Tuesday, 12/11

Small Group ELA update:

Due to the late start, we did not have Book Club today.  Instead, we continued with our novel study of “Walk Two Moons”.  We read chapters 5 & 6, and completed the text to self activity and defined the word of the day.

If you were absent today, please come in during homeroom to catch up!

**Remember, it would be helpful to have your own copy of the book so that you can annotate in the text and read when you’re absent!**

Week of 12/10/18

Small Group ELA

This week we will:

  • continue reading, “Walk Two Moons”
    • Monday: finish chapter 4
      • discuss the setting
      • word of the day: peculiar
    • Wednesday:  chapters 5-6
      • making connections to the text
      • word of the day: divulge
    • Thursday: chapters 7-8
      • character traits
      • word of the day: vivid
  • Friday: Touchstones

**If you don’t have a copy of the novel, please make sure you come in during homeroom to catch up on reading if you’re absent.**

Reading Success

This week we will:

  • Monday & Tuesday: Practice revising using adverbs and quotations marks
  • Wednesday & Thursday:  RSkills for Workshop 8
  • Friday:  Begin working on a holiday research project



Week of 12/3/18

Small Group ELA

  • This week we officially begin Unit 2!
  • The projected start date for the novel study of Walk Two Moons is Thursday.  Remember, having your own copy of the novel is recommended (although, not required).

Reading Success – Small Group

  • This week we will practice revising a narrative, review Workshop 8 and prepare to take the rSkills for this workshop.
  • Remember:  Readworks.org homework is due Thursday.
  • If you need to work on your independent reading book, please check with me about coming in during homeroom.


Reading Success – Quiz Friday!

Just a reminder that we’ll have a comprehension/vocab quiz this Friday over Workshop 8.  You should have taken your workshop packets and vocabulary flash cards home to begin reviewing today.

Please remember to bring the workshop packets back!  These are also a grade.  🙂


Welcome Back! 11/26 – 11/30/18

Small Group ELA


  • Review graded EA2 – short story
  • Begin remediation activities – Plot Elements

Tuesday:  Book Club – reading “Rain Reign”, chapters 17-18


  • Finish Plot Elements activity
  • Error Analysis activity for EA2


  • Begin Unit 2
  • Activities 2.1 – 2.2


  • Framed paragraph activity

Reading Success

Workshop 8 – Comprehension/vocab quiz: Friday

  • Study your vocabulary words & re-read the workshop articles to prepare.

New Homework assigned:

Log into Readworks.org to read the article, “Get Ready for Winter” and complete the questions.

How to get students to their assignments

1. Have students go to www.readworks.org/student

2. Students enter class code XYP2NQ

3. Tell your students that their default password is 1234

Note: Students can change their passwords when they log in, and you can change student passwords on this page.


Week of 11/12/18

Small Group ELA

  • Monday – Friday:  Article of the Day writing practice at the start of each class – students are reading an informational article and practicing writing short responses to the article.
  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday:  Embedded Assessment 2 – Short Story
    • Monday:  type rough draft and complete a plot diagram
    • Tuesday: make revisions, review checklist of required elements
    • Thursday:  make final revisions and submit the final story for EA 2
  • Wednesday we will go to the Media Center for a lesson with Mrs. Baker.

Double-Entry Journals: The Girl Who Thought in Pictures

  • Friday:  Paragraph writing practice.

Extra Credit Opportunity:

Please see the Word Wall for our weekly word activities to earn extra points towards your lowest grade.


Reading Success – Block 3

  • This week we begin Reading # 3
  • Readworks.org homework is due Thursday, 11/15/18