We are on Class Dojo!

Hi Kincaid Families!

I am excited to be able to introduce you all to Class Dojo.  Class Dojo is a fun way I can offer my students and families feedback on behavior and Read180 accomplishments.  Please ask your student about this.  They will or have already received a paper that includes the instructions to log on to Class Dojo to see your students behavior progress.  This is a free app that you can upload to your phone or tablet and you can access it at any convenient time.   Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

-Mrs. Gibson

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How to Nurture and Encourage a Young Reader

In Read 180, we read A LOT! While this is true, reading at home and outside of Read 180 is also very important.  Here are 4 ways to encourage reading without actually telling your child to go read.

  1. Have lots of reading materials available in your house.  This can be books, cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, or comic books.  Leave them in baskets or bins around the house and easily accessible to your child.  Making reading apart of their daily landscape makes it feel more natural for them to pick up a book and read.
  2. Try to make sure your child sees you read.  When we take time out of our busy day to sit and read, we are modeling to our children that reading is enjoyable and important enough to set aside time for.  Not only that, it allows them to see that reading can be relaxing and fun.
  3. Write little notes to your child.  A great way to do this is keep a dry erase board somewhere in your house.  Once a day or once a week write a quick note to your child.  This can be just a sentence or something longer.   Your child will love reading what your wrote that is just for them, and it might encourage them to write you back!
  4. Read to your child, even if they are in upper grades.  As parents we often think that because a child can read on their own, they don’t need us to read to them anymore.  This is not true.  Even older children can benefit greatly from being read to.  Modeling good reading is always helpful.

Happy Reading!

-Mrs. Gibson

Welcome to Read 180!

My name is Mrs. Gibson, and I am thrilled to be Kincaid’s Read 180 teacher this year!  Reading has always been my passion, and helping children develop a love for reading is so important to me.

In the Read 180 program, students will build essential literacy skills for college and career readiness, develop writing skills, and raise his/her reading proficiency up to grade level.

This program is developed to challenge students to work hard, and that hard work produces outstanding results.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Check this blog often for updates and news from our class.

Thank you,

Mrs. Gibson