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April 30 – May 4


7th Grade: This week will be be continuing our reading of Freak the Mighty. Please make sure you keep up with the reading. Here are the assignments for the week:

  • Monday: Complete Grammar Review (commas). Vocabulary for chapter 6-10 due on Wednesday.
  • Tuesday: No homework (vocab due tomorrow)
  • Wednesday: Finish reading through chapter 10 and complete the summary chart. Chapter 6-10 quiz tomorrow
  • Thursday: No homework. Vocab for chapters 11-15 will be due next week.
  • Friday: No homework 🙂

8th Grade: This week we will be continuing our study of Holocaust literature. The only homework this week will be Monday night (Grammar Review: commas). Here are the activities that will be completed IN CLASS this week:

  • Monday: Anne Frank Introduction, choose parts on page 205 in text
  • Tuesday: Read through play pages 205 – 208 in text
  • Wednesday: Complete the reading of the play and questions on 208-209
  • Thursday: Read through on diary entry (pages 220-221) and answer comprehension question on page 221-222
  • Friday: Begin Boy in The Striped Pajamas on page 212 in text
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