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September 17, 2018
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Week of September 17-21

  • Only morning for makeups will be Wednesday -8:15
  • Test on Thursday-
  • Clauses & phrase Packet should be completed at the latest by test day(Thursday)
  • Next week is our fall break! 

Thursday: no homework

Test day 🙂 Clauses packet, practice worksheet, and notes from the Tuesday class collected today

Writing assignment: students began writing the first three sentences required in a 5 sentence paragraph. It will be finished tomorrow.


Tuesday: Final day! IOWA testing in the morning (3, 5, 6 periods today)

  • students rotated around the room completing different “tasks” clause-phrase tasks
  • just in case–here are the other pages of the packet–some of the answers you should only use as a guide because it would be impossible to have the exact same answers — clause exercises answers-

Monday: IOWA testing in the morning (7, 4, 6 periods today)

  • used the same narrative in our textbook –page 36-37  to underline independent clauses, put (dependent clauses) and [ prepositional phrase]
  • used this blog to go to “Need More?” — used “Chomp Chomp” to practice recognizing fragments(incomplete sentences) = subordinate or dependent clauses

Fully completed examples of page 1 and 2 of the packet here Clause packet page 1-2 answers-

September 10, 2018
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September 10-14– No homework–testing:)

Tuesday morning 8:15 for makeups or time for working on packet

Test next Thursday, September 20, 2018

Only early morning for final makeups will be Wednesday, September 19


Friday: Iowat day 2 –different schedules (7,4,5)

  • review the following 2 rules for subordinating clauses:
    • No comma used when the subordinating clause is at the end of the sentence
    • Comma is used when the subordinating clause is at the beginning (introductory)
  • 1 comma rule for coordinating conjunctions of FANBOYS
    • When you join 2 INDEPENDENT clauses with a coordinating conjunction, you must use a comma (_ind. cl.    , FANBOYS _____ind. cl. ____.)
  • Reviewed rule: “I will never find a subject or verb in a prepositional phrase.”
  • “Why Couldn’t I have Been Named Ashley?”
    • identified independent clauses, dependent clauses, and prepositional phrases)

Thursday: IOWA Day 1 –different schedules (3, 6, & 7 periods)

  • 3rd period: reviewed relative pronouns, comma rules with subordinating conjunctions and coordinating conjunctions, prepositional phrases, purpose of adjectives and adverbs
    • ***3rd period only complete the preposition and prepositional phrases part of the those pages from today– we will not have participles on the upcoming test
  • 6 & 7–reviewed phrases and clauses–Phrases and clauses practice
    • are your packets completed?
    • 6th period reviewed elements of MLA format learned on Tuesday

Wednesday: CogAT testing- different schedules (3, 4, & 5 periods)

Tuesday: no homework– testing–get to bed at a reasonable time; remember: no cell phones, smart watches, or water during testing. Bring 2 #2 pencils and a fiction book

  • no bell-ringer–time to work on packet on phrases and clauses
  • set up a MLA template in word
  • periods 3,4,5 also typed their prompt, a topic sentence, and 1 piece of evidence for “Why Couldn’t I have been Named Ashley?”

Monday: Remember: phrase and clauses packet is due on Wednesday (not any more–testing– although most of you are finished already anway:))

See the power point and handouts for today’s work

September 10-Power Point slides

BrainPop quizzes: quiz subjects predicates brainpop

quiz conjunctions brainpop-

Do you need to check you answers for the 5 sentences?

  1. title, author’s, language, answer
  2. So What?
  3. coherence
  4. contractions, person pronouns, person, abbreviations, slang, formal, tone
  5. subject, verb, subject, verb

Check your Brainpop quiz answers:

Subjects & Predicates: 1. a 2. c 3.b 4. a 5. d  6. b  7. c  8.a 9.b 10.a

Conjunctions: 1. a 2.d 3.b 4. a 5. c 6. b 7. c  8. a  9. d  10. b


September 4, 2018
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September 4-7

Wednesday or Friday morning to make up test from last Thursday (8:15)

Instead of Bell-Ringers this week, you will be working on sections of the AAAWWWUUBBIST packet, and  you are writing your paragraphs.

Friday: Change of plans–Clauses & Phrases packet due next Wednesday (including the memorization)

Bring your books on Monday

  • Answers for Page 1 of packet Phrases-Clauses-Notes-Key-page 1
  • Page 2 of the packet– see Thursday for the power point for page 2
  • type the absolute best of the 3 paragraphs–

Thursday: Power Point page 2  packet page 2

Homework: complete the page 2 notes from ppt above if not completed in class (we’ll do the rest of page 1 in class tomorrow)

  • students reviewed rubric for 5 sentence paragraph
  • typed their 1st 5 sentence paragraph & graded it according to the rubric
  • go to blog to complete page 2 of the Dependent/independent clauses – all conjunctions packet to complete page 2 (backside of page 1 )

Wednesday: September 5

  • Homework: memorizing the subordinating conjunctions, FANBOYS, and relative pronouns
  • Complete sentences, phrases, and clauses packet today
  • complete next 2 paragraphs (you chose your best 3 yesterday and wrote 1) Remember: you already have the TS & evidence, and they are 5 sentence paragraphs.


Tuesday: September 4

  • Write 2 topic sentences based on specific prompts(see the Powerpoint from today if you were absent)
  • Discuss requirements for topic sentences
  • students write one 5 sentence paragraph from their evidence and topic sentences finders from last week ( 15-20 minutes– for 5 sentences–students have a T.S. and evidence already completed)

August 27, 2018
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Week of August 27-31 (Test Thursday)

Friday:Bell ringer –collected bell ringers

Pretest for phrases, clauses, sentences

Thursday: Test (no bell ringer)

Wednesday: August 29 August 29 Power Point

  • What a great early release day!
  • Checked the study guide for homework completion
  • bell-ringer
  • go to Ms. Tansey’s blog for the study guide quizizz
  • For my quizizz’s the codes are here–use your real name!
  • Point of View Code 620122
  • Figurative language code 802267
  • 589909 “The Scholarship Jacket”
  • 367297 academic writing

Tuesday: August 28-Power Point

  • bellringer
  • finish or revise topic sentences/evidence for “The Scholarship Jacket”
  • Quizizz practice at home codes:
  • Log into or create an account with
    1. “The Scholarship Jacket” Code 178489
    2. Academic writing Code 497206
    3. Point of View Code 620122
    4. Figurative language code 802267

Monday: August 27-

  • homework: study guide due Wednesday
  • Unit-1-Test-1-Study-Guide-
  • bell ringer
  • topic sentence requirements
  • work on topic sentences that restate the language of the question and find evidence to support it (classwork)

August 19, 2018
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August 20-24 (Check out quiz averages! Great work!)

The five class averages on the figurative language and point of view ranged from 93-98%!! 

Friday – (test next Thursday)August 24 Power Point

  • bell-ringer
  • at school writing: topic sentences and finding evidence from “The Scholarship Jacket”

Thursday-August 23 Power Point

Homework: finish or revise the questions for “The Scholarship Jacket” and TEST next Thursday, 8/30

  • bell-ringer
  • Note taking on Academic Writing– make them neat, so you will be able to see them when you can use them to write! (see power point for today)
  • remember if you don’t have the textbook, just Google the story title to read it or use for evidence

What will be on the test next week?

  • figurative language, POV,
  •  “The Scholarship Jacket,” and “My Name is Ashley,” plot structure
  • Academic writing: requirements, paragraph structure, and evidence citing

Wednesday:August 22 2018-Power Point

  • bell-ringer (correct answers in the link power point)
  • how to cite evidence (see PPT)
  • answer questions using the text

Tuesday: August 20 agenda -Power Point

  • turned in homework– this is one of very few times, I will take late homework–go to yesterday’s blog entry and complete it.
  • issued books today– bring them to class each day
  • read “The Scholarship Jacket” – annotated

Tuesday morning 8:10–come in if you need to make up work from absences. –good to see those of you who came!

Monday- August 20

Homework: Come to this blog and follow the directions. 

Homework Directions: On a piece of paper,  answer the following 2 questions in complete sentences. (Based on our bell ringers–writing from the different perspectives of “the family.” You  wrote from the perspectives of  “Me,” Mike,” and “Mom” or Dad.”)

  1. Whose perspective was the easiest and most fun to write from AND why?
  2. Whose perspective was the most difficult to write from and why?

Put the homework directly in your class’s drawer when you enter the classroom.

Today’s agenda with the bell-ringer August 20

  • bell-ringer
  • created folders to keep our writing
  • reviewed the point of view handout from last Thursday
  • write a constructive response (if you were absent, please come in tomorrow morning or Friday morning)

August 13, 2018
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Week of August 13-17

Parents, your child’s Milestone report will be coming home today. Please make sure you ask him/her for the report. Thanks!

Friday: Have a good weekend!

  • bellringer
  • Quiz #1 (figurative language and point of view)
  • chance to revise our own figurative language poster
  • peer revise commentary
  • turn them in again 🙂

Thursday:  Open House– great to meet everyone!

  • bellringer
  • reviewed Point of view questions from yesterday’s Brainpop
  • new handout on point of view–completed and reviewed 1-5(get from the class if absent)

Thursday at 8:15 AM–Come in early if  you have been absent / not completed the recipe writing 

Wednesday– see the today’s power point for all information

August 15

  • bell ringer
  • learning check
  • reviewing of figurative language and point of view

Tuesday-August 14-homework: finish ‘poster’–they should have complete sentences,  color, and be legible!

Monday-August 13 –August 13-agenda, details, and bell ringer

  • we took a tour of the blog, so you know where to go & discussed the requirements for the daily bell ringers(last week’s graded & returned)
  • today’s bell ringer requires the power point slide for the picture, so chose the link above
  • we went over the figurative language packet(homework grade entered) –here are the answers Figurative Language packet answers
  • we will use the action picture of yourself tomorrow( we ran out of time today)

August 6, 2018
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Week of August 6-10

Friday: Bravo– you turned in your 1st writing assignment, and you completed your 1st full week of school!

  • Friday’s bell-ringer (collected this week’s) see separate bell-ringer page 
  • Write final draft, complete rubric
  • Turn in Recipe today
  • figurative language packet –homework due Monday[word bank for page 1: represents,like, human, as, NOT, exaggerated, visualize, beginning, sound, five
  • can’t find your packet? Fig. Lang Review Packet
  • bring an action picture of yourself for Monday too

Thursday: August 9, 2018-agenda

  • see agenda above for homework
  • today’s bell ringer was to complete the following 2 sentences
    • An imperative sentence is a _____________ or _____________. They begin with _____________. The subject is the understood ___[you]___________
    • My first 3 daily bell-ringers are _______% complete. I believe the grade I will receive for this first week’s writings is a ______ because __________________________________.(hint hint–collecting week 1 bell ringers tomorrow)
  • today was the day to write the recipe of you. Rough drafts should be finished today, and tomorrow is the writing of the final draft
  • here is a copy of the example recipes for those of you that wanted to see them again. example recipes
  • everyone has a figurative language packet that you can work on after copying your final draft of the recipe


Wednesday: August 8, 2018-agenda & details

Tuesday: August 7, 2018 Agenda & details

  • all questions should be answered on the “Personal Inventory” 1-8 –all answers should be finished (complete, legible, and in blue or black pen)

Monday:August 6, 2018 Agenda & details

Select the link for the agenda and particulars

July 31, 2018
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Welcome to Language Arts 2018-2019

How ‘gritty’ are you? I look forward to learning more about you each day.

Please review the syllabus for your class.

Syllabus -Periods 3,4,5

Syllabus Periods 6 &7

8/2: We are working on learning about ourselves through personal inventories. What animal and fruit are you? What do they represent?What are some of the characteristics? More to come.

8/3: discussed syllabus, grading percentages, characteristics, team work qualities, almost done with the Personal Inventory (today you finished up to the word “instructions” of #6)

Personal Inventory Questions

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