Week of September 18th


WOW, did we have a week!  I hope you enjoyed our two hurricane days and didn’t have any damage to your home. I thought it was quiet nice getting to sleep late and stay in.  A lot of put off things got done at my house and we only loss power for a couple of hours!  Only two more days of testing and we can be on our normal routine again.  The students are being troupers.  They are being focused and doing their best on these tests.  Next week testing will be Monday math and Tuesday science and social studies.


  • If your child forgot to wear PJ’s or a hat on Friday, they may do it on Monday.
  • Our snacks have been great! Thanks to the families sending them in.
  • I am not going to order the Scholastic book until Monday. If you have forgotten you may still place an order this weekend. Here is the website https://clubs.scholastic.com/ Our class code is MV4QQ.
  • We will have spelling and math homework this week.



List 1:
save give have live move
above alive alike to two
too know do blew blue
List 2:
American Indian equal subtraction division
grouping synonym shelter medicine transportation

 Math– continue with division-fair share using visual models and word problems-we will also start our multiplication fact fluency

Reading– how the actions and words of characters show character traits

Social Studies– American Indians-Southeast and Plains Regions

Grammar– pronouns

Writing – imaginative narratives “There is a Creature in My House”

Below are websites that will help with this week’s academics.  Please review these yourself before you let your child work on them.  They were appropriate when I posted them, but websites change and you need to make sure they are appropriate for your child.  Advertisements on these websites change frequently.

Fact Fluency: http://www.multiplication.com/games/play/quick-flash-ii   GREAT FOR LEARNING THEIR FACTS

Reading: http://www.roomrecess.com/pages/ContextClues.html



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