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February 11, 2018
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February 12-16

Friday, February 16-  Happy February Break! 

After the break, we will have an Argumentative Quiz on March 2, 2018  over guided notes and the vocabulary. Guided notes & PowerPoint are on Feb. 14 and here is the pdf of the vocabulary.  Key Terms Argumentative-

  • students write a complete argumentative paragraph using their evidence from yesterday’s article in a graphic organizer– for the format, see the argumentative paragraph organizer here. PARAGRAPH ORGANIZER
  • students use correct MLA citations in paragraph and turn in evidence from yesterday

Thursday, February 15- 

  • discussion of Argumentative writing
  • Learning Check on Thesis statements from video and/or previous day
  • 1st &4th–Students read “Should Helium Balloons Be Banned?” and found MLA cited evidence (2) for and (2)against.
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 5th –Students Read “Is Year Long School a Good Thing?” and found MLA cited evidence (3) for and (3)against.

Wednesday, February 14- 

Homework: watch video – the video link is in the PowerPoint

Guided notes Argumentative-Guided-Notes

Complete Powerpoint for guided notes  Argumentative-PowerPoint-

Tuesday, February 13   February 13-PowerPoint

Students completed the “target” web for EA 2 on page 127: “Your assignment is to write an argumentative essay that states and supports a claim about an issue of importance to you.”

  • Students wrote the definitions for 7 terms from the textbook and 2 from thePowerPoint.
  • Students read aloud and had time to work on the “scavenger hunt” from a reading:”Should Libby’s Dad Do Her School Project?” and the writing of 1 paragraph about the reading.See directions on the PowerPoint for the completion specifics

Homework: 1. complete the “scavenger hunt” and paragraph        2. complete the definitions if needed

Monday: Final Drafts due were at the end of class! Yippee. If you turned in your final draft on time, you are homework free tonight.


February 5, 2018
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February 5 – 9, 2018

Friday – February 9 and 11 PowerPoint

today was the day for writing/copying from your rough draft with all the revisions to the final draft. See the PowerPoint for all specific details. 

***We will have 15 minutes on Monday for last few sentences and a quick final review. Then everyone will complete the Works Cited on Monday, and final drafts and rough drafts with revisions will be turned in to me.



Homework: All revisions to the rough draft must be completed in pen along with the identification of sentence patterns/types in body paragraph 2 on the post-it note

  • For today’s journal topic, a topic sentence was provided. “When I reread my essay last night two times, I realized some parts need revising.
  • Adding to any revisions made last night, student’s read the peer feedback and worked on self-assessment revising and editing in pen.
  • using a post-it note, students identified the sentence patterns/sentence types in their own body paragraph 2 for every sentence to help revise and use a variety of sentence types. This post-it note (or paper if students did not have materials) will be a part of the revisions.
  • Revisions are being made on the requirements/elements for the essay.


  • Today, students completed a Peer Revising/Editing form on another student’s essay. Students noted the presence of the required elements for the essay and made recommendations.
  • Tomorrow, you will be revising and editing your draft and beginning the final draft

Homework: Now, you have read and made recommendations for another student’s essay.

  1. It’s time to reread your essay TWO times. Revise and edit in PEN or different color pen if you wrote the original in pen.
  2. On the Works Cited, list the article titles of your other cited sources. You will complete the Works Cited correctly with the final draft. No need to write all of it twice.

Tuesday: Test– After the test,work on your rough draft, use any extra time to complete the “types of sentences” that was assigned last Thursday and due yesterday.

Monday: The types of sentences was due today, but I will collect it tomorrow. You need it to study for the test. Rough drafts can be turned in today, but they are now due on Wednesday.

Of course, you have had everything in this power point in your notes, the power points with additional and links for resources have been on the blog since we covered the material.

Review PPtUnit 2 Test Review- Unit 2 Test Review

February 4, 2018
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Sunday Night–

Hi all. I hope you have been studying the definitions for advertising techniques, explanatory writing and essay format, and sentence types!

Don’t forget: all language arts students are welcome to attend Ms. Walworth’s tutoring tomorrow morning before school. Be sure to sign in at the cafeteria.

For homework: your homework stayed the same from Thursday since it was all due tomorrow–

For those who complete the finished rough draft by tomorrow, I will add 5 points to overall grade.

For those who need more time, you will have until Wednesday if you need it.

The types of sentences(both sides is still due tomorrow)

January 29, 2018
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January 29 – February 2(Tutoring T, Th w/ me for sentence types AND all language arts classes with Ms. Walworth has tutoring tomorrow-Friday and Monday morning!)

Friday– This was your day to get your essay written from your outline.

February 2

Thursday: TEST moved to Tuesday — February 6

February 1 PowerPoint


  • if you were absent, use college rule paper, skip lines, and ONLY write on one side of the paper


Wednesday: See today’s PowerPoint for details January 31 Power Point

(For those of you who actually check and read the blog today, since it was on the board for homework; there are two things for you to do to earn  some bonus points. Go to today’s PowerPoint for information.)

  • homework: test on Monday 2/5: sentence types, MLA, essay format, Explanatory writing, Advertising techniques(5)
  • We are handwriting (old school) the Works Cited page since so many of us had troubles with NoodleTools. You are being provided with specific paper for this essay. We began it today in class, so be sure to copy it from PPT
  • Tomorrow, you will write your essay from you outline.
  • Practice sentence types
  • I hear the submit does not work, so write your answers down and check them with me.

Tuesday: See today’s PowerPoint for added detailsJanuary 30 PowerPoint-

  • highlighted actual sources used for evidence/quotes in the outlines
  • turned the outlines in today! blank format to see again if needed while I have them Explanatory-essay-outline-
  • wrote a quick letter for rising 7th graders about the sentence types
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, you had time to reflect on your quiz-What did you do well? What type of errors did you make? What can you do differently? What should have already just memorized?

Monday: See today’s PowerPoint for daily informationJanuary 29 PowerPoint-

  • homework: outline is due tomorrow– quiz grade
  • go to January 19th for the PowerPoint on Explanatory Essay Writing

January 22, 2018
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Week of January 22-26

Friday–See the PowerPoint for today  January 26 PowerPoint-

  • Quiz and finish outline for body paragraphs
    • 1st and 4th–finish through letter (F) of body paragraph 3
    • 2,3,5–finish outline for body paragraph 3

Thursday– See the PowerPoint for today January 25 PowerPoint

Homework: quiz tomorrow, outline for body paragraph 2 completed

  • reviewed body paragraph format; class time for writing outline of Body Paragraph 2
  • reviewed the homework following the steps of highlighting “red flags” to help( subordinating conjunctions, sentence patterns, punctuation, etc.)
  • 2,3,5– for those who asked-Periods 2,3,5 the extra page
  • 1&4 to double check for today’s assignment Periods 1 & 4 today’s assignment

Wednesday- See the PowerPoint for today January 24 PowerPoint-

Tuesday- See the PowerPoint for todayJanuary 23 PowerPoint-

Monday: We are back finally!

  • Quiz Friday: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences
  • See today’s Powerpoint for all daily and homework details. January 22 PowerPoint-

January 16, 2018
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January 16-19 Read for updated info. due to snow days

Friday– Who would have thought? We will have ONE quiz next Friday for types of sentences:

  • 1st and 4th Periods: simple, compound, and complex
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Periods: simple, compound, complex, and compound complex
  • see this Sentence Structure Additional for snowday (take notes to help you remember)
  • review your notes and “Simpson” powerpoint, complete the worksheet (see previous instruction days)

We will be jumping into our planning, organizing, outlining, and writing the explanatory essay.

Go through this Powerpoint as a reminder of the the structure and elements of an essay.A reminder for explanatory essay


Wednesday, January 17– as we said, quiz is still on Thursday– practice more with the sites below. Also, have you watched the video on the resources page?

Copy and paste links–

  • Khan Academy can hlep with so many topics & subjects! — plus they have videos too
  • a great rags to riches game —



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

see the Powerpoint for all details of today’s information  January 16

  • homework:
    • quiz Thursday on simple &compound sentences
    • scroll down to January 8th, watch the video, use the closed captions it will probably help
    • complete evidence tracker for 2 quotes or paraphrased info.
  • journal (you need to open the powerpoint above for today for the specifics)
  • reviewing for simple and compound
  • students researched online article completed backside of evidence tracker (2 quotes & 1 Paraphrase)

Monday– holiday

January 7, 2018
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January 8-12, 2018 Current report cards are online via PVUE. See the progress report grades on PVUE Feb. 9.

Friday: See the Power Point with agenda and notes  January 12

Thursday: See the Power Point with agenda and notes January 11

  • Quiz, journal, review compound sentence equations or patterns, and TLQ (Springboard‘s method of elaboration)
  • Homework: finish journal if needed, read and complete “How do I know a sentence is a compound sentence?    —- AC classes: complete and/or revise the 6 questions from last Friday’s classwork


  • Tomorrow is your quiz and the questions are due for “$211 Billion…” (see yesterday’s post for the quizlet and ppt)
  • We were in the media center with Ms. Inman; she provided a helpful lesson on using Noodle Tools to create a MLA Works Cited for your upcoming essay
  • If you are new to one of my classes or you were absent those last days before the winter break, here are the answers to the 8 comma rules  comma rules answers


  • we reviewed the techniques for your quiz on Thursday.
  • we previewed the questions for the article on pages 87-91 2.3 $211 Billion and So Much to Buy
  • we set up answers that use the language of the question, began reading the article, and completed some of the questions. The questions are due on Thursday– # 1,3,4,5,6,9 only
  • see the powerpoint for today that includes the review for the quizJan 9 agenda and practice for advertising techniques

Monday: As you have heard, there is no school today. This is what we would have done 🙂 If you have spare time, review for the quiz and review the sentence types.

  1.  Complete this sentence types practice simple compound complex practice
  2. Quiz Thursday! Identifying Advertising Techniques: Bandwagon, Avant-Garde, Testimonials, Facts and Figures, and Transfer (2.4 pages 98-100 from before winter break)
  3. practice with quizlet flashcards
  4. watch this video and write down 2 appropriate quotes for evidence. See Springboard pages 114-115 Activity 2.7.

Learning Targets:Analyze the film to assess its purpose and credibility, and identify and record relevant research information from a film.

January 4, 2018
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January 4-5, 2018 Welcome Back!

Friday: Today in class students read ” Marketing to Kids Gets More Savvy with New Technologies” on pages 116-121 in the Springboard textbook. If time allows, practice for simple, compound, and complex sentences

  • Use separate paper to complete the questions
  • answer in 2-3 complete sentences using the language of the question
  • use MLA to cite your evidence

Thursday: We have our new schedules.



December 18, 2017
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December 18-20–No early morning tutoring this last week

Monday, December 18

  • students completed revising and editing their narratives and the required revision worksheet
  • students wrote a reflective paragraph
  • students turned in their revision notes

Please Note: Due to unforeseen computer issues in class today, I will NOT be able to grade journals for this grading period. Take the added time to verify you are following the journal rules and have completed the entries.



December 17, 2017
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The holidays are almost here! You have had 1 week for your journals…

It’s Sunday, December 17. No tutoring on Tuesday morning. **Please note the change about journals above on Monday.

Do you remember our last journal one week ago? After writing about the five techniques advertisers use, I had you reflect upon your completed journals.  Were all of your entries completed? Did you follow the instructions for journal writing? I hope you used the extra time to ensure your journals are completed correctly as journal grades should be an easy 100!

If you have any that are not completed, write a journal on the following topic tonight, Sunday:

If I could change one characteristic about middle school, what would it be? Be specific and make specific recommendations for improvements. 5-7 sentence paragraph


If I could change one element of my language arts class, what would it be?Be specific and make specific recommendations for improvements. 5-7 sentence paragraph

See you tomorrow.

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