January 10

Wednesday and Thursday 1/10-11/18

Block Schedule – You will see me either Tuesday or Wednesday for the following assignments:


Origins of Language: Watch the Spanish culture awareness video from Discovery Education. The video is also uploaded to our online notebook in OneNote. Complete the Spanish culture worksheets using the Spanish textbook in class. Review the map and memorize the location of the seven Spanish speaking countries in Central America along with the three Spanish speaking islands in the Caribbean.

7th Grade Reading: Begin reading “A Sound of Thunder” and annotate the text as we read.

Read 180: group rotations, and in small group/whole group we will be analyzing an argumentative essay before we begin to brainstorm the topics for our own argumentative essays.

January 4

Thursday 1/4/18

Origins of Language: Open our online class notebook, read chapter 1 and complete chapter 1 questions in form. If you were absent, be sure to see me during homeroom so I can show you how to access our online notebook.

7th Grade Reading – 3rd Block: Today we moved through stations and completed pre-reading questions for our short story “A Sound of Thunder”. You also received a packet and your homework is to review the vocabulary words listed on the back of the first page of the packet.

Read180 – 7th Block: rotations

December 5

Tuesday 12/5/17

Origins of Language: Reviewed French conversational phrases, reviewed French numbers 1-10, learned numbers 11-20, practiced with all numbers 1-20. HW: WORKSHEET doing math in French!

3rd Block Reading: warm-up; turn in totem pole journal; journal 22 which we read yesterday; read chapter 23; complete journal 23

7th Block Reading: rotations for computer software and reading nook

December 4

Monday 12/4/17

Origins of Language: check over French basic conversational phrases; Learn French numbers 1-20 focusing only on numbers 1-10; math worksheet to practice with French numbers.

3rd Block Reading: complete warm-up; finish totem pole sketch and final copy; read chapter 22. Totem pole final copy is due tomorrow if you need to take it home to finish!

7th Block Read 180: Reading Inventory (RI) testing for lexile levels calculations. We want to see growth!

December 4

Friday 12/1/17

Origins of Language: Quiz over everyday French vocabulary words; notes on basic French conversational phrases. Study these phrases for your check on Monday!

3rd Block Reading: Reading comprehension check over chapters 11-20; read chapter 21 and started journal 21 which is a sketch of a totem pole.

7th Block Read 180: Catch up day; computer software for those that have not logged enough minutes throughout the week; reading nook for those that need to catch up on reading their novels.