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August 28 – Septemeber 1


See below for your weekly assignments: 7th Grade: Monday: Complete grammar practice (singular/plural nouns) Tuesday: No homework Wednesday: No homework Thursday: Complete Figurative Language Review Packet Friday: No homework 8th Grade Monday: Complete grammar practice (verb phrases) Tuesday: Complete “Writing to sources” QUIZ **Prompt: Write a short summary explaining what you think Cavafy means by the first three lines in the opening […]

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Total ECLIPSE of the Heart


I hope you all enjoyed your eclipse day. It was truly a day to remember! Here are your assignments for the rest of this week: 7th Grade: Monday: No homework Tuesday: No homework Wednesday: Complete paraphrasing practice Thursday: No homework Friday: No homework 8th Grade: Monday: No homework Tuesday: Hero’s Journey Check tomorrow Wednesday: No […]

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You Survived Week 1!


Congratulations on surviving your first week of school this year! I absolutely LOVE having you in class and am looking forward to an incredible year! Remember to get your materials and binders organized. You need four sections in your binder labeled Grammar, Writing, Lit, VIP. Here are the assignments for the week: 7th Grade: Monday: […]

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