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Language Arts, week of 8/28/17

Monday:  Today we are finishing up Activity 1.4, “My Superpowers”.

Tuesday – Friday:  Activity 1.5

“He Said, She Said: Characterization”

Learning targets:

  • Make inferences about a character and provide textual evidence in a short, written response.
  • Explain how an author develops the point of view of characters.
  • Practice the use and conventions of pronouns and dialogue.

Please remember that Wednesday is an Early Release Day. 🙂

Study Skills, 8/23/17

In Study Skills this week:

Students are learning about their daily point sheets & contracts for classwork.

These contracts and point sheets will make up the Study Skills grade.

Please see the Study Skills page on my blog, to see what these sheets look like.

Thank you!


Composition Notebooks / Writer’s Journals

Please make sure you have your composition notebook entries up to date with the following prompts:

We will have a notebook check on Friday!

Stahler/Hall, Co-taught:

  1. Entrance Ticket (these are on separate sheets of paper, student’s will not have these in notebooks)
  2. Review 1.1: Explain how you think you will change from now until June.
  3. Preview 1.2:  What is the difference between first-person point of view and third-person point of view.
  4. Review 1.2:  Explain the difference between an antonym and a synonym.
  5. Check Your Understanding :  narrative details

Language Arts, Week of 8/21/17

This week in Language Arts:

Tuesday & Wednesday:

Today I am…sequencing a narrative

So that I can…take efficient notes using a graphic organizer

I am successful when…I can explain the significance of literary terms like: narrative, characterization, setting, external conflict, and sequence

Thursday & Friday:

Today I am…reading “My Superpowers”.

So that I can… learn and understand the organizational structure of a personal narrative.

I am successful when…I can analyze how the response in a personal narrative contributes to the development of a story.  Identify and use an organizational structure to develop ideas and events in a personal narrative.

Solar Eclipse – Change of Plans


Good morning!
We received an email just a few minutes ago from the vendor from which we ordered our Solar Eclipse glasses.   The company stated that we should NOT use our glasses to view the solar eclipse.  Though they do carry the ISO seal, the safety of the glasses cannot be certified, and out of an abundance of caution, we will have to view the NASA broadcast rather than viewing this eclipse live outside.

As you know, I take your children’s safety VERY seriously.  It is my top priority.  I am very disappointed as I know you and your students are as well.  We did use a reputable vendor and did our very best to make viewing this event possible.

As you know, absences today are excused.  If you choose to check your child out of school, or stay home to view the eclipse together, please send in a note when you return and the absence will be excused.

I am very sorry to deliver this last-minute news, but we WILL do everything in our power to make this a great day for our students at Durham!
Thank you for your support!

Dr. Patricia Alford

Welcome to Study Skills!

Happy Monday!

I’m so excited to begin working with you all in Study Skills!

This week we will be working together to do the following:

  1. Learning all about Study Skills, and what you can expect from this class.
  2. Organizing your binders for each class.
  3. Organizing your lockers, and practice opening lockers for those still having problems.
  4. Discussing your goals.

Let’s have a great week!

Mrs. Hall

This week in Language Arts

Happy Monday!

Please read below for what we will be doing in Language Arts:

  • Each day I will have a “bell ringer” activity on the board.  Please come to class prepared with your composition notebook, so that you can add the day’s activity.
  • Graphic organizers and rubrics will be available for you to plan out your responses prior to writing in your notebook. 🙂

Monday, 8/14/17

  • Today we will be discussing the Embedded Assessment 1, for Unit 1, in order to prepare you for success!
  • We will work together to create a graphic organizer for this assessment.
  • We will also work on generating ideas for what you can write about when the time comes.

Tuesday, 8/15/17

  • We will review the definition of narrative, characterization, conflict, dialogue and setting – adding these terms to our word wall.
  • We will discuss roots and affixes.
  • I will introduce a Close Reading strategy that we will use as we read in class.
  • We will begin reading #1 of “The Circuit” from the text book.

Wednesday, 8/16/17

  • Today we will complete the 2nd reading of “The Circuit”, this time focusing on the comprehension questions from the text book – working together to highlight the answers and making notes in the margin.

Thursday, 8/17/17

  • We will continue our 2nd reading, while highlighting answers to the comprehension questions.

Friday, 8/18/17

  • Today we will work in pairs/groups to complete the graphic organizer at the end of the story.



Composition Notebooks for next week

Good Morning!

Next week we will begin making entries into composition notebooks next week. I’ve asked each student to make sure they come to class with their notebooks on Monday.  (these can be the type of notebook that will fit inside of a binder, if they prefer that type.)

Thanks so much!

Monday 8/7/17

“If My Summer Vacation Were a Movie”

Students will have today to finish up their “If My Summer Vacation Were a Movie” project.  If they have not finished in class, I’ve given instructions to complete it at home.

There are 3 parts to this project, and each student should have all 3 parts in their LA binders.

  1. “If My Summer Vacation Were a Movie”… graphic organizer
  2. Writing a Movie Review – sheet with instructions for what to write down the side of the sheet.  (students were given an opportunity to type this, or write it on lined paper – so please ask if you don’t see anything written on this page)
  3. Storyboard or Movie Poster – students had a choice of which activity they would complete for this part.

Again, all 3 parts are due tomorrow (Tuesday, 8/8/17) & students will present to the class!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Hall

It’s “FriYay”!

Happy Friday!

We made it through our first week of middle school together!

This week we worked on a multi-step project, turning our summer vacation into a movie.

If you would like to finish up the writing portion of the assignment this weekend, please feel free to do so.  We are going to wrap everything up on Monday, so having the writing portion complete would definitely be a big help!

Also, please remember that you need a place to keep your Language Arts assignments/handouts.  This can be a tab in a binder you already have, or a separate binder.  Please make sure you that ready on Monday.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs. Hall