Week of November 12th

November 9, 2018

Parents, If possible, have your child practice on a keyboarding site to improve their typing skills. The Georgia Milestone will be taken online this year and students will be required to type all their answers. Here is one option: https://www.typingclub.com/ I hope you have a great weekend.  Stay warm! Mrs. Hitt   Academics: Spelling :…


Week of November 5th

November 2, 2018

Parents, We had a good week.  Thank you Li and McCall families for sending in Halloween treats!  The class started an informational paper on owls.  Your child chose the one they were interested in researching this week and started getting information.  Students are researching at school but may do it at home also.  The class is…


Week of October 29th

October 26, 2018

Parents, Thank you for the kind notes about being Kincaid’s Teacher of the Year.  I felt celebrated and honored at the Cobb County Celebration on Tuesday.  I was sad I couldn’t take this year’s class, but I could only have 10 students attend, so I took some of my students from previous years .  The…


Week of October 22nd

October 22, 2018

Parents, I enjoyed meeting with all of you this week.  I love bragging on my students.  The students enjoyed getting out early this past week, but next week is back to the “normal”. Students are continuing to move up in Education Galaxy.  Please encourage your child to do the standards we have already learned in…


Week of October 15th

October 14, 2018

Parents, I can’t wait to meet you this week to discuss your child’s progress in third grade.  This is a great class and I love bragging on them.  If you are not able to make your appointment, please send me an email [email protected]  I will have your child write your time as a reminder in…


Noun online games

October 10, 2018

https://www.turtlediary.com/games/noun.html http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/grammar/nouns.htm http://www.abcya.com/nouns_and_verbs.htm

Week of October 8th

October 5, 2018

Parents, FYI: The students earned a reward for getting class compliments for good behavior. They may bring in a “furry friend” on Monday. Inanimate friends only, please. Please send in a set of multiplication flash cards if you haven’t yet. Thanks for the tissues and Clorox wipes that were sent in. We are still in…


Week of October 1st

September 21, 2018

Parents, We are finished with testing and ready to have some normal days!  My students worked through and I am looking forward to getting the scores back.  This will probably be sometime in November.  You will be sent a copy of your child’s results.  If I am concerned I will schedule a conference with you…


Week of September 17th

September 14, 2018

Parents, Wow, it took lots of focus and concentration to work on the tests this week.  The kids were champs and did a great job showing what they know.  We have two more days of testing and then we will have 3 regular days before our Fall Break. We will not do spelling next week. …


Week of September 10th

September 7, 2018

Parents, I am so proud of this class!  They have done a terrific job at testing.  Everyone gave it their best.  CogAt is over and we have a three-day break from testing.  We will start the IOWA on Thursday.  It is a much longer test.  The CogAt had three ten minute tests daily.  The IOWA…


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