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November 13, 2017
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November 13 -17

Test Wednesday – unit 1 (Use your 3 study guides & figurative language packet)

  • vocabulary-terms from Unit 1 & strategies , plot diagram, order of writing process (1-7), elements in personal narrative & myth
  • identify independent, dependent clause or phrase and apply 5 comma rules: items in a series, coordinating  adjectives, joining independent clauses w/ coordinating conj., introductory words or phrases, and introductory Dependent/subordinate clause, 1 pronoun antecedent
  • identify figurative language and identify hooks

Monday, November 13

  • 30 minutes to put finishing touches on myth and practice for presentation–rubric unit 1 EA2
  • first presenters of myth

November 5, 2017
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November 6-10 (Wednesday–Written Spelling Bee!)


  • media center lab
    • editing and final revising–printing instructions for half-page books
    • constructing books
    • reminder: it is best to create your own illustrations, so they complement 3 key plot events
    • (if you were using images from online, you printed them at home)
    • I recommend images from our Cobb Digital Library – Britannica Images Database!
  • presentations will begin Monday –be comfortable reading your engaging illustrated myth aloud


  1. final illustrated myth due 30 minutes after class starts(this allows for any last minute work. Your printing of written myth must be done already as you have today in a lab.
  2. TEST– UNIT 1– Wed., November 15 –cumulative– you have study guides in your current unit section and keepers sections


  • revising myth day–using the Cornell notes column fill in the following information after you have completed it for your myth–explained making it into a book with 2 pages folded; of course, you can print and create your own book using materials from home.
    • revise hook and write the type of hook you revised
    • revise for figurative language: write the paragraph # and type you added (1-2 simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole)
    • revise for sensory language/image (2-3) write the paragraph # and the sense your imagery appeals to in the paragraph you revised
    • write down what part of the plot you will be adding your 3 illustrations to that complement actual KEY plot events (Example: Inciting Indent illustration, Climax-illustration, and _____________)
    • remove the plot diagram elements from your myth after you have chosen your illustration location

Homework for Thursday–

  1. TEST– UNIT 1– Wed., November 15 –cumulative– you have study guides in your current unit section and keepers sections
  •       2. finish revising and read your myth aloud

Wednesday–WRITTEN SPELLING BEE day! and completed the front side of our graphic organizer with for Embedded Assessment #2 

Tuesday: a good time for you to get caught up if you needed–no school


if you were absent, you need to write your own myth(rough drafts are mostly completed today) Powerpoint from monday 11-6-29fdpxs

  • no illustrations yet… rough draft of myth created
  • type your rough draft (follow: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution)
  • use Office 365 to share with your partner if needed
  • written myth will be typed -illustrations will be added-
  • about the illustrations to accompany your myth— you can draw pictures yourself, or you can locate appropriate  images online or in magazines.
    Be sure that the illustrations capture the key parts of your myth and that they add a visual layer to your story.
    “TECHNOLOGY TIP: Be aware of using copyrighted images in ways that violate copyright law. You may download or copy an image for personal use and
    give the source of the image. You may not broadcast the image or use it in another product without obtaining permission from the owner” (Springboard)

October 30, 2017
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October 30, 2017 – November 3, 2017

Friday-homework: think about the plot for your myth-it must follow the plot diagram & Monday is the writing day!

worked with your partner or individually

  • graphic organizer completed for your myth character, setting, etc.
  • stations activity for taking notes on the Greek gods and goddesses( can finish on Monday if needed)

Thursday- November 2

  • stations activity (if absent, visit the file for copies of the powerpoints & handouts)
    • to complete Springboard origin myth questions. You should have 1,2,3,5,7,9 pages 73-74
    • corrected page 65, which some of you had not completed?
    • took notes on the backside of the pronoun antecedent handout with ways to memorize the singular and plural pronouns
    • took notes on the conflict and characterization

Wednesday, November 1

It’s all about creation myths Springboard. (Make sure you read question #10–all of you should be able to answer it–of course, some of you did in class today.)

Homework: For those of you who did not finish today’s work–

  • I read aloud page 73 — you answered # 1 in the book on page 74.  The purpose of a creation myth is to explain how something began. Another purpose is to “ask questions and give reasons why groups of people perform certain rituals and live in a particular way”(73).
  • You had different questions to answer on their own paper to tape up in the room for other students to share answers tomorrow. You either had a purple or pink paper.  See below.


  • Purple Paper: Answer the following questions in complete sentences, using the language of the question, neatly and legibly on the paper. Skip a line in between your answers. Answer all of the following questions on your paper.
  • (1)Setting a Purpose# 1(See page 74):  In “Huveane and Clay People” what one key incident helps explain the natural world? (Write out the line you put a star next to in the book when you read it.)(2)Setting a Purpose #2:  In “Mbombo” what one key incident helps explain the natural world?
  • Now answer questions 1,3,7,and 9 on pages 77-78 on your piece of paper. Tape your paper with the answers on the charts in the room.
  • Then, complete the chart on page 79 in your book. Pick 4 of the 7 items (these are your ideas—your brainstorm) and complete the bottom of page 65(many of you have it done already)


  • Pink Paper: Answer the following questions in complete sentences, using the language of the question, neatly and legibly on the paper. Skip a line in between your answers. Answer all of the following questions on your paper. (1)Setting a Purpose #3(see page 74): In “Raven and the Sources of Light” what one key incident helps explain the natural world?Now answer questions 2,5,8 ,and 9 on pages 77-78 on your piece of paper. Tape your paper with the answers on the charts in the room.(same as purple)Then, complete the chart on page 79 in your book. Pick 4 of the 7 items (these are your ideas—your brainstorm) and complete the  bottom of page 65(many of you have it done already)
  • Homework: due Friday– the following contract you were given in class today. Be sure to think about it!
  • Embedded Assessment #2 Contract
  • I choose to work with ______________________  _______________________  (first and last name) for my EA #2, creating and presenting an illustrated myth. I understand that I cannot change my mind about my choice.  I understand my partner and I will be equally responsible for the assignment(s) and will both receive the same test grade(s) for the assignment. We will explain the phenomenon of ____________________________ (lesson to be determined).Full name:  ___________________      Period: _________     Date: _______________ORI choose to work by myself for EA #2, creating and presenting an illustrated myth. I understand that I cannot change my mind about choice.  I will explain the phenomenon of _____________________________ (lesson to be determined).Full name:  _____________________     Period: _________     Date: _____

Tuesday, October 31

  • students will complete a graphic organizer with the elements of their team members’myths or folktales
  • students are responsible for providing the “teaching” of their myths to their team

Monday: October 30 (if absent, you will have an alternative assignment)

  • jigsaw activity( students become the “expert” on a particular myth or folktale in “expert” group)
  • students complete other side of graphic organizer(from Friday)–in preparation of teaching it to group/team members who are counting on you for the information.

October 24, 2017
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October 23-27-Test Thursday


  • journal (if absent, you will need to get the full journal assignment from me)
  • 3rd and 5th read “Prometheus” and completed graphic organizer
  • 4,6,and 7 completed the graphic organizer with myth elements for “Arachne”

Wednesday, October 25 (Test tomorrow) Thursday, full class for test

  • Class time provided to complete questions 1-4 and 6 questions from “Arachne” pages 64-65
  • REMEMBER: use the language of the question in your complete sentence answer and evidence from the text
  • Review- study guide for test: take the time to complete it before looking at the answers Answers to Study-Guide-Phrases-and-Clauses
  • It’s Thursday, so if you need extra review of the study guide, come in early.
  • The test will be 45 questions and multiple choice. On the test, students will have to:
    • Identify types of phrases & clauses
    • Identify if something is a phrase or clause
    • Identify subjects and verbs
    • Identify sentence starters
    • Identify if a “ninja” is being used as a preposition or subordinate conjunction
    • Fill in sentences describing phrases and clauses

Arachne myth same text as book-17s1k4e

Tuesday:Tuesday, October 24-powerpoint

For those of you who check the blog, to complete the homework,  there are 5 types of sentence starters in “Arachne.” If you read the directions, you needed 6.

If you want the 6,  use a second subordinating clause.

If you wanted the bonus of completing all 8, add 1 more subordinating clause, 1 more prepositional phrase, and 1 more transition.

  • journal used for Review phrases and clauses see powerpoint
  • after identification: use the infinitive phrase as a sentence starter
  • after 2 of the prep. phr. use them as sentence starters
  • after 2 sub. cl. use them as sentence starters
  • scavenger hunt for 8 sentence starters or N2SSTSW using “Arachne”


Monday: See powerpoint  Monday Oct 23-Powerpoint

  • reviewing phrases and clauses
  • Review myths purposes and plot structure
  • Listen and Read “Arachne” (page 61)
  • Answer questions 1-4 and 6
    • must have 2 of 1-4 answered and # 6 follow PPT

October 18, 2017
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October 16-20 – Conference week

Friday: October 20  – Homework: study new vocab./terms EA2 & Test Thursday: Clauses, phrases, N2SSTSW

  • learning check (need to make up)
  • journal topic: 1.What are the purposes of myths?  2.What types of morals do myths often teach?3.Why do we tell myths?
  • organize notebooks: especially the sentence starters or N2SSTSW–test Thursday!

Thursday: Thursday, October 19

  • journal topic:see powerpoint slide
  • click on the blue links at each day for the powerpoints with everything you need from each day
  • print the slides if they help you  (use the multiple slides to a page)

Wednesday: Wednesday, October 18PPT

  • Why do writers use phrases and clauses? Why do we need to know the difference between independent clauses and dependent clauses?
  • review answers for 1-12
  • What is our new Embedded Assessment (EA2)? Springboard book –page 47
  • circle the verbs, underline the nouns—complete the web

Tuesday: October 17- journal topic : see the Power Point Slides for topic & answers to phrases and clauses Tuesday, October 17-PPT

  • journal topic: see powerpoint slide (3 questions to it with class discussions)
  • phrases and clauses continued: questions 14-26:make sure to correct any errors, so you can review them later

Monday: Monday, October 16-PPT

  • review the importance of complete sentence answers that use the language of the question
  • study guide questions from last week may be completed, corrected, and redone because they will help you study for the unit test in several weeks
  • review the importance of reading instructions and directions: make sure you follow them for the myth assignment. Showed an example answer for 1 myth.

October 11, 2017
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October 9-13

Friday, Oct. 13:      Good News! Completion of Myth assignment due Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend.

Complete  Myths Around the World

Homework: 1. Complete the questions from Monday 1-17 Study guide part 1 (if not finished yet)  2. Complete the myth assignment from today if you did not finish it.

Thursday, Oct. 12: 1. Collect phrases & clauses homework, and 2. *** Final drafts & “My Revisions” reflection paragraph due and printed (test grades). -Color Battle & early release

Wednesday, Oct. 11

First, here are the questions from Monday if you did not finish them. Answer the ones you did not complete, and we will staple them to the ones you finished on Monday. Unit 1 Study Guide Part I questions for Springboard-xodbxz

Today we have finally inserted our prepared revisions to type the final draft and completed the paragraph explaining the revisions’ impact on the personal narrative. Tomorrow is time to finish last sentences and print!

Today’s homework is to complete #14-26 of the clause-phrase activity. (download & print if you cannot find yours)

Tuesday, October 12, 2017

We created a chart discussing the differences between Revising elements for the narrative versus editing elements. The paragraph you write must be about the revising elements, not the editing elements.

Homework: study the narrative elements (here are notes: Personal Narrative elements vs editing

October 5, 2017
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Oh No–conference dates were incorrect

I apologize; please double check the dates when the yellow forms come home again. The day was correct, but the date was wrong. The students corrected it to show you.

Monday, October 16

Tuesday, October 17

Wednesday, October 18

All of the times remain the same. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks!

October 2, 2017
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It’s October!


October 2-6

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Students completed a checklist for their revisions and wrote the revisions on their draft to be able to type the final draft tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Journal :after yesterday’s peer share and response, what are three specific elements you will concentrate on for your revision. 2. review corrections for peer share and respond organizer elements, time to finish peer revision 3. self- reflection of revisions (2nd part of test grade)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In your journals, describe each role in your own words. Use “writing group roles” as your title. See page 31-32 of Springboard  2. Peer share and respond: complete graphic organizer with the specifics of each role and each essay(1st part of test grade)

Monday, October 2, 2017


Journal entry: write one paragraph describing the best and the worst choice and you made during our vacation week 2. review phrases and clauses 1-13  3.  review important elements to revise the narratives  4. Show, Don’t Tell

September 19, 2017
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September 18-22

See below for Wednesday’s homework. All classes are in the computer lab Thursday to finish and print the draft. Friday: 1. journal entry [7-10 sentence paragraph Topic: Describe the narrative writing process for you. What did you enjoy about the writing? What did you dislike about the writing? What did you learn about yourself as you wrote this narrative? What are you most proud of in your narrative (be specific)? What are you concerned about sharing with your peers? 2. Practice with figurative language and elements of 3 to help with the revision process.

Please make sure you can log into Springboard now. Thanks!

IOWA testing is complete! Thanks homeroom/7th period for being such great test takers!

All classes are working on their personal narrative about choice. Everyone is standing up to let fellow classmates know his/her choice, when it was made, and how it has made a difference in life.

All drafts will be printed at the end of class on Thursday. This draft and the pre-writing is a quiz grade because the test grade comes with the revision process, final draft, and discussion of revisions.

Verify log-in to Springboard

Write your username and password in your agenda.

HOMEWORK: Wednesday, September 20 (if not completed in class)Annotated Exemplar Set Grade 7 Unit 1 EA 1

  • First, read one sample narrative and annotation(Springboard’s grading of the essay) (do not choose the last 2)
  • Write 3 effective elements- what did you like about the narrative? Try to be specific. What exactly did you like? What scored well according to Springboard?
  • Lastly, write how you could add them to your narrative to make it more effective.

Unit 1 personal narrative draft instructions-

  • Each class has a separate code to create an account. The codes are as follows:
  • 3rdPeriod 7thGrade AC Language Arts             Code    QQZHJY
  • 4thPeriod 7thGrade Language Arts                    Code    LCWHXV
  • 5thPeriod 7thGrade AC Language Arts              Code OHBURA
  • 6thPeriod 7thGrade AC Language Arts              Code KGCCKX
  • 7thPeriod 7thGrade Language Arts                      Code  LIKUSI
  • Go to

September 12, 2017
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September 11-15

Language Arts Opportunity: Reflections Time Again! “Within Reach”
It’s time to get your creative juices flowing again for this year’s National PTA Reflections program. Paint a masterpiece, choreograph an entertaining dance routine, compose an enchanting piece of music, pen a best-selling short story, shoot a mesmerizing photograph, or produce a poignant film. Submissions will be judged on interpretation of the theme, creativity and technique. The theme is “Within Reach” and the deadline is October 9th.  Visit for more information. If you haven’t had a chance to join the Dickerson PTSA, please join here

Thursday and Friday: IOWA testing in the morning

  • Wednesday New Style Builders: No Two Sentences Start the Same Way  Power Point– take the notes below the explanation on the left. The column on the right is for your examples with the sentence. “The cow jumped over the moon.” *** I will check for completion while you are working on the organizer and draft (Friday, Monday, Tuesday)
  • Review the  Springboard Exemplars –see the link below.
  • Students complete graphic organizer for personal narrative about choice
  • Students begin first draft of personal narrative
  • Scavenger Hunt From Bad Boy should be turned in Friday.

Wednesday: normal schedule

  • read sample Springboard Annotated Exemplar  for Embedded Assessment–personal narrative graphic organizer
  • take notes on No Two Sentences Start the Same Way

Monday and Tuesday: no school due to hurricane Irma

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