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Week of 1/22/18


Welcome Back!  I hope everyone enjoyed the mini-break we had last week due to the weather.

This week in ELA students are working on the draft and final copy of their short stories for our Embedded Assessment 2 for Unit 1.  This assessment wraps up Unit 1 and we will be moving on to Unit 2 next week.

The Unit 2 Family letter will come home with students Friday.

Have a great week!

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Week of 1/16/18


Hello and welcome back!

This week in ELA students are continuing their work on the graphic organizer / planner, preparing to write their short stories.

We will not have any homework.

Have a great week!


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Week of 1/8/18


This week in ELA, students will be drafting a short story for the 2nd Embedded Assessment for Unit 1.


  • Free-write relay, using pictures from a variety of picture books.
  • Reviewing the assignment requirements & rubric for the short story.
  • Review plot elements.
  • Introduce the “Writing Resources” binders – binders are available as a resource and contain information students may use to write independently.

Wednesday – Friday:

  • Students will choose one of the “free-writes” from Tuesday to use for their short story.
  • Using the “Creating a Short Story” graphic organizer packet, students will create the rough draft of their short story.



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Happy New Year & Welcome Back!


This week we will be reading the short story, “The Fun They Had”, and identifying the theme and elements of plot.

There won’t be any homework.

Next week we will begin working on the Embedded Assessment 2, writing a short story.  I can’t wait to read your amazing stories!


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Good evening, Durham Parents!

It’s the most wonderful week of the year as we close out the first half of this school year, so here are a few announcements that you may find helpful.

1.  Don’t forget that tomorrow and Wednesday are EARLY RELEASE DAYS!  All middle school students will be dismissed at 1:30 PM.
I wanted to be sure you are aware that students riding the bus will be home earlier than usual.  If your child is picked up in carpool, please make arrangements to pick him/her up at 1:30 PM.  All students should be off campus by 1:45 PM.  There is no afternoon supervision provided because teachers and staff members will be involved in required meetings and trainings.

2.  If you are looking for holiday stocking stuffers, don’t forget that this is a wonderful time to re-stock your students’ supply of paper, pencils, calculator, pens, and other school supplies!  By this time of year, your child may also require a new binder if his/hers is starting to show some wear and tear.  

3.  Our student holiday parties are planned for Wednesday, December 20th.  Teachers have sent home letters requesting donations of food and other items.  You also may have volunteered to chaperone your child’s party.  Thank you!   Due to space and the number of parents who will be in attendance, we must ask that only parents who have signed up should attend.  Please do not bring siblings – this includes both older siblings (including college aged or older siblings) and younger siblings.  Parents will be asked to sign in at the front office.  Please bring your ID.  We want this to be a positive experience for everyone, and we do not wish to upset anyone.  Please be aware in advance that if you bring siblings, you may be turned away.  

4.  This is the last week of our second quarter for grading purposes.  Grades will close out at the end of the day on Wednesday, 12/20.  This is a reminder that we will not be printing report cards this quarter.  Report Cards will be issued electronically this quarter through Parent Vue, and will be released on Friday, January 5, 2018.  If you do not yet have access to Parent Vue, please be sure to stop by our front office between 8:45 AM and 4:45 PM with your ID to pick up your login information.  

Finally, I wish each of your families a happy holiday season!  Thank you for the support you provide to your students and our school community.  The success of Durham Middle School is the direct result of our incredible parents.  Enjoy the time together with your families.  I wish you all safe travels and look forward to greeting our students back on January 4, 2018.

Happiest holiday wishes!
Dr. Patricia Alford

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Week of 12/18/17


It’s almost time for our Holiday Break!

This week in Language Arts we are writing a short story for the holidays!  Time permitting, we will share our stories in class Wednesday!

  • Please remember that Tuesday & Wednesday are early release days – school will end at 1:30.

  • Wednesday is the 6th grade party from 11:37-12:32.

Have a fantastic holiday break!


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Vocabulary test – corrections due Friday


Any students in my small group classes who did not pass the Vocabulary test will have the option to re-take the test on Monday.  Corrections on the first test are to be completed for homework tonight, and are due tomorrow.

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Vocabulary Test, Unit 1


Small group classes took the Unit 1 Vocabulary test today and the grades have been added to Synergy.

Students will have an opportunity to re-take the test on Monday, 12/18.



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Week of 12/12/17


Welcome back!  I hope you all enjoyed the snow.

Please remember that our Unit 1 vocabulary test is Wednesday!  Please study your flash cards & use the online tools to practice!

This week we are:

  • Reading the short story, “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”.
  • identifying and analyzing elements of a short story.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Hall



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Extra Credit Opportunity!


Hey guys!

If you’d like the chance to earn extra credit on our Vocabulary Test – check this out.

*If you log into the online textbook using the code provide in my earlier post and complete the activities under the ZINC labs tab, I’ll award you 5 extra points on your test grade!

I’ll check the assignment tab the day of the test, activities must be completed by Tuesday 12/12.

Make sure you study!

Mrs. Hall  🙂

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