September 5

Origins – Week of September 5 – September 8

Monday 9/4 – Labor day holiday

Tuesday 9/5 – Today we turned in the architecture matching worksheet from Friday, then completed warm-up worksheets 3 and 4. Then we watched a Roman architecture video to review and enhance our discussion over architecture from Friday.

Wednesday 9/6 – Today I gave out a study guide and crossword puzzle. Both are to be used to study for the test on Friday and will need to be turned in before the test on Friday.

Thursday 9/7 – Today we will be reviewing for the test tomorrow.

Friday 9/8 – TEST over Roman numerals, $1 Bill, numbers, days, month, basic conversation and architecture. STUDY GUIDE ANSWERS

Days of the week video / Months of the year video / Latin numbers 0-20 / Latin conversation intro video / Roman numerals intro video / Dollar Bill Notes /spoken Latin crossword / STUDY GUIDE

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