Week of 10/30/17

This week in Language Arts:

  • Monday -Tuesday:  Horror Story writing & sharing
    • These are due Tuesday, if the graphic organizer and final copy are not complete and turned it – it will need to be completed as homework.
  • Wednesday – Friday:  revise & type final copy of Personal Narrative
    • The graphic organizer and first draft were due last week.
    • Wednesday, we will review dialogue rules and revise the printed draft.
    • Thursday, students will begin revising in Word.
    • Friday, students will finish up typing and turn in the final draft.

These assignments are in-class assignments, so there will not be any homework this week.  (Outside of assignments that are late, that will need to be completed at home.)

**Synergy**  I have started to attach copies of assignments into Synergy – so if you notice you have a zero on something that was a handout, you now have the ability to print the assignment at home.  Please review the grading policy for late assignments on the course syllabus and be sure to turn assignments in on time!  


Also, if you have not done so already, please remember to bring in a folder to be used for your writing portfolio!  Thanks!


Short Stories – due Tuesday

Students – please remember that your short stories are due Tuesday.  We will share our stories in class Tuesday!

You will have all class period Monday to finish, but if you need more time, remember that this is something you are free to work on over the weekend.

If you choose to type it – remember to log into Office 365 so your work will be saved and you will be able to access it here at school.

Remember: I will be out Monday, but I’ll be here Tuesday & I can’t wait to share my spooky, horror story with you!

🙂 Mrs. Hall

Week of 10/23/17

This week:

Students will finish up the Embedded Assessment 1: Personal Narrative

  • Monday – Wednesday:  meet in the computer lab, room 700, to type final copies.


Mid-Week Update

In ELA this week students are writing their rough drafts for the personal narrative assessment.

I’ve told the students that they are free to work on these at home, however they can not ask for or accept help on it.  This is an assessment, so please no helping!

Have a great week!


A New 9 Weeks!

This week in Language Arts:

  • pre-writing for Embedded Assessment 1
    • apply an understanding of narrative elements, including characterization and an effective sequence of events, by drafting a narrative.
    • apply the writing process while drafting a personal narrative
    • use a variety of transition words, phrases, and clauses to create coherence in a narrative.
  • Writing an interesting beginning and ending:
  • AQQS Strategy for writing an interesting beginning:
    • Anecdote
    • Question
    • Quote
    • Statement of intrigue
  • Using effective transitions

Homework this week:

Your “Paragraph of the Week”, a narrative writing prompt, is due Friday.

Please make sure you are working on this each night, and following the writing process as you work. 


Welcome Back! Week of 10/2/17

Welcome Back!

This week in our Small Group class we are working through the steps to create a personal narrative.

Activity 1.7 of our text takes us through the steps of “Creating a Narrative”.   This week will focus on the Prewriting process.

Monday:  Writing Process notes & completing the Prewriting chart on page 36.

Tuesday:  Continuing with the Prewriting process by interviewing our classmates, asking them about the kinds of changes they have faced.

Wednesday: Choosing an incident to focus on for the embedded assessment, personal narrative writing piece.

Thursday & Friday:  Creating a “Memory Map” for the incident.


This week, students are also practicing the writing process at home with a “Paragraph of the Week” assignment.  It is important that students follow the writing process, and turn in each step on Friday.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

HW 10.2.17-12p58l1


Have a great week!

Mrs. Hall

“Flipped” revisions

I handed back the “Flipped” paragraph summaries today, and gave students the option to make revisions to improve their grades.  The revisions are due Monday when we return from Fall Break.

If you choose to do a revision, please be sure to write a new “final draft” and turn in all pages for credit.

Email me with any questions.

Have a great Fall Break!

Mrs. Hall