Week of 10/30/17

This week in Language Arts:

  • Monday -Tuesday:  Horror Story writing & sharing
    • These are due Tuesday, if the graphic organizer and final copy are not complete and turned it – it will need to be completed as homework.
  • Wednesday – Friday:  revise & type final copy of Personal Narrative
    • The graphic organizer and first draft were due last week.
    • Wednesday, we will review dialogue rules and revise the printed draft.
    • Thursday, students will begin revising in Word.
    • Friday, students will finish up typing and turn in the final draft.

These assignments are in-class assignments, so there will not be any homework this week.  (Outside of assignments that are late, that will need to be completed at home.)

**Synergy**  I have started to attach copies of assignments into Synergy – so if you notice you have a zero on something that was a handout, you now have the ability to print the assignment at home.  Please review the grading policy for late assignments on the course syllabus and be sure to turn assignments in on time!  


Also, if you have not done so already, please remember to bring in a folder to be used for your writing portfolio!  Thanks!