November 17

Friday Webquest


a year without a summer




S/P waves

surface wave 1

surface wave 2

surface waves 3

sunset crater volcano field trip

Deadly volcanoes


earthquake map

Hot spot volcanoes




November 15

flash cards, bring your flash cards–in an envelope or band or clip

flash card set #1 today.  We will make flash cards and use them daily, so bring, do and keep up.  No the words are not available on my blog.  Stop talking and do your work in class :-0

We also read 8.2 today.  Most classes corrected 8.1 and the Faults organizer.  5th period, we will do that tomorrow.  Progress reports tomorrow on Parent Vue.  Is there anything missing you want to find or make up?

November 10

test monday

we cleaned up missing papers.  If you have a 0M, you need to get the paper in.  The 0 is affecting your grade in a subducting manner! 🙂

Review on–6c4green

and now new on legendsof  teacher code is green40.  sign up and get your personal code for play!


November 9

Quiz returned do you have homework? Check below!

Quizzes were returned.

  • Did you make corrections by writing a complete statement for each question missed?
  • If so, did you get a dot next to your name on Mrs. Green’s gradebook? I will look for dots when distributing computers for tomorrow’s review.
  • Is your study guide complete?

When all that is complete, you are good to go.

Today’s CS was a huge sort, and not eligible for the quiz., Do not worry about it for HW if you are absent today.