Please remember that Thursday, 10/12 is an early release day.

Also, all next week is early release as we have our first Conference Week of the year.


A New 9 Weeks!

This week in Language Arts:

  • pre-writing for Embedded Assessment 1
    • apply an understanding of narrative elements, including characterization and an effective sequence of events, by drafting a narrative.
    • apply the writing process while drafting a personal narrative
    • use a variety of transition words, phrases, and clauses to create coherence in a narrative.
  • Writing an interesting beginning and ending:
  • AQQS Strategy for writing an interesting beginning:
    • Anecdote
    • Question
    • Quote
    • Statement of intrigue
  • Using effective transitions

Homework this week:

Your “Paragraph of the Week”, a narrative writing prompt, is due Friday.

Please make sure you are working on this each night, and following the writing process as you work. 


Welcome Back! Week of 10/2/17

Welcome Back!

This week in our Small Group class we are working through the steps to create a personal narrative.

Activity 1.7 of our text takes us through the steps of “Creating a Narrative”.   This week will focus on the Prewriting process.

Monday:  Writing Process notes & completing the Prewriting chart on page 36.

Tuesday:  Continuing with the Prewriting process by interviewing our classmates, asking them about the kinds of changes they have faced.

Wednesday: Choosing an incident to focus on for the embedded assessment, personal narrative writing piece.

Thursday & Friday:  Creating a “Memory Map” for the incident.


This week, students are also practicing the writing process at home with a “Paragraph of the Week” assignment.  It is important that students follow the writing process, and turn in each step on Friday.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

HW 10.2.17-12p58l1


Have a great week!

Mrs. Hall

“Flipped” revisions

I handed back the “Flipped” paragraph summaries today, and gave students the option to make revisions to improve their grades.  The revisions are due Monday when we return from Fall Break.

If you choose to do a revision, please be sure to write a new “final draft” and turn in all pages for credit.

Email me with any questions.

Have a great Fall Break!

Mrs. Hall

Monday, 9/18/17

This week in Language Arts:

  • Homework:  Students will have a “Weekly Paragraph” assignment to work on throughout the week – due on Friday. Weekly Homework 9.18.17-2e2hxdq
  • We will begin reading “The Jacket” in class, using Metacognitive Markers to identify examples of Figurative Language in the story.

Thursday, 9/14/17

Today we are…

Reviewing the difference between complete sentences and sentence fragments.

So that we can…

Identify fragments in writing

We are successful when we can…

Revise our own writing


Tomorrow we will take a short cycle assessment over activities 1.4-1.6 – If you’d like to review the information in these sections, please log onto the online textbook.


Wednesday 9/13/17

If you have not turned in your paragraph summary from Flipped, please remember that it is due tomorrow.  

Happy Wednesday!

Today in ELA, we are reviewing pronouns.

In class, we are completing an activity to identify subjective, objective and possessive pronouns.



Online Texbook, please register for access

Please register for access to our online textbook.  I will begin assigning vocabulary activities for extra credit next week.  🙂

To access our ELA textbook online, please go to:

1st block access code: URLBFF

5th block access code: OPLJJA


Sept. 11 & 12, 2017

  • Students, please remember that your paragraph summary on Flipped is due Wednesday when we return to school.  If you’re typing it, you can share it to my email: [email protected]
  • Bonus!  Print this page off, showing you checked the blog, and you’ll get 5 points added to your written assignment grade!

Stay safe!

Week of 9/5/17

This week in Language Arts:

  • Students will complete a “Quickwrite” summarizing one character’s point of view from Flipped.

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Students will complete the rough draft for the paragraph, including:

  • pre-write/graphic organizer
  • rough draft


  • edit rough draft & begin final copy


  • final copy