for Friday if not finished in class

Period 5: students used the time after class to complete the evidence search from the articles

Remember: study resources for the comma quiz are on the Need More? tab) The backside of each tab of the comma booklet should have 1 cited example from the articles we read in Springboard. Many example rules with citations are available on Tuesday’s powerpoint below.

Wednesday: Continued review for the comma quiz and comma booklet cited examples. Review of thesis statement requirements for periods 1-4 COMMA RULES with examples from the text


**If the sleep article analysis questions(1st page front and back) are not complete, you should come in tomorrow–Wednesday 8:15

Review of comma rules– you know that much of the quiz will come from your graded comma exercises, and the rules from the comma booklet–perhaps the examples from the articles too.

Here is today’s powerpoint -in a pdf with all the rules and the last slides with the examples from the textbook–you need to figure out which example goes with which rule. COMMA RULES with examples from the text

Monday: Observance of Martin Luther King Day

January 13, 2020
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Week of January 13-17, 2020

***Need a bit more time or have added questions or have you been absent?

Come Wednesday mornings 8:15 (every week)

(for those students who were absent, I will have come to the cafe at 8:20 Friday morning)

****Above and Beyond Bonus Opportunity***

  1. Cobb County Writing Fair  due  to Mrs. Figueiredo by February 4th. writing fair info    2019-2020 ENTRY FORM 

Friday 1/17/2020:

As you know, Thursday, January 23 is the comma usage & rule quiz–the comma booklet  from Januaru 10, 2020 with one cited example from the text each also due (plus, it helps you learn the rules).

Great resources on the the Needs More? tab above

Of course, the link for Khan Academy from January 8 helps too.

If you were absent, go to the “Need More?” tab to correct your comma exercises with a red pen (think about which rules you go)

1-4  After daily writing time, students corrected their comma exercise packet, used a quizizz from the “Need More?” tab, or found quotes for the booklet

Period 5–After daily writing time, students corrected page 94 and either worked to finish the research articles or worked on the comma booklet.


comma rules & usage quiz Thursday, January 23—as always go to the “Need More” tab

After the daily writing time, students had the class time to finish the text oriented readings, questions, and evidence analysis in class from the article set in preparation for the upcoming essay.

Tomorrow, we will be grading the comma exercises, practicing comma usage, and having time to work on the comma booklet that will be collected on the quiz day– Thursday, January 23rd


Homework: none but think about the topic,  possible thesis statements, and possible subtopics…

Students completed daily writing and chose a favorite one from the last 7 entries. They are completing the text oriented readings, questions, and evidence analysis in class from the article set tomorrow.

Tuesday: Power Point January 14

Finished summaries of 4 articles and began text based questions.  Researching for an expositive essay takes careful reading, thinking, and analyzing.

If your student has been absent, needs a bit more time, or has some questions, I will be here tomorrow at 8:15 AM.

Homework: none–comma rules & usage quiz Thursday, January 23

Monday’s PowerPoint: January 13  comma rules & usage quiz Thursday, January 23

After students’ daily writing practice. students began the research for their expository essay topic: The role of Sleep and Naps! They read and annotated  for main ideas in the first three articles to write a brief summary for each article. We will continue with this tomorrow.

If you were absent, you packet will be in the classroom.

January 6, 2020
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Week of January 6-10, 2020 Welcome Back!

****Above and Beyond Bonus Opportunity***

  1. PTAs Honoring Our Heroes Essay Contest:   Entries due to Mrs. Figueiredo by January 17.   Find all of the requirements here HOH-student-entry-form 
  2. Cobb County Writing Fair  due  to Mrs. Figueiredo by February 4th. writing fair info    2019-2020 ENTRY FORM 

Friday:January 10

  • Review your comma rules & usage Quiz moved to Thursday, January 23, 2020

Today, students participated in daily writing and assembled a comma rules booklet.

  • on the back side of the top cover sheet: your first & last name and period
  • on the backside of each of the rules, find one example from any of the Springboard articles on pages 85-123 
  • ***** be sure to use quotes because you are copying the example and use the MLA citation


Today, students participated in Daily writing, and they continued their work with commas today in class. They worked on specific grade level practice exercises, which if it was not finished in class, it should be finished at home. Please see above for the assignment



  • Homework: review the 8 comma rules from today

Today, students completed Daily writing and began reviewing with 8 basic comma rules practice and corrections. (5th period- if you did not finish checking yours, here is  8-Comma-Rules-Key

Check out Khan Academy for commas too


  • Homework: finish the introduction and conclusion paragraph for the model expository outline paragraph

Day two of our new schedule! Today, students received prompts to choose from for DAILY writing, participated in daily writing, took a comma usage pretest, and worked on the introduction and conclusion paragraph for the model expository essay outline.


Journal topic: free write for 5 minutes, review the 5 paragraph essay format with a BrainPop video,questions, discussion, added notes, and make sure everyone has the paragraph outline from before the break.

If you were absent, write the following paragraph into the outline you received today.Body paragraph from December (copy it to the outline)

Only if you were absent for the final test last quarter, here is a quizizz code 901661



December 16, 2019
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Final week – December 16-10

I wish I could be with you on our last day of 2019, but I have a date with the dentist. 😊

Each of you have crossed so many milestones in these last months of 2019. I hope you take the time to enjoy your families, friends, festivities, and hopefully, a little time to rejuvenate. I look forward to beginning the new decade with all of you.

Narrative revisions and any other work will be in the grades after the New Year!  See you in 2020!

Friday: figurative language fun!

 Thursday: Journal writing and quizizz fun–

Wednesday: Today we completed the thesis statement and body paragraph 2 of an outline. A few classes have a sentence or 2 to finish for practicing–if you are absent, get the outline a copy of the paragraph to complete for you notes for January 2020

Last chance for the late homework on the Quizizz from 3 December  646458  (please use your first and last name and period)

Tuesday:My Three Big Revision (to content)  December 17

  • today student’s worked on revisions to their narratives
  • See the slide from yesterday to guide you if you are absent. You can follow the same instructions, and type the 3 revisions at the end of the newly saved version, so I can see them. Then, share it with me through Office 365-One Drive

Monday:  Monday assignment:  Monday assignment

  • Read today’s instruction page– follow the instructions–You are answering 3 questions using the correct format and one paragraph at the bottom of page 91–check for understanding. Use the instructions to guide you for the paragraph. Any extra time check out for some figurative language review.
  • The remainder of this week will be as follows:
    • time for revising, editing, housekeeping, organizing
    • outline for essay (Wednesday/Thursday)
    • quizizz review practice

December 9, 2019
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December 9-13

December 13th = test day-  –I will be here Wednesday morning at 8:10 **Sentence type packets due on Friday

Friday: No homework -tests taken and packets collected :))

If you have been absent, here is a code for you to take. It is a learning check grade, but you can retake it as many times as you like for practice and to get the grade you would like to have on it.

Learning Check  for people who have been absent. 505490  Closes Monday at 9AM

Go to the need more tab up top for answer keys to exercises–use the red pen. Remember to do the reflections for each page (front and back) on your own paper. Details from earlier in the week.

Go back and review the days you have missed when you feel better.


Thursday: test day tomorrow–You get to show what you know and turn in your graded types of sentence packets!

Remember: the opportunity for the learning check retake ends tonight at 9:30 PM.   Today — students finishing grading their packets with red pens to see corrections and played some short easy reviews on the “need more” tab.


Wednesday:  as you know, you may retake yesterdays’s learning check–you must follow the instructions, or you will not receive credit for the retakes

  • MUST use your complete first name and complete last name, and
  • your period–
  • NO added names, emojis or messages

You can take it until Thursday night at 9:15 PM as many times as you like until you have the grade you want. By the way, you should use your notes.

Learning check retakes 3rd Period: quizizz code = 257696

Learning check retakes 4th – 7th periods quizizz code = 139395

Today in class–

  • review today–be sure to go over the power point from todayDecember-11
  • Quizizz code for the past due from last Tuesday: 070773  (this is only for people who were absent or did not do last week’s homework)


Tuesday:– your information is that you can retake today’s learning check–you must follow the instructions, or you will not receive credit for the retakes

  • MUST use your complete first name and complete last name, and
  • your period–
  • NO added names, emojis or messages

You can take it until Thursday night at 9:15 PM as many times as you like until you have the grade you want. By the way, you should use your notes.

3rd Period: quizizz code = 257696

4th – 7th periods quizizz code = 139395

Today was a learning check through quizizz– if you were absent, see above. After finishing the learning check, students made sure they had finished their parts of sentence packets and played other quizizz practices from last Friday.

Monday: Homework: complete the remaining pages in the packet–be sure to label the subjects, verbs, and underline or circle the flags or signals

See last Friday for optional but helpful quizizz codes– REMEMBER, you should use your FIRST and LAST name initial and period number

  • RED PEN DAY (make any and all corrections with a red pen!)
  • Today students graded their types of sentence types that had been completed last week (1,2,3,5)
  • Students reflected on progress —
  • Students continued working on the other pages in their packets–

December 2, 2019
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December 2-6 (The final weeks of this decade!)

I will be here Wednesday morning at 8:10 if you have questions. Also, if you know that you did not answer your questions ( I will also be here the next Wednesday—December 11)

You have many resources other than just the quizizz in the current unit section of your binders.

  • Expository notes from power point -3 parts of the essay, 5 types of hooks, 2 types of clinchers
  • nonfiction text features flashcards or page 87 (4 of them)
  • notes from 11/18 -5 types of persuasive techniques used by advertisers or page 98
  • format of the body paragraph –differences between constructed response and body paragraph(backside of the 11/18 notes)
  • 3 part thesis statements–handout
  • answer questions formally– see “Facts about Marketing …” and notes for “Marketing to Kids…”
  • sentence type notes and all practices (Monday, 12/8 is the red pen day, when you will grade your work to see how you are doing and ask questions on specific ones)

Test next Friday as you all know on Friday, the 13th–codes for quizizz will be posted tonight to begin reviewing–be sure to work on the paper/packet exercises–they will really help you once you grade them next week. As you know, log-on with your first name, initial of last name or full last name and your period!

Friday Night:  052725            040973        128885            759826

Sunday: compliments of Mrs. Walworth –3rd period 708343 and 4th -7th periods 541861

have you lost your types of sentences practice pages? Here is every blank page…sentencetype exercises all pages

Friday: —make sure pages 1,2,3,5 in the practices exercises are completed WITH the ‘flags’ or ‘signals’  underlined and all subjects and verbs labeled

  • journal, notes, reread “$211 Billion…” (pages 88-89)
  • December 6 information and notes

Thursday: finish pages 3 and 5 with the ‘flags’ or ‘signals’  underlined and all subjects and verbs labeled

  • journal writing
  • reviewed ‘flags’ or ‘signals’ for identifying sentence types
  • reviewed labeling/identifying subjects and verbs
  • finished pages 1-2 in class
  • all exercises must have the ‘flags’ or ‘signals’  underlined and all subjects and verbs labeled

Wednesday: for those absent or late the new code for the quizizz is 736748

Homework: page 1 of the types of sentence practice packet and for 4-7th periods the sentences from today’s practice:

page 121  total of 4 sentences: 1 compound and 1 complex sentence for the two “Practice” bullets at the bottom of the page

Plus, 5 sentences: 1 sentence for each of the 5 advertising techniques. Write either a compound or a complex sentence to explain the technique.

Example: complex: Marketers and advertisers know the bandwagon technique is effective for teens because young people want to fit in with their peers.

Tuesday: Homework: #1 Reread the notes for sentence types–remember you already know these. # 2 complete the quizizz for YOUR CLASS — you must at least pass for credit

LOG-IN first name initial of last name and 1st if 1st time to do it, 2nd if 2nd, and so on until you get a passing score–read the questions carefully

3rd period —838959                                6th period—480167

4th period–185835                                    7th period–664092

5th period–545298

  1. How do I answer a question from our textbook? how to answer a question from the book
  2. collected the “Marketing to Kids…” AFTER students put checks at the 6 items needed for each of the sentence answers
  3. What are the 6 items for every answer?
  • restate the questions using the language of the question ___ check?
  • answer the question with a general response (not specifics) ____ check?
  • use a proper lead-in, not just a transition (see example) _____ check?
  • one complete sentence piece of evidence that clearly supports your answer in ” ” ___ Check?
  • the correct parenthetical citation (“Marketing to Kids…” page #).  ____ check
  • analysis/explanation that actually provides a reason for the evidence ____ check

4. complete the notes for “Simpsons Sentence types”( not the last page) & baseline quizizz score


Homework: 1. reread the completed sentence type notes   2. finish the questions 1,2,3,4,6

  • review of answering questions–25 minutes for answering 1,2,3,4,6 (you have the answer to number one from the last Friday) –follow the format–see the notes from Friday
  • began notes for types of sentences (if you were absent, get the handout from the classroom)

November 19, 2019
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November 18-22

  • I will be at school this Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:10 for the make up of last Thursday’s quiz or if your gallery walk is mostly incomplete. otherwise come right when you get to school after you check in with your homeroom

Friday: be sure to at least review how to answer the questions on today’s PPT November 22

  • spelling bee
  • review how to answer questions from the Springboard text articles: review the requirements if you were absent
  • students worked on the questions again or continued– questions were NOT collected, and they were NOT homework. (the ones from page 120)


  1. students completed the forms on the following link from their homework and classwork-typing exactly what they had on this link  use this link & follow the directions   (if absent-complete here)

It is time to follow the directions for using the language of the question in the answer, using evidence that is correctly cited, and providing an explanation of the evidence.

  1. Students read and answer questions on separate paper pages 116- 121 (#s 1-6)
  2. Put your name on the top of the paper-period, & student #, Read the questions FIRST (1-6)
  3. Read the article –see the organization features etc. as you go and Answer the questions as you go!
  4. Use complete sentences, language of the question, and cited evidence —-you may abbreviate the title for the citation to “Marketing to Kids…”
  5. Turn your questions near end of class

Online textbook & directions: try to log-in to the Springboard online text —instructions here

Wednesday: (homework: the same as yesterday –thesis statements & 2 intro. paragraphs)

  • today was our day in the media center for Ms. Inman’s lesson on research, noodletools, and MLA format for the Works Cited

Tuesday: ( homework: complete the thesis statement writing practice and 2 practice intro. paragraphs –due Thursday as tomorrow is our day in the media center for the MLA research lesson)

  • 1 paragraph in journal (which advertising technique is most effective for teens?)
  • reviewed the body paragraph elements -similarities & differences from yesterday
  • thesis statements ninja thesis statement formula video
  • Superman thesis statement video
  • practice writing expositive thesis statements– on the backside ** use 2 different type of hooks
  • absent? get the handout in class.


  • Students wrote a 5-7 sentence paragraph in their journals
  • students completed notes on five advertising techniques on pages 98-99 in the textbook
  • review and identify body paragraph elements (absent– get the handout in class)

this week:

  • I will be at school this Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:10 for the make up of last Thursday’s quiz or if your gallery walk is mostly incomplete. otherwise come right when you get to school after you check in with your homeroom
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