Week of November 13th


I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for my students. They are hard- working, helpful, kind and responsible.  It is my pleasure to teach them daily. I am also thankful for you, the parents.  Thank you for your support. Whenever I have a need you guys answer the call.

The printer was not working early in the week, so you didn’t get the A/R reading record on Wednesday.  I sent it home on Friday. Your child should be half-way toward their goal. They need to meet it by December 20th.

If your child hasn’t brought in a pinecone, please have them bring it on Monday for a craft we will be making.  If you have extra, I’m sure I will have some students who could use them.

On Thursday we had a performance about the earliest colonist.  Here are a few pictures.





List 1:
swimming swam getting coming came
having doing ended happened happening
started joked received smiled smiling
List 2:
dividing divided multiplying multiplied imagining
imagined believing believed remembering remembered

 Math– area project “My Dream Home” and multiplication/division word problems

Reading– vocabulary and main idea

Social Studies– Explorers   Jacques Cartier

Writing – writing non-fiction text- animal project

Below are websites that will help with this week’s academics.  Please review these yourself before you let your child work on them.  They were appropriate when I posted them, but websites change and you need to make sure they are appropriate for your child.  Advertisements on these websites change frequently.

Math: http://www.hoodamath.com/games/spaceracemultiplication.html  http://www.hoodamath.com/games/meteormultiplication.html

Social Studies: http://easyscienceforkids.com/all-about-jacques-cartier/  https://www.biography.com/people/jacques-cartier-9240128