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May 21, 2018
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May 21-23– Can the year already be over?

Monday– We are almost finished with Tangerine.

Tuesday– We will finish Tangerine!

Wednesday– It’s our Blue Ribbon Celebration day :)) Dickerson received the Blue Ribbon award because all of you are so fabulous!!

May 14, 2018
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Last full week of school…Thursday-8:15(test makeups and/or dialectical entries)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

  • test today
  • collected journals– you should have it all in order now with dialetical entries completed

Tuesday, May 15, 2018–Test on Part 2 tomorrow

  • Checked your questions from yesterday for the ending of Part 2
  • review questions– follow the directions–they are a choice!
  • take home your Springboard book and your binder–journals still come to school this week

Monday, May 14, 2018

  • finished reading Part 2– questions for these last 3 days of Part 2( complete sentences, but full language of the question and quotes not required)
  • Test on Wednesday for Part 2
  • bring a towel for lunch on the lawn tomorrow
  • take home your language arts binder today or tomorrow(Friday–lockers must be empty)

May 7, 2018
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May 7 – 11 Come in T, TH for reading if you need to catch up

Important information for the end of the school year from Dr. Brink

Hello Students and Parents-

Friday: Reading–By Monday be finished with Sunday, November 5

Last set of the dialectical journal entries from yesterday’s and through November 5–due Monday

Test on Part 2 Wednesday (last and final test for language arts!)

Thursday: Reading!make sure your dialectical journals

  • 1 every 5-7 pages, not 3 from within the same 5 pages
  • legible
  • using MLA citation correctly
  • 2-3 sentence response with a meaningful reflection, not just a rephrasing of the quote

IN class we read from September 20 to 1/2 way through September 23–stopped to discuss main events & ideas

Homework: Read through Wednesday, October 4(finish this date)

This means you will have about 7 dialectical journal entries

Wednesday— test day–who are the soccer players at Tangerine Middle, vocabulary

Tuesday: Test tomorrow–In class today, we reviewed the main plot events in sequential order

Be sure you review back through your journal; reread the questions, notes, and dialectical entries. Although there will be some questions from the first quiz be sure to concentrate on the  events from August 31 forward.  Read you notes from today and double check the more recent days(September 14-19) from Tangerine that we did not get through in class today.

Dress for field day– We will head out after 5th period instead of going to connections.



  • Test Wednesday– from the Prologue to page 112 or the end of September 19 in Part 2
  • complete dialectical journal entries for the pages/days that you did not complete questions
  • glue the questions(the ones due today and returned today) into your journal– I will be checking this week
  1. In class–read & listened to part 2– September 18 and most of September 19
  2. returned your questions –use the questions for studying–the answers are mostly “right there” types
  3. reviewed last week’s quiz– what types of errors did you make and will you try extra hard not to make on Wednesday’s test? (if you were absent, come in early tomorrow, so you can review your quiz from last week)

April 30, 2018
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April 30 -May 4

If you are absent, be sure to keep up with the reading. Remember you can google the book title and author and pdf


Homework: finish the questions for “September 11, later” and Tuesday, September 12″

TEST– Wednesday, May 9th –-beginning Up to Friday, September 22– Yes, we are at the new school!

  1. notes & discussion about yesterday’s readings
  2. copy of notes–did you write them down? class notes-did you write them down?
  3. finished Part 1– more notes

Thursday: (By the way, there has been a link to an audio under the resources tab since spring break if you want to listen to it as well)

  1. discussed major events from yesterday’s readings
  2. Read & pointed out highlights for September 9 and September 11(up to or almost up to September 11, later)
  3. Answer the questions for this portion (through#10 on the back)
  4. Questions to answer for today: September 9-12 questions
  5. Test next Wednesday, May 9


  1. Quiz
  2. Read September 5 – September 8 in Tangerine (individual reading time with questions to answer) —Pay attention to the parts in italics!

*****answer the questions legibly in complete sentences, using the language of the question, and fully answering the question.

Homework: Finish reading September 5 – 8 in Tangerine and answering the questions

If you were absent, here are the questions: september 5 -6 questions                 September 7-8 questions

(Yes, there are missing numbers–it’s a total of 15 questions)

No dialectical entries for this portion(September 5-8)

You don’t need a quote for every answer, but if you copy  word for word, then cite it correctly. ” words copied from text” (page number).

Tuesday:April 30 & May 1 Power Point

  1. glue your returned questions from Friday, August 19 onto the backside of the page your wrote your entries for the Prologue and that date
  2. provided vocabulary definitions
  3. discussed questions and items for quiz tomorrow -read to page 50-51 (Tuesday, September 5)

Monday: glue journal entry starters and what to choose, discussions, and reading to page 42. Keep up with the dialectical journal entries–after today 8-9 should be done.

April 25, 2018
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April 25-27


Homework: review journal nightly and Quiz next Wed. 5/2 (pages Prologue-32+), vocab.(10) & web quest info.)

Glue the vocabulary into your journal above or below today’s dialectical entries (write definitions)Tangerine Vocabulary 1

Make sure you completed the 1 dialectical entry from yesterday

Today, we read

to page 28 in 1st and 4th periods

page 30 in 2nd, 3rd, & 5th period

Everyone should write 2 dialectical entries with meaningful quotes and reactions/responses for these pages  (a total  of 6 dialectical entries since the beginning of the book)


  • Homework: review your notes and dialectical journals each night
  • read Friday, August 18 and answer questions; find simile, metaphor, and personification in Prologue
  • I graded the Web Quest during class, so if you were absent, be sure to give me yours.


I will be checking your web quest questions from yesterday tomorrow.

Today: journal, notes, began reading Tangerine and writing our dialectical journals

Intro dialectical journals instructions

April 23, 2018
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Today’s Lesson – Be extra good today! Tuesday, April 24

Today, you off on an adventure of exploration that will provide you with a greater understanding of the novel. After viewing the introductory PowerPoint, you will answer questions in your journal.

First, open this PowerPoint.  Tangerine intro

Now, it is time to answer the following questions in complete sentences using the language of the question. Skip one line in between each question. Write the answers in your journal.

You should have answers to 23 questions when you are finished; if you do not finish these questions during class, complete them for homework. You have time, so use your time wisely.

Choose the link below each question or set of questions to find your answers. If any have sound, please make the volume soft for the few that have it, thanks! Write the answers in your journal using complete sentences and the language of the question.

  1. Why would Edward Bloor have a good feel for middle school students? In other words, what experience does he have that helps him have insight into the middle school mind

Use the URL link below to answer the following questions.

2. What was the author’s inspiration for writing this novel?

3. How does the author describe his protagonist?

Use the URL link below to answer the following questions.

Enter the city/state name “Tangerine, Florida” into the blanks to see a map of Florida.

  1. Where is Tangerine, FL located? North, east, south or west? What is it near?
  1. Name six lakes close to Tangerine.

Use the URL links below to answer the following questions.

6. Describe Sunburst Tangerines.

7. Describe the tree.

8. What is the growing season for the Sunburst Tangerine?

9. How much would it cost to purchase 32 lbs. of Sunburst Tangerines? (By the way, 4 trays is the equivalent of 32 pounds.)

After you have finished watching the following link, continue on your Web Quest for knowledge. Hopefully, it works for you; if not, we will watch it in class tomorrow.

Use the URL link below to answer the following questions.

10. Which state had the highest number of lightning fatalities from 1990-2003?

11. Which state had the least?

12. If you were attending an Organized Outdoor Athletic Event, and you feel your hair standing on end and/or hear a “crackling noise,” what must be happening? (Yes, for this one you have to figure out the correct link to choose. I know you can do it if you read the choices!)\

Use the URL link below to answer the following questions.

Watch the following link; then answer the questions from the link.

13. How do sinkholes develop?

14. Where do most sinkhole damage occur?

Use the URL link below to answer the following questions.

15. What causes muck fires, according to this article?

16.What three things provided the perfect conditions for the muck fire?

17.Besides smelling really bad, what other inconveniences did this muck fire cause?

18.Why did they have to close the local interstate highway?

19. When did this muck fire occur?

Scroll down in the article or read the information below.

Article 1

    Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They are started (usually in late winter/early spring in Florida) when buried decomposing vegetation spontaneously combusts or is ignited by lightning strikes. This happens during the dry season as the vegetation begins to dry out. Because heat is not transferred well in these conditions, areas that are still moist will produce heat from the process of decomposition. The heat accumulates to the point where it can ignite dryer material adjacent to the area of decomposition.
These fires can burn for weeks, and are extremely hard to extinguish. Most of the time they don’t cause any problems, but occasionally the work their way to the surface, and can ignite material above the ground. But the majority of them just smolder under ground, and create a horrible odor that lasts for weeks.
Muck fires are underground fires under a layer of duff in marshy areas. Muck fires are started when lightning strikes the ground and starts to burn.
Article 2
Muck Fuels–Many areas of Florida include muck fuels. These fuels 
are ground fuels composed of organic material densely compacted. 
These fires can smolder and produce copious smoke for weeks 
under drought conditions. Muck fuels are often associated with dry 
lakebeds and swamp areas. They will burn down to sandy subsoil, or 
the water table. Suppression of muck fires often requires enormous 
amounts of water (from wells or piped in) often applied with large 
sprinkler systems along with plowing and disking fuels to break up 
hot spots or establish control lines down to mineral soil.
Article 3

In much of Florida, the ground beneath the top layer of soil is made up of loose, organic material, which is known as “muck.” When a fire on the surface burns down into the muck, the organic material can ignite, producing a stubborn, smelly blaze. This blaze, a muck fire, can leave embers smoldering underground long after the surface fire has been extinguished. This produces a strange and very dangerous situation. The muck fire can spread underground, burning tree roots, and making trees unstable. The trees can then fall on firefighters or other people in the area.

Containing a muck fire can be very difficult for firefighters. Falling trees and destabilized ground can make it nearly impossible to bring firefighting equipment into a forested area where a muck fire is burning. Also, in order to extinguish a muck fire, the ground must be thoroughly soaked. This can require the earth to be turned over so that water can better reach burning areas of muck. January 2014

Use the URL link below to answer the following questions.

20. What is the definition for being legally blind?

21. How many people are legally blind in America?

22. What are the common causes of being legally blind?

23. Which of the topics did you find most interesting? Why?


April 23, 2018
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April 23 – 27, 2018

If extra time is needed for reading Tangerine, one  language arts teacher will be here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays for silent reading only from 8:20 to 8:45.


  • Last Friday, students watched the film for “All Summer in a Day” and completed a venn diagram and created a color drawing of one scene from the story. This will be a daily grade if you were absent. The link for the film is
  • today students wrote a letter from Margot’s POV. This was the last assignment in the packet for a quiz grade
  • students brought home pages 8-15 if they were not completed, and they are due on Wednesday
  • anticipation guide for Tangerine (complete and glue into journal)

April 13, 2018
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April 16 -30 Testing Week Reminders

Students will be with their homerooms all day

(** I recommend my homeroom bring a sweater/light jacket as you know it can be chilly sometimes)

Students go to their lockers before school and after school. Leave smart devices at home for testing.

Homeroom teachers will have the daily work for all the subject areas, so the only items students need are a pen, pencil, and colored pencils. (My homeroom can keep their colored pencils under their desks all week)

To all students:

Remember you need the correct journal for after the testing week, and we will be reading Tangerine by Edward Bloor in case you want to buy your own copy; it is not mandatory as I will have a class set.


April 9, 2018
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April 9-13 Milestone Testing Next Week! NO T,Th with testing

Friday: Students

  • Wrote a journal prompt–see PowerPoint(2 slides)
  • practiced some question types

Thursday: Students

  • wrote a one paragraph journal:  When you finished rereading your argumentative essay yesterday, what did you think about it?
  • used a graphic organizer to write a one paragraph short constructed response for an informational passage
  • grammar packet –few practice questions

Wednesday:  Students

  • reread argument essay written before  spring break
  • discussed the format of an argument essay (perhaps may have one on the Milestones)
  • completed a self-assessment for own essay
  • worked on grammar packet when done

Tuesday:  we reviewed yesterday’s practice: the prompt, what to do, examples, and created a new original today. April 10 FOR BLOG

Monday–remember you will only have 1 locker break–get organized and let’s be a part of the solution during these testing weeks.

Today was about preparing for narrative passages and constructed written responses on your upcoming Milestones.

  • Journal:  What do you think about when you see a fiction passage?
    • Put on that “fiction hat” and think of all you already know from years of reading fiction
    • steps to take with a reading passage: read questions, check the type of questions(multiple choice, multiple response, and constructed response-short or extended), read answer, plan -write
    • practice fiction passage

March 28, 2018
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Wednesday, March 28–Online tutorial for GA Milestone testing


Everyone was sent home with the revised rough draft and your almost completed typed final drafts on your flash drives.

Remember:  You are only typing whatever you have left. Simply type your revisions. This is not the time to rewrite or revise the essay! Please print it at home, or come to the lab to print in the morning, or go to the media center during your homeroom. Please, do not expect or ask your teachers to leave a class.

Printed final drafts and rough drafts are due when you come to your class if you did not turn it in today.

  • Since 7th graders will be testing on computers this year for the GA Milestones, 7th grade language arts took today’s class period to go through the practice test. See information below if you were absent or you would like additional practice for the online system.

Students reviewed the different tools and explored the software to ensure the experience prior to actual testing.  The site does not work with Safari. It does work with Chrome. I am not sure about other browsers. Students can watch the tutorial first, or they can go straight into the test practice option. Follow the instructions below to get into the test preparation site.

  1. Go to this website –
  2. Once there, click “Online Tools Training” below the orange option that says “Secure Practice Test.”

3.  Select “EOG Test Practice” and “Standard Online Tools.”

4.  Select “Grades 6 – 8”

5. Enter the username and password provided to sign in. Then hit “Continue.”

6. Then, finally, select “Grades 6 – 8 Test Practice” and begin!

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