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Week of 3/25/19

Small Group ELA

This Week:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: Completing the Embedded Assessment, writing an Argumentative Letter.
    • Monday & Wednesday: Students will finish typing their draft & begin working through the revision stations.
    • Thursday: Students will make their final revisions and submit the final letter.
  • Tuesday: Book Buddies, reading Rain, Reign.

Small Group Reading Success

This week:

  • Monday & Tuesday: Read chs 4 & 5 of LWW
    • Small group: begin characterization activities / crossword puzzle for quiz review
    • Computer rotations – working on Read 180 / System 44 software
  • Wednesday:  Quiz over Chapters 1-5 of LWW
  • Thursday: HOMEWORK DUE!
    • Continue rotations
    • complete quick writes over chapters 4 & 5
    • continue characterization activities
  • Friday: Catch Up day
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Week of 3/18/19

Welcome to the Final 9 weeks of this school year!  

Small Group ELA 

  • Monday:  Argumentative Letter research
  • Tuesday:  Book Club
  • Wednesday:  Argumentative Letter – drafting
  • Thursday:  Argumentative Letter – type
  • Friday:  Argumentative Letter – type

Small Group Reading Success

  • This week are continuing our novel study of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.
  • Homework, due next Thursday!
    • How to get students to their assignments

      1. Have students go to

      2. Students enter class code XYP2NQ

      3. Tell your students that their default password is 1234


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Week of 3/11/19

Small Group Reading Success (3rd block)

This week we begin our novel study of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  

We will continue with our rotations, as well.

Remember: homework is due Thursday!


Small Group ELA (5th block)

Monday:  Continue learning about Pathos & Logos

  • Finish 3.11, “The First Americans”
  • 3.12, Citing Evidence: using appositives in writing
  • 3.13, Appealing to Pathos: read aloud of “I Wanna Iguana”
  • Journal entry – persuasive writing practice
  • Exit ticket:  pathos/logos definition and examples, appositives

Tuesday:  Book Club – continuing our novel study of Rain Reign.

Wednesday:  Early Release, Finish 3.11C (Language Checkpoint)

  • Review pathos/logos & appositives for CTLS quiz on Thursday

Thursday:  Activity 3.12 – Citing Evidence, Using Appositives

  • CTLS quiz over 3.11-3.13
  • No Red Ink – Argumentative journal practice


  • Review CTLS quiz results
  • Choose topic for argumentative letter
  • Journal entry


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Small Group Reading Success – Homework

Readworks homework assigned today will be due next Thursday.

Please note:  this is a grade level passage, as I’d like to see how students are performing on their grade level Lexile.


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Week of 3/4/19

Small Group ELA

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:  Book Club
  • Wednesday:  Activity 3.10
  • Thursday: Activity 3.11
  • Friday:  Activity 3.11 continued

Small Group Reading Success

  • Monday:  finish RSkills for Workshop 9
  • Tuesday:  Introduce novel study
  • Wednesday-Friday:  Pre-reading activities for The Outsiders
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The Book Fair Comes to Durham, 3/4/19!

Hi friends!

The Book Fair is coming to Durham next week.  We will visit the Book Fair as a class in Small Group ELA on Monday during class.  If you’d like to bring money to buy anything, please do so.  Students will receive information tomorrow in homeroom.


Mrs. Hall

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Welcome Back! Week of 2/25/19

Small Group Reading Success

Monday-Friday:  Research paper writing

Readworks Homework Due Thursday 2/28/19


Small Group ELA

  • Monday:  drafting EA 2, explanatory essay
  • Tuesday:  Book Club day
  • Wednesday:  EA2, final due at the end of class
  • Thursday:  Mini-Touchstone & No Red Ink Practice
  • Friday: Intro to Unit 3
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Small Group ELA – homework!

Please remember that your completed graphic organizer is due tomorrow.  You will need this to begin the essay in class.

Remember that you have the following resources available to help:

  • The notes you took on the movie, Temple Grandin
  • The online textbook – information about Temple Grandin begins on pg. 153

We completed the outline of the graphic organizer together in class – all you should have to do tonight is add the details/commentary.

TG GO_20190213142036-1ovzubs

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Week of 2/11/19

4.5 week progress reports are available online.  Please check for any missing assignments, and turn those in by Friday.  Thanks!

Small Group ELA

  • Monday-Tuesday:  watching Temple Grandin – taking notes about challenges that Temple faced, preparing for the next embedded assessment.
  • Wednesday: Book Club
  • Thursday – Friday:  writing an explanatory essay about how animals helped Temple Grandin learn to cope/deal with the challenges she faced.

Small Group Reading Success

  • Finishing up Workshop 9
  • Research writing

Enjoy your Winter Break – we’ll see you back on Monday, February 25th!

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Week of 2/4/19

Small Group ELA

  • Monday:  continue drafting for Embedded Assessment 1 – response to literature, begin typing draft
    • Permission forms for the film, Temple Grandin, go home today.  These are due Friday!
  • Tuesday: Book Club day – continue reading Rain Reign with our Book Buddies
  • Wednesday:  finish typing the rough draft, print and complete revision/editing checklist.
  • Thursday:  Make final revisions, submit EA1 by the end of class
  • Friday:  Preview Embedded Assessment 2 – Explanatory writing

Permission forms for the film, Temple Grandin, are due Friday!  We will begin watching the film on Monday.

Small Group Reading Success

  • Continue Workshop 9
  • homework assigned today – due Thursday, 2/14
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