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Index Cards, please

Next week, students will be making flash cards for our upcoming Unit 1 vocabulary quiz.

To make the flash cards, we will need approximately 25 cards per student.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks ūüôā

Mrs. Hall



If I’ve given back an assignment with a “corrections” note/sticker on it – please make sure you make the corrections and return to me by the due date listed.



Language Arts – Week of 11/27/17

This week in Language Arts…

I am:

  • Reading the short story, Daedalus and Icarus by¬†Geraldine McCaughrean
  • marking the text, identifying elements of plot
  • answering text-dependent questions from the short story
  • reviewing sentence structure

So that I can:

  • write an exposition about another natural phenomenon or lesson people should learn.¬†

I’m successful when I have written an exposition that:

  • Establishes the story’s context by introducing the setting, characters, and conflict of the story.
  • Uses figurative language
  • Uses a variety of sentence lengths and patterns.

Progress Reports info


Good afternoon, Durham Parents!

It’s PROGRESS REPORT TIME! ¬†We are now halfway through the second quarter of the school year. ¬†This quarter began in October and concludes on December 20th. ¬†Today is the day that we would typically send home a printed copy of the 4.5 week progress report. ¬† As we have communicated at conference week and via eblast, Cobb County is¬†moving to a fully digital Report Card. ¬†This means that we will no longer be printing a copy of each student’s report card to send home. ¬†At the end of each¬†quarter, parents will be able to download and print a digital copy of the report card via your Parent Vue application.

In preparation for this, teachers¬†are not sending home a 4.5 week progress report on paper. ¬†Instead, I¬†ask that each parent log in to Parent Vue today check your child’s academic progress. ¬† You will be able to view all current grades as well as the individual assignment grades. ¬†

If you do not have access to Parent Vue, it is important that we provide you access to that as soon as possible.  Please come to Durham between 8:45 AM and 4:45 PM to pick up your login information.  You will be asked to provide identification.

It is always our goal to communicate clearly with parents about your children, and if we can be of assistance, please reach out.

Please also be mindful of the Cobb County School District Policy for promotion/retention.  Cobb County School District’s policy (revised 6/14/17) indicates that any middle school student cannot earn promotion to the next grade level if he/she does not pass math, English/language arts and one additional core subject for the year or demonstrate minimum proficiency on the appropriate state-adopted assessment in math, English/language arts and one additional core subject, earn a combined overall passing average for all scheduled classes for the year, and demonstrate an appropriate level of reading comprehension as measured by Lexile score.  Please read the complete promotion and retention policy online at

To ensure adequate communication exists regarding your student’s progress, it is imperative to consistently monitor your student’s grades using ParentVue.  If you do not have access, please come to school as soon as possible to get your login information. Students’ final grades will be reported at Quarter (9 week) marking period on the dates outlined below.

Progress Report Dates: November 16, February 9, and April 20

                                          ***NEW ONLINE Report Card Distribution: January 5, March 21, and May 30

Have a wonderful evening!
Dr. Alford

Week of 11/13/17


This week in ELA:

We will continue working with the short story, “Thank You, M’am” and begin discussing Theme in Literature and Plot elements.

Here is our tenantive schedule for the week:

  • Monday:¬† Check Your Understanding, activity 1.11 & quiz over “Thank You, M’am”
  • Tuesday:¬† Flocabulary video and activity, “Theme in Literature”.
  • Wednesday-Friday:¬† Activity 1.12 – Plot Elements

Weekly Warm Ups – reminder

  • Please remember, if you want to make corrections to your Weekly Warm Up assignments, those are due by Tuesday.

Extra Credit Opportunity

  • Please remember that you have the option to complete extra credit assignments – up to 3 per week – you may choose from the following activities:
    • Homophone of the Week
    • Literary Term of the Week
    • Synonym of the Week
    • Book review





Week of 11/6/17

This week we will begin the 2nd part of Unit 1, which is learning about writing short stories.

Monday:  Reviewing unit vocabulary, using the Q-H-T model

Tuesday: No school for students


  • Unpacking the Embedded Assessment 2
  • Setting a Purpose for Reading – “What’s in a Short Story?”
  • About the Author – Langston Hughes
  • 1st reading of, “Thank You, M’am” – silent read


  • 2nd reading of, “Thank You, M’am” – listening and marking the text:¬† underline the main incident and placing a star next to the response to the incident


  • 3rd reading of, “Thank You, M’am” – partners
  • working from the text, answer questions on pages 56 & 57 with partner