February 13

diagram day

Yep- diagram day.  We completed the SONAR lab and had the big reveal.  Grades are in the book for P 3-6.  7 tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our lab supply supply genius.

Study guides today and tomorrow–not due until after break.  Please do not do over break!!  You will forget everything 🙂

your CS

February 7


P5, Plate Boundaries sheet, no HW

P6, Plate Boundaries sheet –fill in all but drawings for HW

AC, Ocean floor diagram with definitions–Chapter 13, section 2 Red book Due Friday 2/14–Do not dawdle!

2 CS today

February 6

Plate boundaries

OL-Today you constructed a model of Pangaea.  Boy, those continents have moved!  Tonight you need to analyze bits of writing, statements and actions to determine if these are evidence or opinions or something else.  Then decide of the bits you have declared are evidence actually support Wegener’s hypothesis of Continental Drift.

AC-Plate boundaries article. New reading assignment

  • Chapter 13, Section 2; Read 382-387—commit the landforms to memory!

Your CS.