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October 2 – 6


WELCOME BACK! I hope that you all had a FUN and ENJOYABLE fall break!

Important reminders:

  • Quarter 1 end THIS Friday. Please check your grades and turn in any missing work.
  • You should have received a form today from your conferencing teacher. Please get it signed and return it to your conferencing teacher as soon as possible.

Weekly Assignments:

7th Grade:

  • MONDAY: STUDY for tomorrow’s TEST. You should review content vocabulary and the three literature stories that we have read in class. Here is the study guide: Quarter 1 Study Guide-upqshq Here is the link for QUIZLET to review the terms and definitions:
  • TUESDAY: Work on personal narrative
  • WEDNESDAY: STUDY for tomorrow’s TEST. Review your study guide from Tuesday’s test and be ready to apply your knowledge. **Other concepts that you should review include hyperboles, metaphors, plural nouns, prepositional phrases (including object of the preposition), character traits, incident/response/reflection, and connotation. Hope this helps!
  • THURSDAY: Work on personal narrative
  • FRIDAY: Work on personal narrative. Your FINAL narrative is due on MONDAY!

8th Grade:

  • MONDAY: Work on Hero’s Journey Narrative. Make sure to have a completed draft by tomorrow, so that we can start the proofreading phase. Here are some resources that you may find useful:
  • TUESDAY: Work on Hero’s Journey Narrative.  Due at the end of class on Thursday!
  • WEDNESDAY: Work on Hero’s Journey Narrative.  Due at the end of class on Thursday!
  • THURSDAY: STUDY for tomorrow’s test. Make sure to review your study guide.
  • FRIDAY: No homework
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