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One More Day!


Please see the link below for details on the summer reading program:


Also, please make sure all missing assignments are turned in by tomorrow!



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Monday, 5/21/18



Two Days until Summer Break!

Small Group ELA:

  • End of Year reflections
  • Advice to future 6th graders
  • Growth Mindset activity

Study Skills:

  • Reviewing grades & reminders to turn in missing work
  • 7 Habits activity
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End Of Year Announcements



Hello Students and Parents!

As we begin to wrap up the 2017-2018 school year, I wanted to provide you with some information that will help ensure you and your child have a successful end of the school year.  We have a number of end of the year activities and procedures we wanted to make you aware of, and provide you with any and all information needed. 

Early Dismissal Please be reminded that students will be dismissed at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd.    Teachers and staff have after-school activities, meetings, and responsibilities after dismissal.  There will not be supervision after 1:45 PM.  All students should be off campus by 1:45 PM. 

Locker Clean-OutDays are varied by grade level due to the volume of recyclable items and trash.   – 6th grade Wednesday, 5/16   – 7th grade Thursday, 5/17   – 8th grade Friday, 5/18.  Last day to take items home (band instruments, PE clothes, etc.) is Monday, May 21. 

Buses 1.   No bus passes can be issued through the end of the year.   Students must ride their own bus home. 2.   No items can be brought to school or taken home on buses on the last two days, May 22 and 23. 3.   Students may bring a pen for yearbook signing on the last day of school, Wednesday, May 23. 4.   If students routinely pack a lunch, this is also allowed on the bus.    Yearbooks  1.  Will be distributed on the last day of school. 2.  Please speak with your child regarding appropriate sentiments to be written in their peers’      yearbooks.  Unfortunately, every year a few students make poor choices and not only ruin others’      yearbooks, but they also receive consequences for their actions.  3.  Please understand that yearbooks are not given out early. We are still teaching and learning until      the final day!  If you are not present on the last day of school, we will not give your yearbook to      others.  It will be available for pickup in the front office beginning on Thursday, May 24th

Absences at the end of the school year.  We do not give final exams, assignments, or tests early. Visitors All visitors are required by law to check in at the front office to obtain a visitor’s badge at any time you enter Durham or any public school.     Please understand that all remaining school activities have been planned for students only.  Unless a parent has received a written invitation, we are not able to host visitors to these student activities or celebrations.  As always, my top priority is to our students’ safety, which is why it is important that we know who is in the building at all times, especially during the excitement of the last few days.  


Finally, sometimes students get silly the last few days of school.  Please remember that the dress code still applies. Cell phones should be off/out of sight unless a BYOD lesson. Students should strive to make great choices and above all, they should always be kind to one another. If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact your grade level administrator, counselor or teacher(s) for specifics. 

It has been a wonderful year!  Thank you for sending us such terrific students to teach and thank you for all you do at home to support our children. 


The Durham Administration



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Wednesday, 5/16/18


Small Group ELA

  • Today we continued watching the biographical film, Temple Grandin.
  • Students are watching the film and identifying the main idea and write descriptions of events that happen.
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Monday, 5/14/18



Small Group ELA

  • Today we read an excerpt from “Dogs Make Us Human” by Temple Grandin.
  • Tomorrow we will begin the movie, Temple Grandin.

Study Skills

We won’t meet this week due to Olympics activities.

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Thursday 5/10/18



Small Group ELA

  • Activity, 2.17 “Saying Farewell to a Faithful Pal” – reading a memoir and answering text dependent questions.
  • Vocab test has been moved to Monday!  3 extra days to study!!

Study Skills

  • Missing Assignments & organization check
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Wednesday, 5/9/18


Small Group ELA

  • Today we read “Traveling with Charley:  Literary Nonfiction” in our textbook.
  • We answered text-dependent questions – # 1-5 on page 147

Study Skills

  • Continue working to turn in missing assignments
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Monday, 5/7/18



Small Group ELA

Embedded Assessment #1 is due today!  🙂  We have officially finished our novel study!

  • Students will finish typing their EA1 final draft today.
  • We will have a Unit 2 Vocab post-test on Friday – please use Springboard online or the vocabulary cards / PowerPoint print out you were given at the beginning of the unit to review the vocab words.
  • If you don’t have the cards, you may print another copy:

Study Skills

  • This will be our last full week of Study Skills!
  • We will be working hard to get any missing assignments turned in this week – so please come to class prepared.


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Thursday, 5/3/18


Small Group ELA

  • Please Remember:  Double Entry Journals (DEJ) and Characterization Chart are due tomorrow!!  Please complete for homework if you aren’t finished!!
    • Students have been given the passages to respond to for the DEJ, so they can complete these without having a novel at home.
  • Tomorrow students are expected to have their rough drafts completed by the end of class.

Study Skills

  • Organization check
  • Review missing assignments
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Wednesday, 5/2/18 – Extra Credit Opportunity!


Small Group ELA

Extra Credit Opportunity!

  • Click on this link and take the survey and earn 5 points on your Embedded Assessment!
  • Click on this link and answer the questions (doesn’t have to be correct) and get a piece of candy tomorrow in class!

We will be working on the Embedded Assessment for the remainder of this week and next Monday.

Timeline for completion:

  • Wednesday (today):  completed Graphic Organizer due at the end of class
  • Thursday:  begin typing rough draft
  • Friday:  finish rough draft & edit/revise
  • Monday: type final – due at the end of class

Study Skills

  • Organization checks
  • review missing assignments
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